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Mon Jan 16 20:19:38 2017 +0000
4f483607884354b9445004529561188522fc0587Felipe Gomes — Bug 1331308 - Remove two addons from e10s allow list as they don't work. r=mconley
d869faf3e2b43bd37d03adda77b3712f25c65e0cPhil Ringnalda — No bug, remove trailing whitespace to get a sucessful gecko-decision run, a=sillything
a01c498339401333ea4a7bcdc3f52f465394f4e8ffxbld — Update configs. IGNORE BROKEN CHANGESETS CLOSED TREE NO BUG a=release ba=release
6b09b7d5c8eb1e5a373fafaa3ce4886f07bdd858ffxbld — No bug - Tagging mozilla-release b1e53b9be6d4834f5b3a58c132dfc5f5c73d2bcd with FIREFOX_RELEASE_50_END a=release DONTBUILD CLOSED TREE
0bf57e5a1b08f0b755e5d9fa59c4c2719be60d8bffxbld — Preserve old tags after debugsetparents. CLOSED TREE DONTBUILD a=release
3a325d14c5bddf1ee4781fc1d4604556f8a499efffxbld — Merge old head via |hg debugsetparents 5b7040b1f77039b78337bbbd11e2cf2241ea122b b1e53b9be6d4834f5b3a58c132dfc5f5c73d2bcd|. CLOSED TREE DONTBUILD a=release
5b7040b1f77039b78337bbbd11e2cf2241ea122bffxbld — No bug - Tagging mozilla-beta 15467610e733e3549ea86cdf940b0fccd87eff89 with FIREFOX_RELEASE_51_BASE a=release DONTBUILD CLOSED TREE
15467610e733e3549ea86cdf940b0fccd87eff89Ben Kelly — Bug 1330693 - Try to handle SW job double-completion better. r=ehsan a=gchang FIREFOX_RELEASE_51_BASE
b08685fc8276d7d26ab71626b0adca33fc3278fdAlastor Wu — Bug 1331317 - only enable the pref 'media.block-autoplay-until-in-foreground' on Nightly. r=jwwang a=gchang
2e32d2060f1c47c64ac7ade5d9c7f2b23593e2ecEdgar Chen — Bug 1321300 - Back out bug 1264768 and add test. r=hsivonen. a=gchang
331456c584bf0156a070ed35a4139b70f2fdfe76peter chang — Bug 1323837 - Draw nothing if there are no color stops for gradient effect. r=bas. a=gchang
e1b44c560c28fd2605bbec4f5bfaa7592379a6c9Ben Kelly — Bug 1331038 - Make nsPipe handle OOM conditions gracefully. r=froydnj, a=lizzard
3b73e8c0c9240d6fe875a1028902ae3a563e0404Michael Layzell — Bug 1330979 - Don't raise NS_ERROR_DOM_SECURITY_ERROR on DataTransfer access violations. r=baku, a=lizzard
e309c57e703df7e38cb3c0422c73da709d74ae21Lee Salzman — Bug 1330166 - Ensure path bounds after rounding contain path edges when using SK_RASTERIZE_EVEN_ROUNDING. r=jrmuizel, a=lizzard
5581100c435992a1f76e172f3ece700f34b67e86Ben Kelly — Bug 1330679 - Don't force crash if ServiceWorkerManager tries to init during browser shutdown. r=baku, a=lizzard
9f142b02bdacd15df43841a5026e72613138c4aaLee Salzman — Bug 1330710 - Make gfxFontconfigFont keep track of its actual adjusted size. r=jfkthame, a=lizzard
ce1b91e82c558f86ec4bbc3047f913a0e7b5e5bbAndrea Marchesini — Bug 1330273 - Add some security checks about the use of the string buffer in FileReader. r=bkelly, a=lizzard
251731790dc1dc0070ad9d82e9f36feff501ea3dKevin Chen — Bug 1329090 - Fix the misuse of the variable. r=lsalzman, a=lizzard
9b01b6d9151d821e3d4765b57042768ce2e1045dsotaro — Bug 1307458 - Update LayerManager pointer of all Layers of LayerTransactionParent. r=mattwoodrow, a=lizzard
69934dc20e17c4f1c3071a3c6ef49c9a07ad325cBrian Grinstead — Bug 1307347 - Longer timeout for browser_console_history_persist.js. a=test-only
34030b2a1cd430e080d5b2a0df5e8f954ccb727eJan de Mooij — Bug 1331058 - Fix analysis check in IonBuilder::initEnvironmentChain. r=shu a=lizzard
64b8f9218c9894223a9ae02c43de6643bd97c98dffxbld — No bug, Automated blocklist update from host bld-linux64-spot-282 - a=blocklist-update
7d9973f1bba7facc31d8662fa0ba7ac5dd35115eBen Kelly — Bug 1330747 Always nullptr check return value from ServiceWorkerManager::GetInstance(). r=asuth a=lizzard
d8180d1d695447517c3446c2a939608233da249dBen Kelly — Bug 1330673 Gracefully handle ServiceWorkerRegistrar not being active. r=baku a=lizzard
078f9160a96609a1fc846d0831d630cfbb354dabffxbld — No bug - Tagging 09142d07fd735e375fc1ae46886a52d6aef43b60 with FIREFOX_51_0b14_BUILD1, FIREFOX_51_0b14_RELEASE a=release CLOSED TREE
200135ebbfaf69596efa3f645bf40430af02a72bffxbld — Automatic version bump. CLOSED TREE NO BUG a=release
09142d07fd735e375fc1ae46886a52d6aef43b60Ben Kelly — Bug 1329989 - Simplify the ServiceWorkerRegistrationWorkerThread runnables. r=baku a=abillings FIREFOX_51_0b14_BUILD1 FIREFOX_51_0b14_RELEASE
1fd589b5962b86e4df07fcffa98d44b75e4561a7Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 1330384 - Force a refresh of the new tab page after automigration undo. r=jaws, a=lizzard
f4fd63a8302cc1045462a06827ac4cbe224f9079Hannes Verschore — Bug 1322315 - Check arguments length in ICCallStubCompiler::guardFunApply. r=nbp, a=lizzard
eae3062829b3f2d566bb05b667404ee0d5856ea0Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changesets 1d09fe652dd4 and ffc99a75ab86 (bug 1317173) for hitting widespread assertions.
91be97c8b0acd6d30ef826677996804941f2bbc0Jason Orendorff — Bug 1312001 - Scramble hash codes securely, to avoid leaking bits of object and symbol addresses. r=jandem, a=lizzard
7fe7ed7b94432af9c1a627e5978dc1cac4fdfdc1Nick Thomas — Bug 1320773 - Update stub installer build to include dummy certificate for Stub Attribution data; r=mshal a=lizzard
1d09fe652dd461e64b81ba09b74c541e255c25d8Andrea Marchesini — Bug 1317173 - Better propagation of private browsing flag when a new window is opened. r=smaug, a=gchang
ffc99a75ab86606c9b06d56d027fdea70682b52cAndrea Marchesini — Bug 1317173 - Parent window should be frozen when a new child window is opened. r=smaug, a=gchang
31ebd0e871c54c2e212d2fcc30adaf986bcae367Felipe Gomes — Bug 1329015 - Configure list for addons on 51 release based on the top addons seen during the experiment on 51 beta. r=mconley a=lizzard
39644d68fc6dfae3c22b948d8edacdd1a0bd7b9fDão Gottwald — Bug 1330611 - [compact layout] position thumbnails more towards the top in default tiles. r=Gijs a=lizzard
24aa31d493ed8cdfcf77d4d39693ec8f83ef29d7Jan de Mooij — Bug 1325200 - Simplify AllocateExecutableMemory, count executable memory size. r=luke,bhackett a=lizzard
0688f0bd4f534fd3f6d6cae3006c21966fd340bcGijs Kruitbosch — Bug 1329457, r=bz,dao, a=jcristau,gchang
7d6605552545628e8a99882802f7d7695a64290cDão Gottwald — Bug 1330303 - Remove body:not(.compact) from selectors to undo dragging performance regression. r=gijs a=gchang
188c8d2342ffc6340f5589be3175225d73e26b01Jonathan Kew — Bug 1324716 - Update IDN blacklist. r=smontagu
833a4a349de0391c4f690fac337b6db18fc9e1deJulian_Chu — Bug 1323759 - To ensure distribution is initialized r=rnewman a=jcristau, a=gchang
5fb0834eba17ac8df15f2cbd34805ecada288c48Daniel Stenberg — Bug 1329272 - add bracket for sed 4.3 compliance, r=glandium a=jcristau
3f09b06331843ac1be0e13e8a0a36c845790c710Jon Coppeard — Bug 1328251 - Don't mark GC things owned by another runtime r=sfink a=abillings a=gchang
4eb8ecd6fe80f5f2b5467169388dd673c223389aHannes Verschore — Bug 1312480 - Take the slow path for small typed arrays. r=jandem, a=abillings
4b75f0404cd63a7179e6787f6fc2b75539bde93eShih-Chiang Chien — Bug 1311251 - null check for mFD before use it. r=mayhemer a=gchang
45df2ac398960c9e2b3ad13c18683db7fe49cd97Tom Klein — Bug 1258176 - Remove bookmark star stub drawables in drawable/ that were formerly needed for API 9. r=sebastian a=gchang
7f5f1137fd0fbc6f84337fcc181e1de5ce538472Ryan VanderMeulen — Bug 1311060 - s/ReportUsageErrorASCII/ReportUsageError to fix bustage. a=bustage
74b16b5e1e8f3ff2467f488a24332ba819dd3201Chih-Yi Leu — Bug 1324765 - Prevent infinite macro expansion by cherry-picking changeset from newer ANGLE version. r=jgilbert, a=gchang
305a188eb017ca459597ad0c15ab0cb3d13e3c28Kearwood Gilbert — Bug 1325810 - Reduce unneeded IPC when WebVR is not active. r=daoshengmu, a=gchang
25d6e63be71a39628318dd45312a4a88dab5f6bcAndreas Pehrson — Bug 1329075 - Avoid an infinite event loop spin. r=jesup, a=gchang
c1d413e0887816dff5e3d5d116c8a473d5323c8aAndreas Pehrson — Bug 1329075 - Fix potential null deref issues in media element track sources. r=jesup, a=gchang
43abd9683a4aa011fa876f4aac3148d3401e3402Andreas Pehrson — Bug 1329075 - Fix assertion failure in debug build. r=jesup, a=gchang
8c50e605ccd49bdfda8004561a0a97c15b590f7eJohann Hofmann — Bug 1320557 - Prevent broken UI from invalid permission states. r=Gijs, a=gchang
351056d1b4454482ae1935f88982caa5d62894b5Mark Banner — Bug 1188692 - Attempt to reduce intermittent failures in browser_ContentSearch.js by initialising listeners earlier. r=adw, a=test-only
ef723be83d31b68eadac0744088a917cd53d1b22J.C. Jones — Bug 1330446 - Bump the HPKP and HSTS expiration dates to 28 March 2017. r=keeler, a=gchang
b4281211462e28b236f2d889b50bbddb4e4f188aJon Coppeard — Bug 1311060 - Check for inaccessible zone in shell schedulegc function. r=bbouvier, a=NPOTB
87cdc832e054458169a65c54fdde29a83faae925David Keeler — bug 1324952 - reenable test_be_conservative.js after uplifting dependency to make it work on beta r=me a=test-only
bdc4df57a2234d32aefe8470593dee3f2e682ce1Masatoshi Kimura — Bug 1286694 - Part 2: Add TLS version configuration function to nsITLSServerSocket. r=dragana a=gchang
e7fb3b64ad2df6f3ad035ab17fc9c8444bce6af6Ben Kelly — Bug 1329759 Gracefully handle a missing active service worker during interception. r=asuth a=gchang
32ef31f34139dcbcae6299a47b5bb637fb117535Ben Kelly — Bug 1329716 Try to ensure we don't dispatch a SW event if the registration has been removed. r=asuth a=gchang
8710e5625d12710f7d9c5afbfb954011ee45aa14Ben Kelly — Bug 1329682 Gracefully handle immediate ActorDestroy() calls in CacheStreamControlParent. r=asuth a=gchang
614acf4f43e8783b028fd8f95ce31f86cbfed22eBen Kelly — Bug 1329669 Gracefully handle nullptr Cache actor in CacheStorage::Open() result. r=asuth a=gchang
9cec46d51aa3fa090c5375a8b1a7e3dd013a6a86Ben Kelly — Bug 1329668 Handle partial initialized when ScriptLoader is canceled. r=baku a=gchang
6dd3d485a0598df6175e0d0551237b427ba3bf04Jon Coppeard — Bug 1324773 - Sweep JSCompartment::varNames_ r=sfink a=abillings a=jcristau
6e945963ef7b6b04b33ae6763cde3bde23949809Dão Gottwald — Bug 1329941 - [compact layout] Increase tile title background opacity to improve legibility. r=gijs a=jcristau
b1e53b9be6d4834f5b3a58c132dfc5f5c73d2bcdffxbld — No bug, Automated blocklist update from host bld-linux64-spot-019 - a=blocklist-update FIREFOX_RELEASE_50_END
3a9951a4ee14cabcde2f0ccc528369baffcf5b0fffxbld — No bug, Automated blocklist update from host bld-linux64-spot-381 - a=blocklist-update
9d8da8102143379170c284fc14d7ff48e58c2b62ffxbld — No bug, Automated blocklist update from host bld-linux64-spot-376 - a=blocklist-update
583ab1ddb5634d8e62b67f46399604442aa7e2dcffxbld — No bug, Automated blocklist update from host bld-linux64-spot-1009 - a=blocklist-update
4e69b065cc6908f929c19b192d9254c8b1d2541fffxbld — No bug, Automated blocklist update from host bld-linux64-spot-138 - a=blocklist-update
bcd5002ad155f057e8d88d4b6be0ca3b96fbad94ffxbld — No bug, Automated blocklist update from host bld-linux64-spot-539 - a=blocklist-update
1304c9625d3845bc022ec1ebcd723bde78d8856effxbld — No bug, Automated blocklist update from host bld-linux64-spot-574 - a=blocklist-update
f8ce9cd5092959c5722a333dc32180f0d4aa39dfffxbld — No bug, Automated blocklist update from host bld-linux64-spot-417 - a=blocklist-update
313fc1f7e2293050267040009fbaea1b63585448ffxbld — No bug - Tagging 8612c3320053b796678921f8f23358e3e9df997e with FIREFOX_50_1_0_BUILD2, FIREFOX_50_1_0_RELEASE a=release CLOSED TREE
b082a87d6465ca2d5774d57de6d3d8ee1a0cd5e6ffxbld — Automatic version bump. CLOSED TREE NO BUG a=release
8612c3320053b796678921f8f23358e3e9df997ePeter Van der Beken — Bug 1287912. r=bz a=lizzard FIREFOX_50_1_0_BUILD2 FIREFOX_50_1_0_RELEASE
1a8bbd6f7e2198f2ef47b603af80db405590aed4Jan de Mooij — Bug 1317936 part 2 - Use atom hash code for jsid hashing. r=jonco a=ritu
1624e795be20cd01401bfca4aae60278360242c4Jan de Mooij — Bug 1317936 part 1 - Add hash code to atoms. r=jonco,jorendorff a=ritu
232a49daf2b458834a2e6d828c697a913796d84fTerrence Cole — Bug 1298773 - Expose wrappees that may be used through a wrapper r=jonco, a=ritu
f24e2d6d11f56d8a917f73a687d0e45dba0f02e7Josh Matthews — Bug 1298773 - Make ArrayBufferInputStream copy its input buffer. r=jonco, a=ritu
5d8d14cdf400bf4a90757a301e9ad703530230f5Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out 4 changesets (bug 1289001) for bustage.
815978dd99012a2fc54eb8dea08248982bdbd6abMichael Kaply — Bug 1321133 - Backout 1285373 for regressions in pageworks. r=kmaglione, a=ritu
bc4ddcda09a3eb7ec3595911a505960a480a6a1dAndrea Marchesini — Bug 1319088 - FormData should not add extra '/' in the Blob path. r=smaug, a=ritu
7ca25ca26db3a2f77698bc709c6fb0651e68fa0eLee Salzman — Bug 1306628 - Handle large sizes in GrResourceProvider::createBuffer. r=mchang, a=ritu
e540033269c7dca39ccaf1c2d4e7ad722babb597Randell Jesup — Bug 1319566 - Ensure all registered handles are cleared properly. r=padenot, a=ritu
e95dc5a9a4bea841461fbe203dc89daebb4059e9Lee Salzman — Bug 1271100 - Work around race in system Cairo's XShm usage. r=karlt, a=ritu
1842f679bf3097aa7e1c96fcb70233abca5cabf0Timothy Nikkel — Bug 1312609. r=smaug, a=ritu
0e371cdea9f2331c936311a6fb7f0512e819b359Jan de Mooij — Bug 1299098 - Check clasp instead of proto in ObjectGroup::defaultNewGroup. r=bhackett, a=ritu
420cc786a095985dd1fc7b37f3a40fe2b8dc3035Andrew Overholt — Bug 1311610 - Add EditorUtils.* to package-manifest. r=enndeakin, a=ritu
4c8cafd1dc8bb63380bf145a1c31a88f79927426Henri Sivonen — Bug 1309834. r=wchen. a=ritu
a68998d0287fdf9d5ee1819bb212926f448068adOlli Pettay — Bug 1317805. r=bechen, a=ritu
c3a677de3a52e662dade40abcf3d0da156ee1a26Olli Pettay — Bug 1317409 - Handle failing node adoption properly. r=peterv, a=ritu
b6520a9a6d19006ed8d28fa60f92dbb379ab80beMasayuki Nakano — Bug 1317906 - When a key press causes a call of InsertText(), it shouldn't mark keypress as consumed but instead, should mark InsertText() caused composition. r=m_kato, a=ritu
a52f1b7f462703625a6eb00e7207fa3ce472733fEdwin Flores — Bug 1301381 - Clean up VaryingPacking::packVarying. r=jrmuizel, a=ritu
3c35b7472b97e4e7ab53fd1b8b26922e8cc6dd2cRyan VanderMeulen — Bug 1289001 - Remove the MOZ_NORETURN hint from CrashWithReason. r=valentin, a=bustage
fef213d4083569a1bf6f19e7a92458ffc3f4b4c3Andrea Marchesini — Bug 1289001 - NeckoParent::GetValidatedAppInfo should consider ServiceWorkers when validating HttpChannel requests. r=bkelly, r=valentin, f=asuth, a=ritu
f740275954f5e2cbe8b0213a536aec08c0385eaaAndrea Marchesini — Bug 1289001 - Security check in NeckoParent::GetValidatedAppInfo must pass if the serialized LoadContext is null. r=valentin, a=ritu
24cad5fb2c92a705293ff9a2f81598851d02de87Valentin Gosu — Bug 1289001 - Add code to GetValidatedAppInfo to figure out why it fails. r=jduell, a=ritu
b977ed05722ed5369993b492c25e380ca63bf529Valentin Gosu — Bug 1313740 - Handle null mNewChannel in OverrideWithSynthesizedResponse r=jdm, a=ritu
1c4dcc66d27ae784ca49e77fb369570be5d2b0b3Valentin Gosu — Bug 1294719 - Make sure HttpChannelParent stops sending IPC messages before calling Send__delete__(). r=honzab, r=jdm, a=ritu
533c2e8ef2abc0cb0e1c846e280a581f1c58fb08Valentin Gosu — Bug 1294719 - Make sure to check mIPCClosed before calling SendRedirect1Begin. r=honzab, a=ritu
5e550887033a95f63a6382795cc7d49de33b5951Masayuki Nakano — Bug 1291082 - ContentCache::TextRectArray::GetUnionRectAsFarAsPossible() should avoid crash by itself. r=m_kato, a=ritu
590db93819a56ed477aff263e452ee4991de6b04Masayuki Nakano — Bug 1291082 - ContentCache::TextRectArray::IsOverlappingWith() shouldn't include end offset in its range. r=m_kato, a=ritu
3efa36accd3f965657b982cd24bac1b2929281d4Masayuki Nakano — Bug 1291082 - ContentCacheInParent::GetUnionTextRects() shouldn't use mTextRectArray when it's empty. r=m_kato, a=ritu
5d2cabc2cc9f0741942b83a462ba11a0bfedd837ffxbld — No bug, Automated blocklist update from host bld-linux64-spot-575 - a=blocklist-update
90deea58afe14d1d6f95e64090cce26494583c9aGijs Kruitbosch — Bug 1320057. r=kmag, a=ritu
7e87ed92ad46911d4668e60ea02055c196ad75e5Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 1320039. r=kmag, r=wladimir, a=ritu
a99ba72aa2077ff0205083211b72024aa794e08aRyan Kelly — Bug 1319904 - Ignore origin attributes in webchannel origin check. r=markh, a=ritu
5096ba1c0cbc5193a449c29d7d4bd81125236ec2Kearwood (Kip) Gilbert — Bug 1315543 - Eliminate UAF in Navigator::NotifyVRDisplaysUpdated. r=dmu, a=ritu
451a4adf2b05bc184913c1f0b529df2a375e4e95Hiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 1289701 - Find the root style context by walkng up the style context tree instead of calling ResolveStyleFor or getting it from root element's primary frame. r=dbaron, a=ritu
4ed20a0426ec15b0faad310be36573bdb8d8dd49Olli Pettay — Bug 1314442 - Limit editor's editability to the right subtree. r=masayuki, a=ritu
eee40261b496a2ed3b54becc08d71185807cff21Milan Sreckovic — Bug 1313212 - Show the pointer value, not the string behind it in the debug statement. r=mchang, a=ritu
3ab01cc101d7d2aaaa8f63ea412e5b759b4234a4Daniel Stenberg — Bug 1312548 - When changing buffer, get the new buffer size too. r=dd, a=ritu
9f1ebb55f8dab03601aab8a9a6bbff56f26a4e09Jan de Mooij — Bug 1319524 - Add JSAutoCompartment to GetNPObjectWrapper. r=bholley, a=ritu
6495b0cddf13658188b1c34347fda4007012eeb9Yura Zenevich — Bug 1318048 - Fix regression where network requests list is cut off for screens narrower than 700px. r=bgrins, a=ritu
bee54442c95d8af3febb49b1826e7ff8873bc548Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset 8376e8db48de (bug 1319904) because it needs a reworked patch.
5c481dcfb9f2b573486fbc2a774f6935c5dff65aJW Wang — Bug 1315631 - don't dispatch |this| in the constructor. r=jya a=ritu
7fde3fa7a210323b025bcaa01a1be5b11a5811a9Daniel Holbert — Bug 1319122: Adjust SVG image-document check to happen on display document. r=bz a=ritu
8376e8db48de80cf1987d0a7324ec1f4a71c9616Ryan Kelly — Bug 1319904 - Ignore origin attributes in webchannel origin check. r=markh, a=ritu
623b0925399476b55fbe2d6135eaf62d17679414Andrew McCreight — Bug 1321066 - Explicitly guard against reentrance in nsSMILTimeContainer. r=dholbert, a=lizzard