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Thu Feb 16 01:57:04 2017 +0000 — Bug 1331322 - Allow tagging of pseudo-implementing native anonymous content with the pseudo type at creation time, and eliminate explicit style contexts in nsIAnonymousContentCreator::ContentInfo. r=bz
bc5a4ef8416f7fa6c9067bad1485bf025c268d5dBobby Holley — Bug 1331322 - Add a flag to indicate that a node is native anonymous content. r=bz
c8b2bd32c3a8009782a54068d2f59aee7a87ffbeBobby Holley — Bug 1331322 - Move MAY_HAVE_CLASS to mBoolFlags. r=bz
bd871fd18e9c09bd6143d1e895413074b4448426Bobby Holley — Bug 1331322 - Stop using a node bit for HasExplicitBaseURI. r=bz