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Mon Jul 23 13:52:58 2018 +0000
d2cccab9a4da26e374507fa063731b2742d58f40Jay Lim — Bug 1472212 - Focus the tab's content area before changing remoteness of tab so that we could rely on the TabRemotenessChange event to focus on the gURLBar, if necessary.
b3807d93825929ab023f4cc87ceb3ae3c22befd8Jay Lim — Bug 1472212 - Load `` instead of `about:home` for some tests.
238620ba573786957e1267759eb39afbf93fbeb9Jay Lim — Bug 1472212 - Handle navigation away from privileged content process in RDM.
255ddf9f98cf45569649bf9d8c9cef680dc39062Jay Lim — Bug 1472212 - Add e10s tests to ensure that URIs with the URI_CAN_LOAD_IN_PRIVILEGED_CHILD flag load in the privileged content process when the pref is turned on.
55b3764101984ac28930cfeea5d02c99bfaa57d7Jay Lim — Bug 1472212 - Make tests wait for the `TabRemotenessChange` event before navigating to about:home or about:newtab.
3e9dacbd6f4ee718fd7c99bb4c22bcfafb2604f7Jay Lim — Bug 1472212 - Modify E10SUtils.canLoadURIInProcess to accept an E10SUtils process type instead of a nsIXULRuntime process type.
6921299df48b8052bb9a5200b0d767903d0bd49dJay Lim — Bug 1472212 - Remove unnecessary async/await keywords for browser_new_tab_in_privileged_process_pref.js.
7c5ddab37d6ec51cf095c7d3e4e7c42f902e7caaJay Lim — Bug 1472212 - Ensure that tab does not show busy or burst status whenever we navigate to about:home, about:newtab, or about:welcome in a new window.
7dd8b26bd37fc767ebfea17af37ebc8a7da9f9cfimjching — Bug 1472212 - Update URLs to include the noscripts version in xpcshell and browser tests for newtab.
bb68a583040d7d23d23ef6bd9b676e12ef77ca5bimjching — Bug 1472212 - Expose the pref variable for browser.tabs.remote.separatePrivilegedContentProcess in AboutNewTabService over XPCOM for tests.
3a6632de0fba1bc632c407efc2e3e73d3b0ec039imjching — Bug 1472212 - Set browser.tabs.remote.separatePrivilegedContentProcess to true by default for Firefox Nightly builds.