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Fri Jan 08 21:30:53 2016 +0000
b58f40911311a1b74bc650dccdd973b7ba23acaaAndrzej Hunt — Bug 1232651 - don't show search suggestions in private browsing r=mcomella
ea01aa74be131267e98f034d115df035bd86cd9dJared Wein — Bug 1087114 - Run browser_subdialogs.js in e10s. r=gijs
2ec18a7b734917ef8743a0cfcacb86ba37ab32fbSebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset bac08b0a467d (bug 1235781) for breaking dt tests on a CLOSED TREE. r=backout
d8f3e275f36eac27a835c0c13a83e1a866a39503Sebastian Hengst — Backed out 2 changesets (bug 1013219) for failing XPCShell test_stepping-07.js on a CLOSED TREE. r=backout
8badb4d61bc8d55863e5658ffba6fccdcf8bb935Sebastian Hengst — Backed out 3 changesets (bug 1227978) for XPCShell and dt3 bustage on a CLOSED TREE. r=backout
105bbb3e0c5a5d59ea2b167fca4b44b8b8fb33a8Paolo Amadini — Bug 1231373 - Add a dialog to inspect or remove exceptions from TP. r=past
70b34c15015c450c7d786a98336df575ccf21885Paolo Amadini — Bug 1231359 - Simplify the hidden preferences that control whether Tracking Protection is enabled in non-private windows. r=past
6fe85dbddb0cc0b3292f28e8cbc64529c8586939Paolo Amadini — Bug 1231375 - Add a dialog to manage DNT settings. r=past
37795691ec97a85fdb85f2d78d9c13875c0ccbe8Paolo Amadini — Bug 1236229 - The showInfo API in UITour.jsm should accept JavaScript callbacks rather than callback IDs. r=MattN
deaf711a7bc8a8cb604666b0e4e7a91edc90018eMargaret Leibovic — Bug 1235902 - (Part 2) Update feedback settings item to read URL from gecko prefs. r=mfinkle
f2c54cd55ed5ee6baecfe6b195292ad682167f5fMargaret Leibovic — Bug 1235902 - Support actions from links in hosted feedback page. r=mfinkle
29b74b9db879bbbd662c38461c10fad3ad22b977Margaret Leibovic — Bug 1236212 - Adjust month number spinner to account for the fact that month is 0-based. r=rnewman
a54da7831cfcb3dfb2881573cb84cc058f62368bvivek — Bug 1213240 : Avoid parsing sessions json when empty r=bnicholson
3376205bf1d798d8771319fa56a8ef5850f63bc7Tom Tromey — Bug 1237673 - remove test_setBreakpoint-on-line-with-no-offets-in-gcd-script.js; r=jlongster
6d73df273b789b5cd2bd64f531dffd9a8fac3219Tom Tromey — Bug 1013219 - set line number of return instruction; r=efaust,fitzgen,ejpbruel
7e311f480d8ffd4b81591c9252688352c668b503Tom Tromey — Bug 1013219 - set the line number of the terminating retrval; r=jimb,ejpbruel,fitzgen
01a7297a24d07296624e1bc8f46faf29bb7e7e51Robert Strong — Bug 1237040 - Add support for NSIS 3.0b3 and remove support for NSIS 2.46u and NSIS 3.0a1. r=gps
4cd39502e3d6e418ca487050a1c91eaef5cde5e5Robert Strong — Bug 1237879 - Add missing NSIS paths to test harness python scripts and remove obsolete NSIS paths. r=bhearsum
dfcb840b5c4ba91c658dbcadc13bfabb866294c1Alexandre Poirot — Bug 1236905 - Use locale files from sources when using devtools addon. r=jryans
bac08b0a467d8f4843a0bf147e3693a287832436Alexandre Poirot — Bug 1235781 - Remove preprocessing from common.css. r=bgrins
d8a429b575e3359ceaa13d2ae2b7bcfc4e3d730bAlexandre Poirot — Bug 1227978 - Remove unecessary usages of promiseInvoke, rdpInvoke r=jlongster
f99079d057cc45414b8e894c3703ee0221fe3f99Alexandre Poirot — Bug 1227978 - Convert all DebuggerClient request methods to return promises. r=jlongster
8b4ced39ad5858ae05a65998676e4c1ffea859daAlexandre Poirot — Bug 1227978 - Simplify usages of Debuggerclient APIs now that all requests returns promises. r=jlongster
92cb9839960be04e1c31633dd0efc289d2a500a1Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 1222747 - fix alignment of forward button on OSX devedition theme, r=dao
897610807fb544ce9b32e36d13b9656267017223Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 1222747 - fix width of forward button on devedition theme by making it a CSS variable, r=dao
46d9ba5a8e7ca8c55ca9521d2cd838a34e55a44fGijs Kruitbosch — Bug 1236605 - Fix pocket style addition performance, r=mixedpuppy
f26c050a39a17cf1f4a88d8cde00916abb3763b1Alessio Placitelli — Bug 1235345 - Remove services/metrics. r=gfritzsche
c7689b72d3fa71043aa8601134b7bdc4581deb86Alessio Placitelli — Bug 1234526 - Don't track healthreport.sqlite statements from Telemetry. r=gfritzsche
3124025d114712f6717e6cf6a4ba930f0ab02ac3Alessio Placitelli — Bug 1234526 - Remove unused healthreporter prefs. r=gfritzsche
096d46bdaf86112bc1bf350fec18d5d4063ab0c2Alessio Placitelli — Bug 1234526 - Remove services/healthreport. r=gfritzsche
96e0326e798579fda3e4babf0a253b43e19e2635Alessio Placitelli — Bug 1234522 - Fix or remove the tests relying on the data reporting service. r=gfritzsche
c3b6bf176f86b0167f008fbf87e5a2aa39061584Alessio Placitelli — Bug 1234522 - Remove references to the data reporting service. r=gfritzsche,smaug
3e7dc6d87325ce8f6d817e7f0bad096152cc8aefAlessio Placitelli — Bug 1234522 - Remove services/datareporting. r=gfritzsche
f6447d37d113b86e2bf72356da1cb67dcd49ad97Alessio Placitelli — Bug 1237700 - JavaScript warning: resource://gre/modules/TelemetrySession.jsm, line 1783: unreachable code after return statement. r=gfritzsche
4d4e15151ce32aa813a8a57e3ce56742db0f3a8fCarsten "Tomcat" Book — Merge mozilla-central to fx-team on a CLOSED TREE
e12dc3542ba00415e1b2cb316141e9d170a23270Florian Quèze — Bug 1237648 - Cleanup usage of the search service in nsContextMenu.js and nsBrowserContentHandler.js, r=adw.
fae7cd42e651bbdf80ed7a9d15cf79f851bf64c8Florian Quèze — Bug 1237648 - remove the browser/ code sync'ing currentEngine and defaultEngine, r=adw.
716ab904d3f3499135f04541d5d0366a7dc81621Florian Quèze — Bug 1237648 - remove the defaultEngine implementation and forward the getter/setter to currentEngine, r=adw.