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Wed Jun 20 19:46:58 2018 +0000
6c2f14b6bcacca0659634b86c7fa53448766c7d3Tom Ritter — Bug 1461421 Enable the sandbox for MinGW x64 r?bobowen
0d1cd9f879e88170ec0756c6cda6729de744fe0dTom Ritter — Bug 1461421 Add OffsetOf patch to chromium patch directory r?bobowen
70e6b8dd3974c80c9febcc75f0f3b16506369bf9Tom Ritter — Bug 1461421 Use OffsetOf to calculate the location of parameters_ rather than making assumptions about the parent class r?bobowen
1987e062f1e5bf2998bb8e9d96353c5ccb0cc281Tom Ritter — Bug 1460620 Have MinGW look for d3dcompiler_47.dll (so it will be packaged) r?Build
e73c2aa05e9fff33562dfaf9d5c60c3b7b49d00cTom Ritter — Bug 1389967 In MinGW, work around a pointer to a function thunk disappearing when we unload nssckbi r?franziskus,dmajor
f9e0fd209ac4c0e8462471fc4c170d0132d98b29Tom Ritter — Bug 1448748 Disable a bunch of optimized stuff to fix the MinGW x64 Build
0b31b14007476cf1b623f0757697506534982ff4Tom Ritter — Bug 1434316 Add Tests for the MinGW x64 Build
368fee8f9dd883b87d4738e4bc15fb96c19a4e79Tom Ritter — Bug 1434316 Add x64 to the MinGW rust target
baacbb93aa876582cd2ea55ad8cd619c6265c4ceTom Ritter — Bug 1434316 Add 64 bit MinGW gcc toolchains
1efb74b5ebe2dc9d9d6083246ce4862d031d46ccTom Ritter — Bug 1434316 Add 64 Bit Windows Build Targets