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Wed Apr 19 15:26:27 2017 +0000
7fa191a8371750f1761f281fe0c4edc0090dda16Dão Gottwald — Bug 1356210 - Clean up TelemetryStopwatch.start calls for FX_TAB_CLOSE_TIME_ANIM_MS and FX_TAB_CLOSE_TIME_NO_ANIM_MS probes. r?mconley,dexter
26825d7a225d98a9b29def0e0871ed7d8d3cb62fJulian Descottes — Bug 1354672 - update debugger frontend 04/18/17;r=jdescottes
336b737be49aed46ef67c6b2e54bc066b1abf934Jan de Mooij — Bug 1357711 - Remove unnecessary function delazification in JSObject::makeLazyGroup. r=bhackett
7c5628d40478bf50c4054acb5eb67871fa7168d5David Anderson — Don't gfxDevCrash when video fails to acquire a SyncObject. (bug 1345735 part 2, r=mattwoodrow)
d6348ea45c2db438ba01ecdcf3da981026f5ba4cDavid Anderson — Don't create TextureClients if the video bridge has shut down. (bug 1345735 part 1, r=mattwoodrow)
724b17184279b2ab79720474e3d3b2427b30090cJon Coppeard — Bug 867815 - Add post barrier for visitIteratorStart r=jandem
56e6060973829ae7463ea251b33ea6a7aaaa8028Luke Wagner — Bug 1357053 - Baldr: include initial offset in thunk address (r=bbouvier)
9142443a4ca244d10bb55b401df33098ccf78d3dBoris Zbarsky — Bug 1306200 part 2. When a promise is rejected with an object that cannot be securely unwrapped, report the underlying object as an error to its global before replacing the rejection value with a security error placeholder. r=waldo
f549be8f0bf407ae7a92c9c3abe50e37d956201cBoris Zbarsky — Bug 1306200 part 1. Move the "report this error now" machinery from Debugger.cpp to ErrorReporting. r=waldo
72abcde6295f9a01000769f0412182862e0c1fc2Geoff Brown — Bug 1204281 - Increase number of test chunks for linux64-asan mochitest-bc; r=jmaher
b825bae141ebd5bed3572c474320539d2558a460Nicolas Silva — Bug 1357643 - Annotate wr_state_delete so that it can be called in a destructor in non-webrender builds. r=kats
d555db01bb95f98b1822fdb9a7cabcb4067289cbTom Schuster — Bug 1357468 - More Object.hasOwnProperty optimizations for Speedometer. r=jandem
8b9f406319daae303d8e3959e0702b1cee87f435Joel Maher — Bug 1353812 - adjust alert thresholds for android/desktop installer size. r=wlach
468f7570a8b4fea34cacf562c442c931db6e2940Joel Maher — Bug 1352942 - Intermittent css-grid/grid-whitespace-handling-1b.xhtml. marks as fails. r=hiro
6d1a1617e80566d3fa812c3b9445afdf6b3744c2Joel Maher — Bug 1355088 - add BUG_COMPONENT to browser/* files. r=mossop
4266cb39733da9b8316c613c7f03a91e693c893bMathieu Leplatre — Bug 1351675 - Add certificates pinning initial JSON to package r=florian
ea35685faf0d574f2588ba98e027be10876c7e41Florian Queze — Bug 1349742 - avoid initializing UITour whenever about:home is loaded, r=MattN.
51df9eb411486666270d12120de7613d483bedd9Tom Tung — Bug 1330297 - Part 3: Update mochitests to align with spec since we normalize value before checking and throwing. r=baku
e230df9fbec54fac0eb45db75d39a96b1ee6bc63Tom Tung — Bug 1330297 - Part 2: Remove ini files to verify we can pass the test. r=baku
c72f2f5feaae70bd74219f80ea415ce811905af8Tom Tung — Bug 1330297 - Part 1: Strip leading or trailing HTTP whitespace for Header value to follow the spec and share code bewteen fetch and XHR. r=baku
3e22ac1beeda05bb7954434d37241438859fb557Wei-Cheng Pan — Bug 1344893 - Part 2: Add time to first byte metric. r=smaug, data-review=bsmedberg
3559898682b966f7e0110639c3e5c7da2382fdd3Wei-Cheng Pan — Bug 1344893 - Part 1: Report Navigation Timing into Telemetry. r=smaug, data-review=bsmedberg
12e148dcab63465fc8e5414649156550632ecf91Petr Sumbera — Bug 1357451 - Add OS_SOLARIS ifdefs to various IPC code. r=kchen
6efbe0c856e37dc8b034d63a78bb398afc6ee4acJohn Dai — Bug 1347426 - Implement section-* for autocomplete attribute. r=smaug
5be80215c4a18d53ad6c1e954e8d335006c9b923Junior Hsu — Bug 1357647 - Convert names to RaceCacheWithNetwork form. r=valentin
3c9dcaac0b9f79a4402b129c1206170e9920d316André Bargull — Bug 1351913 - Reduce calls to FindReservedWord when checking for forbidden identifiers during parsing. r=shu
d06374cddb9fb4c4c619bcda8a4ade3aac8bd479Lars T Hansen — Bug 1352681: Test cases for serialize/deserialize SAB, fix busted build. r=me
03cdd7137ef10213ef6e087976fc61cd110f13b2Olli Pettay — Bug 1356556, use of weak references in nsHTMLDNSPrefetch is malloc heavy, so instead use raw pointers and a flag to tell that Link's destructor needs to clear the raw pointer, r=bz
5c95d81d1487a0cfe99e5ab396fc1293dfb4c429Carsten "Tomcat" Book — Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound
0f9791ff7a4f92bd3326b98f767e520f1ed66891Carsten "Tomcat" Book — Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound
580baaf44b4967ac6a4b774967c90554bc2ef9c4Lars T Hansen — Bug 1356697 - Throw TypeError for unable-to-wait Atomics.wait, as per spec. r=shu
075aa2b7342add7abaa3d75f9b09fdc5be2482b1Lars T Hansen — Bug 1352681: Test cases for serialize/deserialize SAB. r=sfink, r=waldo
085e1f764ab0fd79893ef4e425b555206a10b6cdYa-Chieh Wu — Bug 1345328 - modify to build pdfium as a build-in addon. r=rhelmer
61ff36c046fab1fc70772472371e509b363c3302Carsten "Tomcat" Book — Backed out changeset c14bbafbc6a6 (bug 1306200) for linux debug sm-arm bustage
190af5fd48018397d193a623d09d4b2ce260e8ddCarsten "Tomcat" Book — Backed out changeset fae4abdb3d86 (bug 1306200)
6d6e6547b97c31bfe1e0f5df714b15fa39adfcb9Iris Hsiao — Backed out changeset 428f1770d076 (bug 1357012) for Assertion failure: missing call to js::ReportOutOfMemory()
edc49fadcda2dd849cc0f90a5d6ceb8d05c079bfIris Hsiao — Backed out changeset 2eca4618f579 (bug 1357012) for spidermonkey bustage
2eca4618f579c77f8fd3f5303b19b999fcc3a177Shu-yu Guo — Bug 1357012 - Followup: add missing ReportOutOfMemory.
0510315b5641dbab766002a58b306eb8b880569cJulian Seward — Bug 1356215 - LUL: increase size of unwound stack to 160k. r=froydnj.
58c4711b8ca2cf89a74368f93c93d8fcd2b5c6f0Andrea Marchesini — Bug 1357208 - No warning message when the creation of the principal origin fails, r=bholley
600f9d60d76ffa8498a32fcf6ddf5b2856a6fbb0Timothy Nikkel — Bug 1342567. r=aosmond a=abillings
ad2f95eed55671e75e62bdc46c4dc77ea9d74db6Matt Woodrow — Bug 1351412 - Make the ContainerState AGR cache work even for non-async scrollable AGRs. r=mstange
f79d7564d39d7a622c2dbc6fd1722e74a40ab453Matt Woodrow — Bug 1341496 - Part 3: Make CrossProcessSemaphore allocation fallible. r=billm
f4c724034728dbca08651d0b6047c8e778142237Matt Woodrow — Bug 1341496 - Part 2: Don't use a separate ReadLock for the second component alpha texture as they should always be locked/unlocked at the same time. r=nical
c5785434af743a93ea15a6270dc5cab9259f0fa0Matt Woodrow — Bug 1341496 - Part 1: Don't try to serialize read locks that aren't valid. r=nical
8404a67bd0cded2579748e802dfe274685394954Brian Birtles — Bug 1357631 - Drop comments about updating the type of `target` arguments/members in KeyframeEffect(ReadOnly); r=bz DONTBUILD
c148d5f3d36c1846d55d4a04856f79f0977e7343Phil Ringnalda — Backed out changeset b8ef6055e88f (bug 1351676) for Windows reftest failures in tree-row-outline-1.xul
7a756b15ba7b748b0c6e6b0218e12f9bbfda5e05Andrea Marchesini — Bug 1357286 - Fix warnings on release builds about unused return values from autoStream->Serialize, r=philor
1b55d17c24cf4b29f15dbfbf84fae1b5fb9c23f1Michal Novotny — Bug 1350256 - Handle null entry values more gracefully. r=mayhemer