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Tue May 29 18:03:31 2018 +0000
36cd40884d224b10373436ed3399b2d458bd4f24Rob Wood — Bug 1425308 - Automatically view local talos gecko profile in; r?jmaher
35a9ad46b395f60f04eb9abb3522781464f38e9dBoris Zbarsky — Bug 1460735 part 2. Remove nsIDOMDocument. r=qdot
3b36aa930a8a8286b24edf2deef3a92d4f76a6dcBoris Zbarsky — Bug 1460735 part 1. Remove use of nsIDOMDocument in JS. r=qdot
f8c16ddfa41c992121da1a0290b2efbde023fc2aBoris Zbarsky — Bug 1047514. Re-enable the test_getWebIDLCaller test on Android. r=kmag
385a43483f1e06dc862c1aa159f41d0f3fac3fb7Cosmin Sabou — Backed out changeset 62ed84f80e37 (bug 1462662) for mochitest browser chrome failures on browser_startup.js. CLOSED TREE
73d26c2c475fbd75af8502b618281d3b45e209bcHonza Bambas — Bug 1456742 - Make sure to call UpdatePrivateBrowsing() in http channel to properly set private browsing state of the channel when no load group or callbacks have been set on it before AsyncOpen. r=jdm
c3172bfa5d63c410f7016de2b23da1adf8244d12Michael Kohler — Bug 1447952 - Use relative time format in the site data manager. r=johannh
d44967058ffac46e41d09530a2439332b01e0f92Philip Chimento — Bug 1464912 - Add exposeToActiveJS specialization for JSString. r=sfink
6af9d912eef5f79eda192689ca8414664502cf37Valentin Gosu — Bug 1456975 - Check fields in nsMozIconURI deserialization. r=agaynor
f9b9cf74f59808e4649e958554143b26c02c142aRyan VanderMeulen — Bug 1464550 - Update pdf.js to version 2.0.517. r=bdahl
c03dea03efa7941b2f0da6e59a3f2c8feae6bdedJonathan Kew — Bug 1425812 - Rely on native Core Text support for COLR/CPAL fonts on High Sierra. r=lsalzman
a108477d63fdb421b85987b5de3dcfe2dbada28bTom Prince — Bug 1464523: [release] Remove debugging print; r=me CLOSED TREE DONTBUILD
b733507c7f140d5309094d7bb098844b7dec6544Tom Prince — Bug 1464523: [release] Pass branch prefix to secondary update-verify config generation; r=me CLOSED TREE
9771dc75018aae5216a7e954c18e0db25e1197cdTom Prince — Bug 1464530: [release] Allow specifying which repository to get the treescript revision from; r=Callek
8163fbacf29fe5a4b0d95a658e11bdad07a0d327Tom Prince — Bug 1464530: [release] Use scriptworker scope prefix for treescript workers; r=Callek
a9957cb9251d5867dc46a5b76c9ba7302b72dbedTom Prince — Bug 1464530: [release] Add -dev workertype for version-bump; r=Callek
36f60334e432a6e623d1cb79327ee258066ed78bTom Prince — Bug 1464523: [release] Pass the repository of the project being built to update-verify config generation; r=bhearsum
1d819c6af22063fd03300052ccdf6742c297991eTom Prince — Bug 1464523: [release] Pass branch prefix to update-verify config generation; r=bhearsum
89651a962a9d46fd0aa84dbf17590bb8f03d412dTom Prince — Bug 1464523: [release] Don't required partials when generating update-verify config; r=bhearsum
de8c8efbe24fab8bedf9cfbec36834b31ddc5567Simon Fraser — Bug 1464816 Run periodic file updates on mozilla-esr60 r=ryanvm