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Mon Feb 16 15:36:51 2015 +0000
4c3a8d25774b5f7b38660e7fd3e813aba24346d5Josh Grant — bug 1128515 correctly updated property for session_capabilities
6263d3ba90cd3bd40195caabd98f4e8c8757ecf6Josh Grant — Backed out changeset 0ea09805c940
b580724ccc80ed4abc3a5c55e0f142271d1d630eJosh Grant — Bug 1128515 updated session_capabilities property
09f4968d5f429e48e8d53a8a21408cb9674e996cCarsten "Tomcat" Book — merge mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central a=merge
c99e7a982123e33a55cce791f0fd92dd38d6bfb2Paul Adenot — Bug 1129412 - Clarify the fact that ALSA is needed to build on Linux. DONTBUILD because comment-only. r=glandium
15dea2b0929b0dd78da350fc13fe877c6e6685a9Jim Mathies — Bug 1132592 - Avoid showing PluginWidgetParent widgets before they are positioned and clipped. r=aklotz
c598faec1736c6c141fc13b061d9039eb42b2847Alfredo Yang Bug 1130920 - don't set preload to none when src is MSE. r=cpearce
5931982fa54bd923b75658713367a2ef06b1bd51David Parks — Bug 1130051 - Compress mousemove IPDL messages. r=kats
416a3c508df259ff475257e85ea6a6c1cb93a464David Parks — Bug 1130051 - Restore old semantics of IPDL 'compress' attribute. r=billm
143174851bb7f0a2ef6501b48cfabfe382abb4ecIan Wills — Bug 1055933 - Fix Imagemaps Style in nsComputedDOMStyle.cpp. r=bz
44d89ddc145a2021fd150adb895ae394552de998Andrew McCreight — Backout 1ffecdc47c6d for OSX and Windows docShell leaks. CLOSED TREE
54aff1390b168fd9e7c896bcb974a5449f0a2469L. David Baron — Back out changeset 6849669e696e (bug 1130645) for Android robocop failures.
9f40d0612b71910036576163f2330683f9be3606Karl Tomlinson — bug 1132328 make ReleaseDecoderTask conversion constructor explicit r=fix
3b86c91f7b9688bbbd2f0290f5bb1a91960082a9Karl Tomlinson — bug 1095251 clear mDecoder on reader during Shutdown() r=cpearce
9ef73d0015dc49cb6ff5aa59fd5870b13b933605Karl Tomlinson — bug 1095251 shutdown GStreamer playbin during Shutdown() r=edwin
366a3d38c09e6a909537a567cb747bd38be5d3afKarl Tomlinson — bug 1132328 remove mCurrentDecoder handling from RemoveDecoder() r=jya
ba61225ba91c923f9007dea83ff4cf44ecccaec0Karl Tomlinson — bug 1114898 set GLIB_VERSION_MIN_REQUIRED/MAX_ALLOWED to support symbol version warnings r=glandium
0bd4e491041ad8f8b2c55c35cb7f7c2a8cf8cad5L. David Baron — Bug 992077 patch 5 - Remove implementation of OverflowChangedTracker::CHILDREN_AND_PARENT_CHANGED. r=mats
6a7452f4d1e40376e9b1107a7dbe58c6430e48baL. David Baron — Bug 992077 patch 4 - Stop using OverflowChangedTracker::CHILDREN_AND_PARENT_CHANGED for the overflow area updates dealing with absolutely positioned elements contained by relatively positioned table parts. r=mats
1fb87cd3cbfa829d6411055b035a6e3a1777c269L. David Baron — Bug 992077 patch 3 - Stop using OverflowChangedTracker::CHILDREN_AND_PARENT_CHANGED for the UpdateOverflow and related hints. r=mats
64d32a0aaa3da56ea2cd27978d8a0ed1dcbd3454L. David Baron — Bug 992077 patch 2 - Use nsChangeHint_UpdateParentOverflow for changes to the top, right, bottom, and left properties. r=mats
93fa6e70174a74a5cfb597df486f36234b7667acL. David Baron — Bug 992077 patch 1 - Add nsChangeHint_UpdateParentOverflow hint so that we can reduce unnecessary UpdateOverflow calls for top/right/bottom/left changes, and reduce unnecessary propagation to the parent for UpdateOverflow hints for changes that actually affect the element's overflow. r=mats
89e49bd65079d220cb177b6b7db2dfb77a4f1bd3Chris Peterson — Bug 1133289 - Remove nonstandard expression closures from intl/locale. r=smontagu
0741e9b56498a8f35fbddcddca616efad986ce9cEdwin Flores — Bug 1133370 - Remove redundant Shutdown() call in MediaDataDecoderCallbackProxy::Error() - r=kinetik
6849669e696e31ee14c99ed9f9cfcf866312ebeaDavid Anderson — Make sure XUL windows have a top-level APZC. (bug 1130645, r=roc)
327f350b5891e86025ca0199e47590042c831703David Anderson — FrameMetrics comparator does not include the scroll generation. (bug 1132715, r=kats)
c7c68c4389d666bfbfe9d18281457eba669896efAndrea Marchesini — Bug 1125713 - Browser API: Add event for page download progress, r=fabrice
e0060a3e4ed8270f5c28084996594144e191188dDavid Zbarsky — Bug 1125040: Use LayoutDeviceIntPoint for mMouseDownRect r=botond
b736b6fb4d1be1085f2a9a8a4839411b04d78a5fDavid Zbarsky — Bug 1125040: Use LayoutDeviceIntPoint for GetScreenCoords r=botond
157e840119deda4031383cf59c2bcd83510ea854David Zbarsky — Bug 1125040: Use LayoutDeviceIntPoint for synthesizing native events on widgets r=botond
f6f451fd13268e26f5330d78345938b7cfdb38cdDavid Zbarsky — Bug 1125040: Use LayoutDeviceIntPoint for GetChildProcessOffset r=botond
b160bea2b0304674189bf3c305babdad47bf0f4eMats Palmgren — Bug 1133243 - Fix compilation problem hidden by unified sources. r=heycam
ac19a93de1789c743e59a36fbcacf1c54a9dc431Brian Hackett — Bug 1131403 - Optimize uses of ObjectOrNull properties of unboxed objects better, r=jandem.
77537f14b7369b8dbbf62d1d993bdb416a8d1660Neil Rashbrook — Bug 1100118 Allow migration from Firefox to Firefox Developer Edition r=MattN
7344fdc1d969295db2eb5ea87330ef6b5bf5f21eTom Schuster — Bug 1073816 - Implement ES6 Function.prototype.bind length handling. r=Till,bholley
1ffecdc47c6d91018a38355221c2bd6b3f5af224Andrew McCreight — Bug 1073352, part 1 - Make the DOMWINDOW and DOCSHELL leak detector work with e10s. r=jmaher
dba1aedcb961b2d8a12897d8f7d61bc347d79791Chris Peterson — Bug 1129326 - Remove nonstandard let blocks from memory/replace/dmd/test/test_dmd.js. r=njn
509c07949a4cd5b36bc4e6953a93c088d852fd42James Willcox — Bug 1131793 - Disable SurfaceTexture detach on Mali r=jgilbert
f1348faedf2fb71338dd7b5582ad0a4221f3b272Brian Hackett — Bug 1121554 - Include receiver argument in setProperty hooks, r=jorendorff.
1f7d87422dfbd0699d91b7cb5f871552a9b37483Brian Hackett — Bug 1127167 - Avoid creating mutant half-native half-non-native objects when making unboxed layouts, r=jandem.
819fefe0c733e373a552a6b78e1f1e1b483a366fJan de Mooij — Bug 1129387 - Optimize JSOP_NEW object allocation better in Ion. r=bhackett
dc40389064bc5bacf1a5033269094639895cfb3bMagnus Melin — Bug 1073095 - nsPermissionManager.cpp references a browser path by default in kDefaultsUrlPrefName. Make the permissions.manager.defaultsUrl pref overridable. r=benjamin
d81339c7ac5220668003bd25e62276c8d8f044f9Nicolas Silva — Bug 1128934 - Avoid calling GetClientBounds from BasicComposior. r=roc, karlt
e1bb91f606976dcfe9508eb626a132e627686483Nicolas Silva — Bug 1129871 - Favor passing tiles by ref rather than copy part 2. r=BenWa
6952d9fe4f36b90405ed21d4e1d548f913119ed8Nicolas Silva — Bug 1129871 - Favor passing tiles by ref rather than copy part 1. r=BenWa
d9d47b2795b44f9952a95a6aaca3d37c2f315e7aOlli Pettay — Bug 1133104, null check parent node before checking whether it is <picture>, r=bz
a1bd894fbfc812f1f3ba524d8088eea1ab5bb474Benjamin Bouvier — Bug 1129491: Add SIMD.{type}.check() to asm.js; r=luke
099b350c49c49674aa49842334ed53c693497e84Benjamin Bouvier — Bug 1129491: Add SIMD.{type}.check to the interpreter + tests; r=evilpie
4d4b564c9d8415ddd3df0dc6a0926b357c1a2ae4Jan de Mooij — Bug 1132564 part 2 - Move ExecutableAllocator into JitRuntime. r=luke
7dc41de406250e7822d08c564b01b9e22b05a168Jan de Mooij — Bug 1132564 part 1 - Remove separate ExecutableAllocator for Ion code. r=luke
8db0046661cb7b81d79c0cb586d02302d7851f9fAndrea Marchesini — Bug 1132752 - RequestSync API should not try to clone nsITimers, r=fabrice
41aa3bdc7e753b84ed8b0fe54f95e1931001f029Andrea Marchesini — Bug 1132924 - XHR should support empty response in workers, r=bkelly. r=bent
9507662057de474ed29fd40550635332fe7a1668Masatoshi Kimura — Bug 1130670 - Remove dead code that tracks strongCipherStatus. r=keeler
8041e061077776d18cf39fe381e861fa34c77dc7Tooru Fujisawa — Bug 1129757 - Improve parse-mega-huge-array.js test performance. r=Waldo
2c72917f420bdd6ec68db2048c1f3db7ce7ef4feTooru Fujisawa — Bug 1132657 - Show JIT flags in output. r=terrence
f395713a11780d576422c70da51938603d24a164Tooru Fujisawa — Bug 1131988 - Fix function/constructor call error tests to work in Ion execution. r=jandem
edd04b167f471ad8c3374bbed2d1ed1d45404088Aaron Klotz — Bug 1130747: Ensure that we check that an actor is still valid before calling into it; r=jimm
008aa6494f9002a026f01fac2c81038c4bd56266Patrick McManus — bug 1133156 backout 7abb1cb9739e (bug 237623) for regression r=backout
4158bdaf7894be26a44e44aa29f99fd25cc14250Patrick McManus — bug 1132808 - HttpBaseChannel::GetPrincipal should return URI prinicipal r=ckerschb r=sicking
332dbc5e0d1a7968034e521a8a39a4732ee63560Zachary Carter — Bug 1130634 - More consistent error handing in FxAccounts.getOauthToken r=markh
951df5de4aa1031ca4e1392908a216719e5f27b8Wes Kocher — Merge m-c to inbound a=merge
36cbb1efffb3c827cad4e50ff8d57e2efcd4c93bBoris Zbarsky — Bug 1131096. Use IDLExposureMixins for IDLInterfaceMember. r=peterv
92ab79b20f61c617acf628feda416e81caebe484Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1132187 part 3. Remove the WANT_CONVERT bit. r=peterv
cd8ff1a7572c736b740e0228d9ae01dd18ab2a0bBoris Zbarsky — Bug 1132187 part 2. Remove the WANT_DELPROPERTY bit. r=peterv
42f34f826f3de96a723b04f3d83f5828edea85adBoris Zbarsky — Bug 1132187 part 1. Remove the totally unused WANT_CREATE bit. r=peterv
3bdb77f15f2ee0b922f430365c62113bf82ec2f4Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1132184. Remove the nsIXPCScriptable postCreate and postTransplant hooks. r=peterv
af5f70c0286a9562b0d347877ef123f32deb87a4Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1131801 part 3. Get rid of the now-unused ReparentWrapperIfFound. r=peterv
9a66f24829d9cf3284eaec480bd46c4d3f2f487eBoris Zbarsky — Bug 1131801 part 2. Get rid of the now-useless RescueOrphansInScope. r=peterv
7a3153f07028f193a83a03aad805e1fd3b075b21Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1131801 part 1. Get rid of the now-unnecessary RescueOrphans function. r=peterv
5793906a8cff318e352e0a0e1f7502961f620318Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1131799. Stop parenting XPConnect tearoffs to the XPCWrappedNative. r=peterv
95d37366ad836fa2975952335038ae5d43dafbd5Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1131894. Break out of the loop in the DOMException constructor once we find a code/result for the given message name. r=peterv
3a36b4d6958957a5d514befae933ba849fe64586Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1131887 part 2. Remove the now-unused nsIXPConnect.reparentWrappedNativeIfFound. r=peterv
109959c7beed4f31095f031b9ae41077798d056fBoris Zbarsky — Bug 1131887 part 1. nsNodeUtils::CloneAndAdopt can assume that all nodes are Web IDL objects. r=peterv
1765edeb13797708645b2cbf1ba52a17be10e5d3Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1131796. Don't parent the DOM proxy expando object to the proxy. r=peterv
fbf882d57a13e0c04d3cf472c04e69b09bcf0479Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1117242 followup. Rev the nsIStackFrame IID so things get rebuilt correctly. r=bustage
df54006fbe9e61a08ed95de60e1958db2e4d9f8fJeff Gilbert — Bug 1124394 - Support Core profiles for GLContext. - r=kamidphish
5b06098730e0402e04faff1cda7b15fc5fc073e7Alexander Surkov — Bug 1130793 - wrong class is used for ARIA grid cell contained by HTML tr@role='row', r=yzen
19bb3d54cafe6d98caa58ff1d219625f55ea6629Olli Pettay — Bug 1118689, Don't try to load an image if its container docshell is gone, r=bz
7d7c3210ea784595b9cde888f6655747707b9ee2Xidorn Quan — Bug 1132679 - Fix warnings on windows widget and enable FAIL_ON_WARNINGS there. r=jimm
b1055d934e7119546ab4e441375810621bf89b5cShu-yu Guo — Bug 1130214 - Add an .allowUnobservedAsmJS accessor on Debugger instances. (r=jimb)
640793eb1169d4730afd24a5e4d763ce70e69e07Shu-yu Guo — Bug 1132224 - Test. (r=jimb)
c9fd3ca16a292243a616812ccd36e683e8a0dae6Shu-yu Guo — Bug 1132224 - Propagate the delazification for Debugger flag when merging compartments. (r=jimb)
0b376024e3e00d5af9a1e49cc47c673309913e5aShu-yu Guo — Bug 1132224 - Reword delazification method names and remove stale reference to "debug mode". (r=jimb)
3571f361d77949bf19e77237bc5061010ee22ea3Dan Gohman — Bug 1131783 - Optimize away null checks in non-POD Vectors too r=waldo
588d1e20a4bb0f29af8dcdd8e7c75296fd0c5f5dDan Gohman — Bug 1131783 - Optimize away null checks in Vectors of POD r=waldo
c280abdc083f87373509770b8b5cdcf30e5007b3Dan Gohman — Bug 1131783 - Mark various unlikely conditions as MOZ_UNLIKELY r=waldo
59512894ddd495720dc28948a5d70dd8894e3601Dan Gohman — Bug 1117882 - IonMonkey: Check whether a previously pinned phi can be discarded r=nbp
f8556dc2b9856504cdb0fa843b9554010324838dDan Gohman — Bug 986981 - SpiderMonkey: Rename movsxd to movslq and prepare it for use r=bbouvier
78adb26a80b1d32f986ce49ed305c590ba067a6aTerrence Cole — Bug 1132282 - Part 2: Handlify ObjectGroup arguments to NewObject; r=sfink
7e497c0b0bad04f76d43d94e469b5a350c0a3598Terrence Cole — Bug 1132282 - Part 1: Handlify more parent args to NewObject; r=sfink
ded390f05c90f01a05f8f924eaec5d24f530c42aTerrence Cole — Bug 1132149 - Handlify the proto arg for NewArray; r=sfink
216e9a560a661342cc5de882df0ea82a4548761ePatrick McManus — bug 1132212 - nshttptransction.cpp dont play with data race fire r=sworkman
c899f3f1fb08e078c19e8d18aeb7f899a9bed639Wes Kocher — Fix merge failures for the backout of bug 1128287 CLOSED TREE
157678ffd0a988089454565f0eb86fe2c62bb348Wes Kocher — Merge m-c to inbound a=merge CLOSED TREE
2db2f36b944b2679d9f8bf60905266bdfc486e3fWes Kocher — Backed out changeset 4d03c3ba2969 (bug 1131796) for bustage on a CLOSED TREE
92c8656b090f41b483d67759184bd383c9e3932fWes Kocher — Backed out changeset 763a234926ca (bug 1131887)
7293a4249d522b03248d3f12fb21b3ac8a20ba4bWes Kocher — Backed out changeset 38bcb731dba8 (bug 1131887)
9f036ba0137e7ed9b87a8275a6993416e3f41afcWes Kocher — Backed out changeset 8db12229549a (bug 1131894)
ab77cac824f8892f5f3789b19267d1d9ff2f17a1Wes Kocher — Backed out changeset 564376c26384 (bug 1131799)
945a30df1b0a82b60bd4c1f740b409f44c04866eWes Kocher — Backed out changeset d71b934c28ee (bug 1131801)
238076a16f5a1e96dabb0b7126c1398c19f4f760Wes Kocher — Backed out changeset be654bd9e20d (bug 1131801)
fa2a3978652aa58e0375485aa7c4f2fe3a88625dWes Kocher — Backed out changeset 32176c758b4d (bug 1131801)
5bac46fc2c80f07f523cc720ca1429a42271faedWes Kocher — Backed out changeset 6d9547a55557 (bug 1132184)
5b6a8679f6eaf2dbebc67c39f3fd3f5066d433b7Wes Kocher — Backed out changeset e5479c58d966 (bug 1132187)
a58ff7cd48d460b9bb3c9830318e37fdbeef3d47Wes Kocher — Backed out changeset 70b09a891a37 (bug 1132187)
635b6b12ea52c0ebe59a0e8032a58ea3b6f6ca69Wes Kocher — Backed out changeset 9017975d0201 (bug 1132187)
437bf0790669ee4b0b1e5dd193c1b5f7a1923375Wes Kocher — Backed out changeset 6e0973b390f5 (bug 1131096)
dc2d6f67c2319f32d12d35eb763713e0232d621eWes Kocher — Backed out 2 changesets (bug 1131695) for mochitest-1 failures on a CLOSED TREE
b347698b4d7b031bb11b10990b27fca6627340c5Terrence Cole — Bug 1131877 - Part 3: Handlify TaggedProto NewObject functions; r=sfink
6ff7a6801951efddae7ad8266497b39590983dcdTerrence Cole — Bug 1131877 - Part 2: Handlify the proto arg to NewObject functions; r=sfink
8f282d6a1d1742fb7fb16eeaa71b81f74dd0a952Terrence Cole — Bug 1131877 - Part 1: Rename TaggedProto taking NewObject methods; r=bhackett
fcfbaf4b2428693fe0d57301150d16daff455cc3Bobby Holley — Bug 1127554 - Do a fallible allocation in SampleIterator::GetNext. v1 r=mattwoodrow
9edf780742d44b8bde443ac264632f8edb7e5c7bBobby Holley — Bug 1127554 - Make MP4Sample::Replace fallible. v1 r=mattwoodrow
f6b29b699aa87bb5521da19d835a017f92ad4517Bobby Holley — Bug 1127554 - Make MP4Sample::Prepend fallible. v1 r=mattwoodrow
6dc3d693ca762bac1e6ed70d676920bac0afa77aBobby Holley — Bug 1127554 - Make MP4Sample::Pad fallible. v1 r=mattwoodrow
c084da3154da5f385c63d2abcc0ec33cf518ad73Bobby Holley — Bug 1127554 - Get rid of infallible allocation in MP4Sample copy constructor. v2 r=mattwoodrow
6f06821072ef9dadaac2803ee47567d489119a82Benjamin Smedberg — Bug 1131136 part B - reload plugins when we load the plugins pane of the addon manager, r=Unfocused
708a10a8ac104e34f2ab896ff9af1bc3cf5348bfBenjamin Smedberg — bug 1131136 part A - watch the registry and reload plugins when it changes, r=jimm
cbb846c9b10717a986de75720484d4332c374014Robert Longson — Bug 1130888 - SVG text on path fill color does not render properly when preceded by RTL text. r=heycam
16df4e462d8022096471b3103dfefe94230c15cbBobby Holley — Bug 1126723 - Bail out of HasLowUndecodedData if we don't have a duration. v1 r=cpearce
20a6417016df1696532354bc4724a460a8c24c51Bobby Holley — Bug 1126723 - Don't store bogus durations. v1 r=cpearce
f235e9568add834a05398e69dc6659815e2bd342Neil Deakin — Bug 1131052, assign label values to the months so that the frames don't get recreated when the value is set, prevents the correct month from being displayed, r=neil
e590c2f29859eac36af00bc93ddd8b33018da7adBrian Hackett — Bug 1131035 - When allocating singletons with 'new', make sure the result is a plain object, r=jandem.
713722c64bd3cf8990e5fc8ecb81a14a3b9ffe3cChris Pearce — Bug 1111160 - Dispatch observer service notifications when content succeeds or fails to get CDM access. r=bz
32fe8089d155fceebe20d73d9d128ad9640d3c35Andrew Halberstadt — Bug 1127376 - PEP8-ify all mochitest .py files (auto-generated), r=ted
69f1b692f6fec2c15c258b2bc41f6bb0bb0f42e7Magnus Melin — Bug 1130488 - disable tests broken by bug 1114624 for thunderbird, until thunderbird can drop the legacy dl manager. r=paolo
c80e833d780ee0b6a2820d2a43aa9dd52343a9d5Tom Schuster — Bug 1127475 - Remove unnecessary parent arguments. r=bz
053b9215d1433377c053098526307010639740cbTom Schuster — Bug 1124934 - Implement ES6 HasProperty. r=jorendorff
d3babbfbe771777402148d64b572857cb2454a36Tom Schuster — Bug 1124934 - Add a HasProperty ObjectOp. r=jorendorff
1c070487cfcb6f79a6334397c68227fc17be64daBirunthan Mohanathas — Bug 1129795 - Make modelines consistent in docshell/base/. r=mccr8
6100bd3192d28f98d5d2e72c1ad21629bb8ca769Birunthan Mohanathas — Bug 1129795 - Remove some unnecessary code in docshell/base/. r=mccr8
1641a146787f37f44bef3360894b7dc0f2bda14dBirunthan Mohanathas — Bug 1129795 - Convert docshell/base/ to Gecko style. r=mccr8,smaug
6a20024567e3a2c93599f34d7481305c606cc9e0Birunthan Mohanathas — Bug 1070709 - Collapse test-only files under modules/ into ancestor files. r=mshal
debf253773e4420314498e8961acbdd93e5f2ba7Birunthan Mohanathas — Bug 1070709 - Collapse test-only files under services/ into ancestor files. r=mshal
8adbd53f76af9f2477d24aae2f7c7e313222a75dBirunthan Mohanathas — Bug 1070709 - Collapse test-only files under toolkit/ into ancestor files. r=mshal
4dd6d8966d89d489cd99e5ceb5fe20cd469d13bcBirunthan Mohanathas — Bug 1070709 - Remove unreferenced files in dom/canvas/test. r=mshal
4e3e4f105fc52f8fbc0dd4baf75ca864cfa6a63bBirunthan Mohanathas — Bug 1070709 - Collapse test-only files under dom/ into ancestor files. r=mshal
9d91dfe3f65724624e574dc924766bf008ba8db8Birunthan Mohanathas — Bug 1088125 - Part 2: Use arrow function instead of separate 'self' variable. r=gfritzsche
c6bfd511db8714dd337f2895495f3d049ac3b3caBirunthan Mohanathas — Bug 1088125 - Part 1: Make CrashSubmit.submit return a Promise. r=gfritzsche
6e0973b390f5d1cb1a432d0fc80f8d783a25b840Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1131096. Use IDLExposureMixins for IDLInterfaceMember. r=peterv
9017975d02018ed7bf4dfcb51232fb75a2b48201Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1132187 part 3. Remove the WANT_CONVERT bit. r=peterv
70b09a891a376bbb45774561c96d5629a69bb4fcBoris Zbarsky — Bug 1132187 part 2. Remove the WANT_DELPROPERTY bit. r=peterv
e5479c58d966338c24b4cc21cc85cd2f65f10a76Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1132187 part 1. Remove the totally unused WANT_CREATE bit. r=peterv
6d9547a55557ed4d28b0881afaf6e0f8c231c750Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1132184. Remove the nsIXPCScriptable postCreate and postTransplant hooks. r=peterv
32176c758b4dc7fa9ea35b8e173d3319a6274269Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1131801 part 3. Get rid of the now-unused ReparentWrapperIfFound. r=peterv
be654bd9e20dd4e3628e9a2bf6e8b7de98f81cbfBoris Zbarsky — Bug 1131801 part 2. Get rid of the now-useless RescueOrphansInScope. r=peterv
d71b934c28ee476a7b341f49fe8dacbea5ecbdf6Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1131801 part 1. Get rid of the now-unnecessary RescueOrphans function. r=peterv
564376c26384893b730bf3485c48f5c440f08baeBoris Zbarsky — Bug 1131799. Stop parenting XPConnect tearoffs to the XPCWrappedNative. r=peterv
8db12229549aa81824372e66f74fc6cb17016525Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1131894. Break out of the loop in the DOMException constructor once we find a code/result for the given message name. r=peterv
38bcb731dba8b56ca0caf29d3fd76e21d48cc8e8Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1131887 part 2. Remove the now-unused nsIXPConnect.reparentWrappedNativeIfFound. r=peterv
763a234926cac7725fbdf7af666e3c62b8f7c5b0Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1131887 part 1. nsNodeUtils::CloneAndAdopt can assume that all nodes are Web IDL objects. r=peterv
4d03c3ba29697c828739f70ca2eda08865309137Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1131796. Don't parent the DOM proxy expando object to the proxy. r=peterv
c5b1c517ad63bc99922dfe96a18ab0b964d350c0Nick Fitzgerald — Bug 1117242 - SavedFrame objects should do principal checks for every accessor; r=jimb,jandem,bz
13af514d6aea7bded99cf71fe219ba2621a9b263Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 1131695 - Ensure that mouse and touch events sent via BrowserElementParent to the child are offsetted correctly. r=fabrice
6823625f20424fdeb060cc24607c1efb6fb3b8c3Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 1131695 - Extract a GetLayoutDeviceToCSSScale helper function in TabParent. r=fabrice
1dd9353d0e97e62623b3fed1e692b1903ac45688Philip Chee — Bug 1130886 Warning: Trying to re-register CID '{22117140-9c6e-11d3-aaf1-00805f8a4905}' r=Mossop
4ca1304f0b4250b0572ff92eebe2c5a6e04503ccAndy Pusch — Bug 982797 - Robocop: Switch tests from using waitForTest to waitForCondition. r=liuche
5c8a20b982fb8cb32b742df4244312bfa51faa3bJW Wang — Bug 1132780 - Fix namespace and include files in MediaKeyStatusMap.cpp/h. r=cpearce
db8257416bff4cbf78f91a4f1ee1b82072eafadbHonza Bambas — Bug 1132109 - Make CacheEntry::mSortingExpirationTime atomic/relaxed. r=michal
4a61c39218431767244c112f1dff0d62a589bfe6Honza Bambas — Bug 1131092 - Place mFileStatus=NS_OK after CacheFile.Init() call in CacheEntry::Load(). r=michal
95666abd14471a5c41df765355a830e8ed1d6175Honza Bambas — Bug 1128219 - Re-check mListener while calling OnStopRequest after OnStartRequest in HttpBaseChannel::DoNotifyListener. r=michal
95f5dfa2292eafe53b732acf15c6508b11555155William Lachance — Bug 1132716 - Release mozversion 1.2. r=davehunt
a09191214534fd165aecec5f825f942d078d38d3Alfredo Yang — Bug 1127654 - Use runnable instead of monitor. r=ajones, r=bwu
20ffb3ebb7c5d01b319700a35199455fc423730eHonza Bambas — Bug 1117763 - Remove range request headers on cache entry open failure. r=michal
ff356750af3abe09c279ea5f39077edb26b1c866Gian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 1131960 - Check for NEON capability before using NEON code. r=derf
83b65d75fcf70d118dc96940e29f1989fcb7e0d9Barbara Miller — Bug 1131219 - Sort updated prefs alphbetically. r=dburns
8ed4a862c8e80c7a7feacd09e534bb1aa195bbc1Honza Bambas — Bug 1120631 - CacheEntry::mFileStatus made atomic/rel_acq. r=nfroyd, r=michal
0994e6eef68c019363e98d61ba99f725736e3756Honza Bambas — Bug 1079789 - Don't doom expired entries in the HTTP cache intermediate memory pool. r=michal
a94fb6a4642072856b53b1e47821caceefca3593Victor Carlquist — Bug 688219 - Cache String.prototype.split. r=djvj
af230f02ff2aad10368ef98422d8113975eeebd2Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound. a=merge
848ee095492df78b228d21453ad4efa16fab1db6Hannes Verschore — Bug 1132290 - IonMonkey: Remove indirect truncation of MLoadTypedArrayElementStatic, r=nbp
f0649ab1c75fbe9a865a7d375c5ca2b8a31982daMason Chang — Bug 1127151. Part 4: Update TimeStamp::FromSystemTime with windows testing. r=kats
6b41f4a594473ffcabf7d7885d166a7d9648fae6Mason Chang — Bug 1127151. Part 3: Create a vsync thread loop with dwmflush. r=jrmuizel
9b1c4da648cabaefc13638f720408dee3d3ea33aMason Chang — Bug 1127151. Part 2: Create a vsync source on windows. r=kats
c4061f7c942252920028d6f73f54902a242b5256Mason Chang — Bug 1127151. Part 1: Expose dwmFlush to winutils. r=jrmuizel
fe05446f8618c130caad5586498b65c10a236f66JerryShih — Bug 1129686 - fix friend class declaration. r=jrmuizel
dfc80e670462bee5ab2b497e0055bd8fff6d7d3dCarsten "Tomcat" Book — merge b2g-inbound to mozilla-central a=merge
2a6a0c025c7bf06c235b75ec6498de351b31cab5Carsten "Tomcat" Book — merge fx-team to mozilla-central a=merge
f0048ba132131de0a7816b4173db52914b058f95Ankit Goyal — Bug 1131940 - Delete unused getMigratedData method in ResetProfile.jsm. r=MattN
93f2c43f45e0834858e236140512dabca3bb92b0Tim Nguyen — Bug 1133060 - Clean up browser/themes/shared/tabbrowser/crashed.svg. r=Gijs
2c5db2a83e340bb23907437d60cbb891ad0e1350Tim Nguyen — Bug 1132950 - Don't keep showing sort arrow on a column if another column is selected. r=jaws
4d43899972e7574b7632010b622c6f9e17cd3e5aJordan Santell — Bug 1130204 - Hide views in the performance tool if they are not supported by the server actor. r=vp
9fe9d717e571946a4b2174aae8ecb0753f0eb815Tim Nguyen — Bug 1128882 - Fix welcomeback restore button not working. r=jaws
8df92e295ca597f7e44eb4b3a8afe7203a0f011fSami Jaktholm — Bug 1128352 - Align labels by baseline in netmonitor security tab. r=vporof
3ad37a67d2d5327b62a714ad2faad5c1cae138b7Tim Nguyen — Bug 1127621 - Fix checkboxes not showing up on about:welcomeback. r=jaws
5bf16b55dd0d31705f30e63fd4c64ecbc0257e22Richard Marti — Bug 1115924 - InContent pages: remove the focusring border when not active. r=jaws
2fa362f5b1b8f4ebdf0c4e9dd0f34018869e3f91Jan Keromnes — Bug 1090949 - Give WebIDE full control over simulator addons. r=ochameau f=jryans
d522b57c3cb7282a513418e214083d5a8c1eab9bCarsten "Tomcat" Book — Backed out changeset 32355c0d9d64 (bug 1014113) for suspicion of causing r2 perma failures