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Mon Jan 29 22:11:39 2018 +0000
b52215a1907adcbc4a8dd561dc8e7d92530ac5e2Brad Werth — Bug 1418930 Part 4: Add a test of shape-outside with and without a CORS violation.
56bd0c5c8560a71deca7b2af173e6e3be808c255Brad Werth — Bug 1418930 Part 3: Update nsStyleStruct::FinishStyle to add flag for anonymous CORS to shape-outside images.
43a1fbb94a19084566a54c6cc5e6f8625cf953fcBrad Werth — Bug 1418930 Part 2: Update css::ImageValue to carry a parameter that indicates anonymous CORS headers should be used during loading.
337d5e781945c5223af3fae245ecd9f5ad930337Brad Werth — Bug 1418930 Part 1: Extend ImageLoader with a parameter to add anonymous CORS headers.