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Wed Aug 30 18:21:00 2017 +0000
358c63cf9a095722b966036374fa585332b7467eTom Ritter — Bug 1230910 Allow MinGW and silence warning about Windows SDK version
0d1523f9a2a3bf125075117810d4c55eeca28d3aTom Ritter — Bug 1230910 Replace GetExceptionCode() with a constant choice of EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION.
8629955dbef6634d51f21f71900e5277fba9cb0dTom Ritter — Bug 1230910 Horrible hack because ERROR_INVALID_TOKEN is not defined
0027d78823dfc56b435330886de3c84f63bdb314Tom Ritter — Bug 1230910 Obliterate SmartStub FIXME TODO
b4c69e0b6d374e3aa3fa906ea2d3a019861d5383Tom Ritter — Bug 1230910 Ignore comment-based gcc warnings
6010f7b3e8b9685635ca997b52909583c407c737Tom Ritter — Bug 1230910 Cast address of function to void*
3189cea122aa3d3ff3278845da9d90423e49fe51Tom Ritter — Bug 1230910 Fix 'error: narrowing conversion of '2148073472u' from 'unsigned int' to 'int' inside { }'
b436c72c4ec1eedc1cf7d5fcf9875c65cd41bdb7Tom Ritter — Bug 1230910 Port complicated __try blocks to __try1
404f495cc931d97f86e377087bd34fb7d96ba458Tom Ritter — Bug 1230910 Port simple __try blocks to __try1
87d78b3790b298b5d257d1f5a72ea727a85b5fb4Tom Ritter — Bug 1230910 Declare operator new [](size_t, sandbox::AllocationType, void*)
deb775394291391f7e12c1e6b70b5799186c0732Tom Ritter — Bug 1230910 Map _Copy_s to copy for basic_string compatibility on MinGW
e66d1c92c3d0bb2d2f3d6604a2a1fe3ec7732c51Tom Ritter — Bug 1230910 interception.h declares InterceptorId, but in some cases it is used without interceptors.h being included.
7024725d287c94770eabfb48af55201c12000b76Tom Ritter — Bug 1230910 Add interceptors.h as an include in interception_internal.h TODO - WHY?
84f4b76f7b08a80440e372fb0359b58c3254b66cTom Ritter — Bug 1230910 Create a universal exception handler filter for mingw
95bba1e797682e55f7a13e5139533dc9282b9142Tom Ritter — Bug 1230910 Cast GetProcAddress to (void*)
b579918f14260303ffb48b66f13327b3cab2c47dTom Ritter — Bug 1230910 Remove some __try blocks and crash immediately
21b66ce499a9392a261ab1cb1874705f65b50589Tom Ritter — Bug 1230910 Fix 'error: stray '\' in program'
054face2ed64449de44e875c768821f022862d7fTom Ritter — Bug 1230910 Fix constants so MinGW can compile
7148772354e994b937a0d90f78db8ed9373f34caTom Ritter — Bug 1230910 Fix casing of include files so MinGW can compile
c0a5e90f824e574c1b27bb6e4995ec2f46c060d1Tom Ritter — Bug 1230910 Remove some __try blocks that are unneeded in our use case