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Fri Aug 11 22:29:12 2017 +0000
23337d67c5b5f765f956700a47de414df0e53b2aKarl Tomlinson — bug 1389641 adjust ConvolverNode buffer normalization gain calibration to match spec r?padenot
7091192fd5ee850f172178ec5f577787a363c5d8Karl Tomlinson — bug 1389638 use correct input elements for summing squares of trailing unaligned input r?dminor
b550b7963ac72d9f7417d544cf5cb78d2c7d6836Karl Tomlinson — bug 1389638 include leading unaligned AudioBufferSumOfSquares input in length count and check for end of buffer r?dminor
331446e2f876ceb06639f26b4c793cf3c86b0db8Karl Tomlinson — bug 1389638 declare length of array for AudioBufferSumOfSquares_SSE as an integral type r?dminor
05169ac0951b5f33b97eac4c7eaa504da5039e8fKarl Tomlinson — bug use AutoTArray for AudioChunk::mChannelData to reduce allocations r?padenot
813381d88dc69ecbfc77a4bb7dbe1086ca1a48caKarl Tomlinson — bug accept int16_t sample buffers in ConvolverNode r?padenot
60626753b18ee24193b49d434ad76b75c12ae6f1Karl Tomlinson — bug accept int16_t sample buffers in AudioBufferSourceNode r?padenot
772d179c310594a283ccd8943eb8f5555bfaf535Karl Tomlinson — bug remove now-unused ThreadSharedFloatArrayBufferList SetBuffer() variant r?padenot
cd129d831847644e6ca3dc66f590af66aa540207Karl Tomlinson — bug use AudioChunk to store and pass PeriodicWave data to engine r?padenot
91d362093d8ee98543b047059154194600882890Karl Tomlinson — bug keep custom oscillator data buffer on graph thread only long enough to initialize the PeriodicWave r?padenot
40155ca0359a087f7140bc82109d96e9753ccdf5Karl Tomlinson — bug add a fallible SharedBuffer::Create() r?padenot
37bbd7cc94954fee142c5d46c86e379df6ed9e3fKarl Tomlinson — bug generalize shared channel data from AudioBuffer as AudioChunk r?padenot
77c55c27bccc11eccc51bbafa649a24fd5a1ab74Karl Tomlinson — bug permit retrieving const channel data from const AudioChunk r?padenot
7f70cb68fa9fcb5bfdfba590831daef97a499941Karl Tomlinson — bug correct mBufferIsDownstreamRef documentation r?padenot
63c08b4a1c1bb904515c358f256fd54a1d063fdaKarl Tomlinson — bug use AudioChunk to generalize AudioBuffer shared channel storage r?padenot
52b98a4c3b3266905c8cb4aa222769cd3ecce7fdKarl Tomlinson — bug 1024182 remove buffer copy for short impulse responses and so correct normalization scale r=padenot
76bfa8df319f61851f4755bd48648476bc83803bKarl Tomlinson — bug 1024182 test normalization of convolution buffers via response concatenation r?dminor
bd79599d0d103db038d2487274db47226b88067bKarl Tomlinson — bug 1388656 keep response buffer on graph thread only long enough to initialize the Reverb r?padenot
b4746306e776fab1aa3656b9b3a93b6c9fe70babKarl Tomlinson — bug 1388656 re-initialize the Reverb only once when the ConvolverNode buffer changes
9ec1754346eff00d81a16336410db80d23f16658Karl Tomlinson — bug 1388656 remove unused SAMPLE_RATE SetInt32Parameter case r?padenot
1f5a5e1eaea15eef0e53d05ad2a2dc3b39aba604Karl Tomlinson — bug 1388656 size to actual used length in nsTArray::SetCapacity() optimization r?padenot
55c545d4fb914a2b08b16c6d0271f85919ad65edKarl Tomlinson — bug add a mechanism to pass an AudioChunk from node to engine r?padenot
4de1655881f0cd85374523802d106bfd874d8bcbKarl Tomlinson — MOZ_SAMPLE_TYPE_S16
d5856d685e61c9ca617ba38b84a5327d8f164ed1Karl Tomlinson — bug remove unused MediaStream::ConsumerCount() r?
1ae1aee49eba9be240482fe40f759229c13c01a9Karl Tomlinson — increase wpt init_timeout to allow debugger attach
05bfb333031b84330e900406a251e17850b7094fKarl Tomlinson — raise error when port not found r?
2f56b8f07012cae840d31d7fb9a05c7a7005b608Karl Tomlinson — bug 1346961 use GtkStateFlags from style context for widget borders r?jhorak
620ae8e576261f50ad052f7330cdc68c4e48a310Karl Tomlinson — bug 1323656 use CreateCSSNode for MOZ_GTK_SCROLLED_WINDOW instead of using the widget's context r?stransky
571aa087923903179536a5ebaff8577e5141e534Karl Tomlinson — toolbarbutton overflow
ee434b28e6f5f3ab01f4388c2c964338a8046a3eKarl Tomlinson — bug swap input and output buffers to remove m_lastOverlapBuffer r?
b8476e1d915f51fb5a92233977a784955cb8d6e7Karl Tomlinson — b=999267 Tighten up test_mediaElementAudioSourceNode.html resampled length test f?roc
947305b88f764f0d2c3d2afa97a21970c4c1239eKarl Tomlinson — Skip content/media/test/crashtests/691096-1.html for too many threads
35dec2b1588eee09833d4fd9eb8d584ef93cc2c6Karl Tomlinson — Sleep on XRE_MAIN_BREAK for attaching debugger