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Fri Jul 14 08:31:20 2017 +0000
b38820cde49a2a0fe6bacd6d33b8ce16e34635eeAxel Hecht — bug 1370506, update the docs, r?glandium
5bb58aafa6eed5f8a1a25003db5279d95fc09aafAxel Hecht — bug 1370506, add l10n-related targets to top-level, r?glandium
7e75ab4958a6537ab5466361365744aa16106244Axel Hecht — bug 1370506, good default download URL for Desktop l10n repacks, r?glandium
735a5d050f02aeb8a9b5d9ed687f583a4c51b7c9Axel Hecht — bug 1370506, for Nightly builds, automatically clone l10n repos for localized installers, r?glandium