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Sun Jul 15 11:20:01 2018 +0000
3c50df5d1d0b7db8f22cc80f79ad987837f438dbHiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 1475769 - Bail out from nsRefreshDriver::Tick before updating mMostRecentRefresh when the refresh driver is waiting for paint. r?mattwoodrow
2a8f94a45fd3f898cb63c54b8df662f8ad1f7527Ciure Andrei — Merge inbound to mozilla-central. a=merge
0e48b921f78050ffd07bedb7caeef0909925e42fCsoregi Natalia — Merge mozilla-central to inbound. a=merge CLOSED TREE
7dc962b45c0a41a841b2fa2bb08b82cd6a13f90aKris Maglione — Bug 1471025: Follow-up: Bump pref access expectations for nonexistent preferences again. r=bustage,test-only DONTBUILD
34d98c2d9fc3d48a1939c623571bef2f95abff79Jan Varga — Bug 1462162 - Filter local storage cache synchronization messages based on origin; r=asuth
2bc6298fa815fd289d272f7081e586f9279db08eOlli Pettay — Bug 1439153 - try to fix ESlint failures, CLOSED TREE, r=bustage
62cb6ad78b9b66055c325e43924dc6b5b9818d36Olli Pettay — Bug 1439153 - Make WebExtensions work with Shadow DOM/WebComponents, r=kmag
a7c110500e40481df5db2a47db9c7408c96f8359Jim Blandy — Bug 1469223: Delete mozilla::detail::MutexImpl::operator==. r=froydnj
50a16618593df5b2dd4a3cceaedc9472741b91efOlli Pettay — Bug 1475485, CLOSED TREE, add missing semicolon, r=bustage
015a00cd67680e33731ef61931b87afb6c66d9bbOlli Pettay — Bug 1475485, @title tooltips should work also inside ShadowDOM, r=mrbkap
4afbbc6154255f6f5dc1151a5a2cd1ea674e3915James Willcox — Fix up eslint bustage, no bug, on a CLOSED TREE r=me
e3fad7250cc3fa18381852b49a6b937541fa50daJames Willcox — Bug 1475324 - Add a test for synchronous saveState() r=droeh
2b64e706396ab6e5e526829b0fdf4b709c372470James Willcox — Bug 1475662 - Ensure GeckoSession.saveState() always completes r=droeh
449887ba75e36c0e548f40c542eec5d217039b80James Willcox — Bug 1475644 - Don't send URL in GeckoView crash reports r=jchen
58c3113b9020991cd44aed34c629f15b22b5a9bdJames Willcox — Bug 1474618 - Dispatch GeckoResult listeners on thread where we were created r=jchen,droeh
714b1d874ec9f70de9a1c5560ddf823cde96cee3James Willcox — Bug 1474454 - Use GeckoResult in GeckoSession.NavigationDelegate.onNewSession() r=jchen,droeh
3ebb68824d935128e81ae6f71c966c8f90bfe124James Willcox — Bug 1474454 - Use GeckoResult in GeckoSession.NavigationDelegate.onLoadRequest() r=jchen,droeh
b1d67e1c64627e9457b542e309eb14f0d3dfb011Gabriel Luong — Bug 1475659 - Update Codemirror to 5.39.0. r=bgrins
315103f6db6b1f44647d82c0f494c2d45fc42e07Andreea Pavel — Backed out 3 changesets (bug 1459937) for failing crashtest with Assertion failure: (IndexInFlow(aOldParent) < IndexInFlow(aNewParent)) on a CLOSED TREE
2cff5c67d000031ae1cc30f0a89ceb8503c3ff27Gerald Squelart — Bug 1459937 - In DEBUG mode, verify that reparenting direction is correct - r=dbaron
fb3fba19e6158564e769f81e1bb66cfe4724e089Gerald Squelart — Bug 1459937 - Mark pulled floats (from pulled lines) dirty - r=dbaron
bd4bd8ac335c77a89b255cf6be616081a4bfd1e3Gerald Squelart — Bug 1459937 - Mark pulled lines (from n-i-f or overflow) dirty - r=dbaron
9b4b53a145386e6be47b9acce399a02f427285f4Chris Pearce — Bug 1472580 - Ensure we always get a allow/cancel response to an autoplay media permission request. r=smaug
a1a2ee0ee145f0a61c450d979dc23c4fd3b849a2Chris Pearce — Bug 1472580 - Test that starting play from tab audio indicator overrides block autoplay. r=mconley
a2c0973c0454856e7d594d513a8b03ae794ede05Chris Pearce — Bug 1472580 - Gesture activate documents which are played via the tab audio indicator. r=mconley
3acee2d5cd9d94252bbffba40799b09aee9daa64prathiksha — Bug 1463554 - Position the HTML select dropdown exactly on the rich option element.r=MattN
74971b656b9232052ebdeaf52e60ef9253547e90prathiksha — Bug 1463554 - Fix the tests that are broken due to change in the internal structure of rich-select.r=MattN
e47e23fcb698e7b00844015f8e934b2b8b245301prathiksha — Bug 1463554 - Fix auto-selection errors in pickers on the payment summary page.r=MattN
587bc807f560fa912e04a2176b6a1a794d009432prathiksha — Bug 1463554 - Use native <option> UI with <rich-select> in the open state. r=MattN
b3494bf0c3d31048eb0af0324f107208d7e5ecc6Marco Bonardo — Bug 1472722 - Use the unix-excl Sqlite VFS by default. r=nalexander,asuth
04dd259d71db60341016eccf53ced43742319631Jean-Yves Avenard — Bug 1475642 - Fix playback with some 3rd party audio cards. r=kinetik
ff25d41b504f255587a0aa7a498337c39a666eb0Nils Ohlmeier [:drno] — Bug 1474517: merge rsdparsa from upstream r=johannes.willbold+610943
d48e40cba0b40df512ba0bf0a35f5f0fea9d0b9cMatt Woodrow — Bug 1372458 - Fold opacity into filter drawing rather than using a temporary surface. r=bas,mstange
ae6e737276854a376177f2a64c15e9172e01ab8aMatt Woodrow — Bug 1475413 - Prefer using old items for uninvalidated frames during display list merging. r=miko
03ecdc85a12613b5fb79805c32a9896395351415Andi-Bogdan Postelnicu — Bug 1475515 - Remove member initialization for union Extra::mMessage. r=bz
3719d445438c87ac488642275a0b6c8eee01ada8Drew Willcoxon — Bug 1475398 - Update "Firefox 63 uses schema version 52" comment in Database.cpp. r=mak
b30d58d58f69812c16751870a2c19c8652b7604bChris Manchester — Bug 1472490 - Make adding a source to SOURCES, UNIFIED_SOURCES, or HOST_SOURCES multiple times an error in r=gps
2f80a6085cbba56b3cb01392decc59ce1dcb8faeAndrew Halberstadt — Bug 1474746 - [docs] Normalize keys from MOZ_SPHINX_TREES; r=gps
abc9aece7e635a408a9bb853fc8b19b25b313c4bAndrew Halberstadt — Bug 1474746 - [docs] Fix firefox-source-docs url regression by removing redundant "docs" directory; r=gps
b3eb58b5214a01e33a8584b5216f3c06c5d8a39eChris Manchester — Bug 1475390 - Fail configure if Tup is specified on a non-linux build. r=gps
703da935b1e0a6611dedaca1e7dfa63c018fbb2bNoemi Erli — Merge mozilla-central to autoland. a=merge CLOSED TREE
91cd5bee61ef79569ab8cd2e02a4ce1c6a881bb4Michael Kaply — Bug 1475347 - Cleanup search API - use camelCase and promise. r=aswan
d2b1558a677ce32668cf6c64ac8fb384b421c026Luca Greco — Bug 1474557 - Clear the dbPromise cached by ext-storage when IndexedDB raises an exception while opening the db. r=mixedpuppy
18c5ad6ddb9e3bc10de69caf74d1b7a34f93938bLuca Greco — Bug 1474557 - Prevent ExtensionStorageIDB and child/ext-storage from caching a stale or rejected selectBackend promise. r=mixedpuppy
75ee38b6550f1d6cc9f40730ae1f7f1cca7be88bIan Moody — Bug 1474379 - Match regex against the entire panel ID. r=miker,rpl
7b32e48fadc594b0df36ba4c47cbb42bef3e177cAlexis Beingessner — Bug 1465948 - factor in the BuildingRect for filters and masks. r=jrmuizel
b2d89deed396b53e78f90180ca8cf2f918bacf6fBrendan Dahl — Bug 1460691 - Support tooltips in top level non-XUL windows. r=enndeakin+6102,mats+6102
a35b188d0e449dfd006d67c9422465600f9fb31eAndrew Halberstadt — Bug 1475649 - [mozversioncontrol] Make vcs.working_directory_clean() ignore untracked files by default r=jgraham
2e302dfe114234b810e41dcfb82c7712f70b5ae6Nazım Can Altınova — Bug 1475006 - Remove mAutoProfilerLabel from AutoEntryScript in non-MOZ_GECKO_PROFILER builds r=mstange
c8b52817d7f94f9366c5d0b4e28bbc558a238571Erica Wright — Bug 1471514 - Add fxa endpoint pref for top-of-funnel metrics, and turn it off for testing. r=ursula
78111274557ce449040338d1d4e0d1f1588e8f1fMike Conley — Bug 1456843 - Compute FormLike elements lazily on <form>-less fields. r=MattN
620ddf00d78b96bb662c5489f44ac106fe21d92fDavid Keeler — bug 1475105 - refactor platform-specific enterprise root code into its own file r=franziskus