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Fri May 26 20:16:26 2017 +0000
9a7dc574291ba4ac17ad6123fa4956a3a493e60cDão Gottwald — Bug 1368161 - Remove some non-Photon CSS variable declarations from Photon. r?nhnt11
bce03a8eac301bcd9408b22333b1a67c3eaed057Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge inbound to m-c. a=merge
8b19b5019913ad412b7826a2b7c296b0bc6a230aJoel Maher — Bug 1364421 - renable seta for BBB jobs. r=dustin
4241cfd09e61d60f47bc9292879a22a3f058e14fRyan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound. a=merge
cb62a593770c8e7d02ae8344c018abe79a747406Andrea Marchesini — Bug 1368029 - Remove LRU priority support from ProcessPriorityManager, r=gsvelto
d40d37c7b0c11646fe6f329138eaf61468cf3426Andrea Marchesini — Bug 1368012 - Get rid of audio-channel-process-changed observer in ProcessPriorityManager, r=gsvelto
6994cbd66d9751acd87d5005f9eb67e7eea62af2Steve Fink — Bug 1349531 - Remove non-threadsafe static buffers, r=jandem
66f6f2abe43b203af51fe63003b7d8c0b1bc5420Steve Fink — No bug. Attempt to get error output to appear.
4b9b12d91081fbbe98b82b2501834c6877366011Stephen A Pohl — Bug 1368077: Strip page titles from URLs on the pasteboard when dragging on OSX/macOS. r=mstange
5e1cd577fb3341d2ed550dfa6b4ce88944a6ab62Bob Owen — Bug 1358964: Always delete content process temp dir even when there is no profile. r=bsmedberg
4769df59b9c21e7a37ec29b4a81cf4ae1ef6e6bbAndré Bargull — Bug 1367088 - Part 3: Add inline paths when calling String.fromCodePoint with non-Latin1 code points. r=evilpie
0414ffab16f8a5566dea0b6bf17e5fef401d3ce5André Bargull — Bug 1367088 - Part 2: Inline NewStringIterator in Ion. r=evilpie
d43cb547757f52677247a62dc353a6e46777cfeeAndré Bargull — Bug 1367088 - Part 1: Generalize NewArrayIterator so it can be reused for other iterator types. r=evilpie
3c3ddcb925d1fd92a0f36574a71be6b3bee21fffOriol — Bug 1367894 - Refactor the JSON Viewer stream converter. r=Honza
f8c4b41a0541208c4e779fe5e1b033ed606e20fbJunior Hsu — Bug 1367353 - Correct the spelling to NETWORK_RACE_CACHE_BANDWIDTH*. r=michal, data-r=bsmedberg
1bf1d62654f54a93ff38701ca6a17d4def4998a6Avikalpa Kundu — Bug 1352375 - Clean up the gzip compression in the pingsender. r=Dexter
12e45fe24d0f2bc8aebab20a63c4a5aaaa4636ffAvikalpa Kundu — Bug 1355498 - Refactor commonly used actions in functions within TestHistograms.cpp. r=Dexter
e5c93b74884bac69b5c97994bb2b2e94999a5204Jason Laster — Bug 1367052 - Debugger Server prematurely removes out of scope variables. r=fitzgen
ba1a33add29df1cff5931c5bd82725b8ed4990e5Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to autoland on a CLOSED TREE. a=merge
b56fa748e7ec0cabcb4b0f71d3f6495519e5c8dcRyan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset f19ff8201437 (bug 1367745) for causing Windows debug reftests to exceed the maximum log size.
ad5da34b4bb3155f15bd9e25d176b05f25483071L. David Baron — Bug 1367577 - Stylo changes for updated theme constants. r=xidorn
b84dd92d6dc93b51ccc09c5bb84eb1df32a80d1aPaul Bignier — Bug 1367577 - change theme constants from #defines to enum ThemeWidgetType. r=dbaron
df462c5d027d2ea6f740faea51bae0d7debbb628L. David Baron — servo: Merge #17046 - Fix stylo bindings for Gecko changes to nsITheme constants in bug 1367577 (from dbaron:bug1367577); r=Manishearth
b21dd9fab3d5195fcdfccb99e14997c3f521af08Ryan VanderMeulen — Bug 1282716 - Add missing newline to doc_inspector_highlighter_cssshapes.html to make ESLint happy.
695701369fd61014c95517f864a676be5cb4e020Dão Gottwald — Bug 1367046 - Remove some location and search bar styles that become obsolete with the photon theme. r=daleharvey
a709c2aec00c22ab4555f650f2990c465006b1ddRajesh Kathiriya — bug 1346994 - Updated nodejs not found message r=standard8
e9e3bea0eddd364642cfae82c6fd185f8df542ddMike Park — Bug 1282716 - Add static highlighters for ellipse and inset. r=pbro
28bd68d3022281ca77d8c3618d6d61867ffc5cf9Mike Park — Bug 1282716 - Add static highlighter for polygon and circle shapes. r=pbro
4f4dee0ff7b2af7282170a107b20385a122d27bfsole — Bug 1365255 - DevTools: bring over documentation for contributing and coding standards into the tree. r=nchevobbe
2104bff8e6c151080177367f4e612734f783373bCameron McCormack — Bug 1366921 - stylo: Update user fonts in cached font metrics' gfxFontGroups in the pre-traversal step. r=bholley,jfkthame
36094daddfd1d4633b40ed973cbed2d2aa4d4730Dão Gottwald — Bug 1366424 - Remove dropdown arrow from bookmarks toolbar folders. r=nhnt11
eae2ab6f76edf9d191a8048f1394775dbdacfb7fBrian Birtles — servo: Merge #17050 - Fix calculation of base styles to drop animation rules (from birtles:fix-base-styles); r=hiro
2c4c92d37b9dfa2e031278654a893484a3a5dc03cku — Bug 1362000 - When the position of masked frame changed, always regenerate mask layer if any of maskUnits/maskContentUnits/clipPathUnits is userSpaceOnUse. r=cjku
f19ff82014373b5c3763ad6f5bdb30350e5a1dd8Andrew Halberstadt — Bug 1367745 - Make sure 'process_output' messages are logged at the proper mozharness level, r=jgraham
ad1fa17ce50ee47b0e60967d59600ddbb9672980Andrew Halberstadt — Bug 1367745 - Use same error lists in wpt as in mochitest, r=jgraham
f7baae45da0067a9d98b1f1deabf7c48ce3a1f97Daniel Holbert — Bug 1367568 part 4: Add mochitest to ensure we don't reflow too much for "overflow" changes on <body>. r=bz
26651e1ae6ad97dfcace059f304882692850cb2cDaniel Holbert — Bug 1367568 part 3: For CSS "overflow" changes that don't require frame reconstruction, send same change hints as if CSS "height" and "width" changed. r=bz
20d8dd705b0ebe84de47e0ffb4534b6d645feaf0Daniel Holbert — Bug 1367568 part 2: Rewrite nsChangeHint_ReflowHintsForBSizeChange in terms of nsChangeHint_AllReflowHints. r=bz
81c038f7f40ca05b5329eaa5d7ce05b306934ca0Daniel Holbert — Bug 1367568 part 1: Create reusable macros that represent our change hints for tweaks to CSS width or height (ISize/BSize). r=bz
bff7c4b4d2d9e9437085f34d20c344a39280be22Bob Silverberg — Bug 1367453 - Do not throw an exception from ExtensionSettingsStore when trying to remove a setting that was not previously set, r=mixedpuppy
715ae99bc12638aa2b6a9b89325a2d4b2e579bb8Bob Silverberg — Bug 1365562 - Ensure that SessionStore is initialized before any interaction via WebExtension APIs, r=mixedpuppy
3de53d306319456c567a704918bb1680533919afDão Gottwald — Bug 1368016 - [photon] Remove back and forward button adjustments from compact themes. r=nhnt11
25713e57068200e3f4705aded940270531fd8c03Sebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset 958964b3117b (bug 1366424) for bustage on OS X: arrow-down.svg not found. r=backout
29ed157a7ca229e9f6573b09b1e94c2021f815fcMike de Boer — Bug 1366205 - add a browser mochitest with full coverage of the new menu panel keyboard navigation feature. r=Gijs
5a8db189930cedc0ec845ced1970837c187b9003Sebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset fba7b035a4f9 (bug 1358117) for bustage at mobile/android/base/java/org/mozilla/gecko/mma/ symbol not found. r=backout
11de121a061f10049f0c4bb63498722d237efe1eSebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset f54fb8956671 (bug 1361664) so bug 1358117 can be backed out. r=backout
48b319f9d3f25088d45ba7b3bfdda0e57eb6ea8bSebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset 59dc8710d768 (bug 1361664)
958964b3117b5a6e6215d1710ddd739090e21b8aDão Gottwald — Bug 1366424 - Remove dropdown arrow from bookmarks toolbar folders. r=nhnt11
59dc8710d76835c5219b0a901a3be9214fc55924Nevin Chen — Bug 1361664 - Part2. Create MVP Triggers and Deeplinks for Mobile Marketing Automatin. r=maliu
f54fb8956671dfe852517bfaac7e173e8d0ae195Nevin Chen — Bug 1361664 - Part1. Udate MMA API, make init() accept activity. r=maliu
2231d313a521211887a2ca6018af7e3bcc65c92bJan Odvarko — Bug 1367266 - Properly calculate autoscroll prop; r=nchevobbe
fba7b035a4f98e9b74aa1e21916822593cc0c39dNevin Chen — Bug 1358117 - Add pref to turn on/off leanplum. r=maliu
2dbd3753567239aa77b72465fd982b3e2f7ad1e0Jan Odvarko — Bug 1363696 - Compute the indent of a message in the message add reducer; r=nchevobbe
e7efc643bc078cc791c2c165db609359c4587ed0Paolo Amadini — Bug 1367761 - Restore outer margin in the Photon panels. r=Gijs
bdd2b6377f1d2d5fabbc2ed095b5e1c5950d8d4aCarsten "Tomcat" Book — Merge mozilla-central to autoland
c735b95bef3689566552807ef300a08fa563d6f6Julian Descottes — Bug 1363327 - remove unused config variable MOZ_DEVTOOLS_ALL;r=ochameau
ccd1dc27a4737c482234ece01f95b2afc931f0cbJulian Descottes — Bug 1363327 - register about:debugging dynamically using a manifest;r=ochameau
c72c2c5785e8f622c5cc95c2b2d90196c073a506Julian Descottes — Bug 1363327 - simplify aboutdebugging landing page;r=ochameau
5f7aef97e7b7ed03e1abb438f6797a86e7286e14Jeremy Chen — Bug 1367327 - stylo: re-enable SVG stroke-width related tetst. r=heycam