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Wed May 25 17:23:31 2016 +0000
415dd2269288582621210969f7e83c193d01ed3aMike Conley — Bug 1275384 - Dispatch mousedown, mouseup and click events manually on <select> for e10s instead of using DOMWindowUtils. r?felipe
c6100aa014baa5edf69c38f257bea7336862d8a4Mike Conley — Fix up a test
af7767382bdbc02ecca4f9dcfd774487ffabcb57Mike Conley — ContentParent::RecvCreateWindow should always set an nsresult outparam. :(
a682133e299914591564fd1deb0137eb5fff9770Mike Conley — Bug 1267720 - Misc. fixes that need to be split apart
734b45144f94148fe7bac4ec6b70d6aea1642ea8Mike Conley — Bug 1267720 - Add methods to nsIDocShellTreeOwner for sizing the primary content. r?smaug
bf74a4265be660f63200eea4b56750875d4b1422Mike Conley — Bug 1267720 - Factor out logic for creating windows for content processes from OpenWindowInternal
4c7250e0070f78fb57d7eedba0bc5f0d19644862Mike Conley — Bug 1267720 - Make initial browser remote sooner if we're defaulting to using remote tabs. r?felipe
187f41c6144ed99e91ae1c267a41df2aedc86254Mike Conley — Bug 1267720 - Stop sending the window name to ContentParent when opening a new window. r?smaug
8237ccfd8130914bec20ee0594a4be7aa741c467Mike Conley — Bug 1267720 - Make parent outer window available on TabParent. r?smaug
4bbcfdb23fe480121e2e2cad31ccae7e67a42462Mike Conley — Bug 1267720 - Remove unused URL arg from CreateChromeWindow2
145fbc2efb4f75f72ff0005c903c827b0e2bdcd4Mike Conley — Bug 1267720 - Test that newly opened dialogs can receive arguments. r?smaug
16a928d9bba3cd990bc2c5f098cace035441719cMike Conley — Bug 1267720 - Test that modal windows can be opened from the parent process. r?smaug
bcc0f3e3ace1b67ba95d21d449010ac16f9b451dMike Conley — Bug 1267720 - Add a test to ensure that we clone sessionStorage when opening new windows. r?smaug
f8bc67a0c635e314b4110fff5b5ed031f8906883Mike Conley — Bug 1267720 - Ensure that .open() on web content called with chrome privileges results in a new window with the appropriate principal. r?anybody
c4cc41f5a12c121710f88f7f82f77aee6274bef8Mike Conley — Bug 1267720 - Add a test for the size of newly opened window from content. r?smaug
aedb2c13c1542e5cc52e5a623cf875e02ad31d37Mike Conley — Bug 1267720 - Add a test that ensures that proper chromeFlags and nsILoadContext properties are set for private windows. r?ehsan
f675f7abef22d6dc125bab6bec54189916f0ac20Mike Conley — Bug 1267720 - Add a test for chromeflags for new windows from content. r?smaug
a472cbefcb6dbbfcf3d65cf34ca4571d7f3d1dddMike Conley — Bug 1267720 - Test _blank name usage in new windows. r?Gijs
841d32a10e4068df95cd5b199f6ca306a3eb1484Mike Conley — Bug 1267720 - Test that named windows work properly. r?smaug
448cc2d7956f6e6b55773cb8134ea931b0f2b7cdMike Conley — Bug 1267720 - Test that new windows opened from remote content get the right flags. r?smaug
a540a34607d84c4a01d31fa40c5c8551a2ee6b83Mike Conley — Bug 1267720 - Tag a bunch of tests that exercise opening windows with openwindow. r=me