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Mon May 23 23:14:18 2016 +0000
61ef16e3b3306392fcc5b587fe93ad9bb6359f98David Burns — Bug 1274408: Remove emulator support from Marionette in Gecko r?ato
a5ddf203ae0c67155921baf7a31893fbd7f28015David Burns — Bug 1274408: Remove emulator mach support for Marionette r?jgriffin
e5571115f018fe2d5ed3d4a7024fbf5e2b769dfeDavid Burns — Bug 1274408: Remove emulator support from Marionette Harness code r?maja_zf
f810ea9f14869322f72a6f04580e20530f368ac8David Burns — Bug 1274408: Remove emulator code from Marionette python client r?maja_zf
3b45aeb5288a8510e749d82c874b54b9583154a1Wes Kocher — Backed out 5 changesets (bug 1274149) for intermittent failures in apz tests CLOSED TREE
e94aa4bc6f1a837abe1439356b31d4b39639ab4fWes Kocher — Backed out changeset 77c60a79313d (bug 1261693) for breaking test_basic.html on at least Android CLOSED TREE
7aba31d799f29fe0747a8409fe62b6d113b0deb2Wes Kocher — Backed out changeset 17e20404362d (bug 1258489)
602500597e5f03371d43cf9ac9c3abac77342476Gijs Kruitbosch — Backed out changeset 6e2a4ab6ed34 (bug 1255270) on a CLOSED TREE for leaking the world.
8c9c8720264d65050a97c6a9ba93b7914b96b8d5Hannes Verschore — Bug 1256324: IonMonkey - Fix bailAfter for opt builds, r=nbp
01cd683a67a6298e5adc628c9890662514ffad35Jorg K — Bug 1274242 - Linkify should not stop at |. r=valentin
acd9850f1f21dd14be319c45fcdcffbffcf09fa8Jorg K — Bug 1274837 - don't crash by accessing string beyond its length. r=masayuki
847f3b9f3a36145fba2b2cbe5c1b0d4e866a6506JMortelliti — Bug 1273843: Unskip test_about_private for e10s mode. r=whimboo.
0f74961b048ebdcccd92c8a89239a5bba422dc77Hannes Verschore — Bug 1256324: IonMonkey - Add bailAfter debug function, r=efaust
10a48aecf9947f3173641fffc1c390be0c28df99Hannes Verschore — Bug 1273855: TraceLogger - Include PID in the log names in order to support browser with e10s, r=bbouvier
17e20404362d916a9034c6f67895748878e599ddAndrea Marchesini — Bug 1258489 - Implement HTMLInputElement.webkitdirectory, r=smaug
77c60a79313d1f2733e4b71a223e085f3086476fAndrea Marchesini — Bug 1261693 - Implement HTMLInputElement::GetFiles, r=smaug
14e6d851e527c191e7bd03bf4417f86634dc4558Ben Kelly — Bug 1254741 P3 Fix push test_serviceworker_lifetime.html test to expect new behavior. r=kitcambridge
941545c27b85cb589db62500c1352ffd9b79b5d1Ben Kelly — Bug 1254741 P2 Don't aggressively terminate service workers when last controlled window is closed. r=baku
3737024731e6baccf99ac1f01eb5805ac12e3944Andreas Pehrson — Bug 1208390 - Implement MediaStream.getTrackById(). r=jib, r=smaug
54985370fcd2347e1e453a8baaccd9267ee88f6dAndreas Pehrson — Bug 1208390 - Use MediaStream.getTrackById() in some existing tests. r=jib
dc94f1f820843050bcb76e1a53499b0397e85e72Andreas Pehrson — Bug 1208390 - Add test for MediaStream.getTrackById(). r=jib
16a18faa536392f4a263a1470f177bbeb338c324Nicolas B. Pierron — Bug 1273955 - Bump the bytecode size limit of Ion to account for increased size of JSScript code length. r=h4writer
91c13e5235077d947cea0e262f13485247750029Randell Jesup — Bug 1273206: Shut down all getUserMedia VoEBase channels when not in use r=padenot
c2b51f5ad84348a107cbf5e728f236e9e787b8eaNicolas B. Pierron — Bug 1261826 part 10.1 - Baseline: Increment counter located at the entry point of a script. r=bhackett
7f12d87c72c28f2398a2f358e39eef87e38f1c47Nicolas B. Pierron — Bug 1274048 - Code Coverage: Fix assertion to account for empty switch statements. r=bhackett
c2954f2b8ab739bae801e5a78b33f848426646cfAndrea Marchesini — Bug 1274749 - No empty space when containers are not active, r=Gijs
c2a4ec679a400b9304a6977d1add5fc012a0e9f1Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 1274533 - change legacy behaviour in observer rather than overwriting key status in data, r=jaws
3f3ccec9b45d4a0dd7062f0fd9199b1ec337f7ffGijs Kruitbosch — Bug 1272414 - rip out qemu/browser/b2g flags from marionette manifests, r=AutomatedTester
6e2a4ab6ed341f0250422d8f9ba9f4a206cfc527Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 1255270, r=mak
370ee31f8d9702ee598728bb3de201b049fd6c0eJohan Lorenzo — Bug 1274924 - GeckoDriver.getTextFromDialog() throws "TypeError: can't convert null to object" r=automatedtester
023976c4567da8f8d4957a73dde9b8f91ea3350fRakhi Sharma — Bug 1268498 - [Linux] [Developer Edition] The tab visual sound indicator is not visible enough using the light developer edition theme . r= Gijs.
f4dff50367baf735c7fbeebbe889899d89e4138bAndi-Bogdan Postelnicu — Bug 1273409 - add assert for mFontEntry. r=jrmuizel
82092aed0171cf6f9073d224c8b766b7bce41c4fPatrick McManus — Bug 1274376 - more mozilla::net namespaces r=dragana
c040302a52dc8c09a71944a6e0076e375e2d3630Sebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset 998ed936f745 (bug 1228601) for reftest failure in 1frame_rotation_90.mp4. r=backout on a CLOSED TREE
1597a092668da4ce163d2a56b1103ca432591eefSebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset 1ed74da8c8bb (bug 1228601)
2a623cf3774735b84a2936d4e2fd089b04482c4fSebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset fcc6d738ce2f (bug 1228601)