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Tue May 15 15:57:31 2018 +0000
ab81cce24e0b0da8faff7c6df709fb919703dfc4Mark Banner — Bug 824502 - When Sync receives incoming queries with folder= in them, add excludeItems=1 to the end to avoid broken queries loading the whole database. r?kitcambridge
601972caa0ad62197942b6e269afbd12d241ca7cMark Banner — Bug 824502 - Fix unit tests for the folder=<id> to parent=<guid> transition. r?mak
249418aea8fa4c6f5e853c73812430abddf43a4aMark Banner — Bug 824502 - Migrate folder=<id> based queries to parent=<guid> for Places' bookmark queries. r?mak
9b78328a27dc2ed3d68ea63143befca5b1db0c53Mark Banner — Bug 824502 - Change folder=<id> to parent=<guid> in Places' bookmark queries. r?mak