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Thu Sep 29 18:23:13 2016 +0000
eab74f414014c482cc400ba6510bf4b9ec6b1566Markus Stange — Bug 1306332 - Don't set a maximum size on the native window if SetSizeConstraints is called with magical "unconstrained" values. r?karlt
be16cff85250551e0538f07f8e9a0c06a8989611Markus Stange — Allow overscrolling on non-scrollable axis, remove assertion.
f8dfbfb757ae468d5f62ad627258697b5e62936dTobias Schneider — Tests for Bug 1243846 - Implement Intersection Observer API
228077bc49cfcd21fcb3edd39e5d520733d04159Tobias Schneider — Bug 1243846 - Implement Intersection Observer API
bb5e3aba50f82cfc100d259cdb34ac3c90a931a6Markus Stange — Get rid of layer bounds.
c2e3b3142732640c69d761f42cec4805e32a43d6Markus Stange — Get rid of scroll metadata background color.
aa821458371cebb53c07834e3a73d157086fba30Markus Stange — Put the presshell background color underneath as well.
906ddf64d001f8fe5afc742a9ac8218523df8814Markus Stange — Disable opaque for AGR parent when using APZ.
ccd3a064b2fb3118ea7506c77b1b228c20e148b8Markus Stange — Remove the checkerboarding background color drawing code.
edf505896199fe197d3d14ce51bda445c30342d4Markus Stange — Bug 1298218 - Tests. r?mattwoodrow
2686bd4b018aca73433458659fa320b469135999Markus Stange — Bug 1298218 - Add a workaround for root scroll frame container layer scrolling. r?tnikkel
2d8e0a22d9388560a57932fbdcbfc5b8c91ca2bfMarkus Stange — Bug 1298218 - Apply the clip of a sticky item to the layer as a scrolled clip. r?mattwoodrow
96d85eebb813f7ff8d3af31eb505b2bef186bffaMarkus Stange — Bug 1298218 - Create nsDisplayFixedPosition if the element has a scrolled clip. r?mattwoodrow
ca05b5d11b978029a27777dc85ff061e0387a45aMarkus Stange — Bug 1298218 - Save and restore the combined clip for the "top layer". r?tnikkel
acd316f07762f1bfa810f3a1633a95dfe51880d7Markus Stange — Bug 1298218 - Use DisplayItemClipChain for tracking clips on display items. r?tnikkel, r?mattwoodrow
bf009a5a6af75a6226b6424f1c2bc8ed6b6fa1e3Markus Stange — Bug 1298218 - Back out bug 1284586. r?tnikkel
591d2d5dd394cc999949feb21375feeab5a17bddMarkus Stange — Bug 1298218 - Add DisplayItemClipChain. r?mattwoodrow, r?tnikkel
66c1a907a9143d52f4b29e743c278ecce9dc8bfcMarkus Stange — Bug 1298218 - Create ActiveScrolledRoot struct. r?mattwoodrow
3d7088f549b089920528ae505d655a1931e4642aMarkus Stange — Bug 1298218 - Add the ability to know whether a background image is fixed before creating the display item. r?mattwoodrow
43f562d983cc2f0c7c3ceec6e085a1ef5014d4cfMarkus Stange — Do not apply the overscroll transform to fixed layers.
f813612c96a2d9c2d0303396f6044de769cf66e7Markus Stange — Don't set opaqueForAGRParent when overscroll is enabled.
f1b51e2afdb79e1afe9974218679473407ad059aMarkus Stange — Apply an async scale to the scrollbar thumb for overscroll.
0970c4939629ac20b9b40b7b89fd712000098978Markus Stange — Expose overscroll amount.
bdd8bd309b4074b9d426a4e5d755c47ce3408f66Markus Stange — Only allow overscrolling scrollable directions in subframes.
09a82b7ad375be6acf3456d14436963d4e790a48Markus Stange — more overscroll + printfs
9a7651abd339e40cf5b3f074d22ae034b26408acMarkus Stange — Don't print refresh driver warning
d567dd4e31a6a77bec601dc01a352a3c7a75ec69Markus Stange — fixup overscrolling
91d4a9950b4655290d01203b866be2aed75c1117Markus Stange — More overscrolling.
bafc6aab748c76e339f134684f430fb3d64f22c3Markus Stange — Make the overscroll transform be a simple translation.
4380af0bf3588eb99fc1e2e24b979a009409e305Markus Stange — Replace the overscroll physics.
a91b4b4906e3ac6a11066d2d4e5b220c95c9226aMarkus Stange — Don't allow diagonal scrolling with touchpad panning on macOS.