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Fri May 20 14:22:18 2016 +0000
101f8c7b3c017636551d68d6b1a3cd27d86935c5Matteo Ferretti — Bug 1267278 - RDM's browser_menu_item_02 test leaks browser.xul on e10s; r=jryans
00ed91d9c2c83fec8c61565ef1f73ed7a7df724aJared Wein — Bug 1181055 - Treat the toggling of playback state in the videocontrols' content "click" event listener as the same as preventDefault. r=gijs
976f7eede8229530b737f1ca7eb151a502b46bd3Jared Wein — Bug 1270853 - Remove HTML5 video controls statistics. r=gijs, r=bz for removing internal chrome/xbl attribute in webidl
c62705a833ff9c985c71ddf4c07054de113525c3Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out 3 changesets (bug 1268450) for browser_keybindings_03.js timeouts.
2a2aff773bcb3b676c4ab56d2df6325961414505J. Ryan Stinnett — Bug 1274333 - Fix indentation of Heritage.extend. r=tromey
466d5c96f43964d4122959e5ab19131237bdc6faAlexandre Poirot — Bug 1268450 - Fix 'Plus' key shortcut support. r=jryans
9d79d99a3e18ce2f28ce2eae1b310c59871e0ed3Alexandre Poirot — Bug 1268450 - Accept loose digits for azerty keyboards. r=jryans
9090f1b3c2e45034380e46169b5e6152cf138ee3Alexandre Poirot — Bug 1268450 - Convert toolbox key shortcut to stop using XUL. r=jryans
bf8d6578893967e467eb3b37617b8c12493b7272bzrd_Sdn — Bug 1266199 - Rename BrowserApp.searchEngineManager to mSearchEngineManager. r=mcomella
a917f7712208fccd7cbdd7858bb0b9db58af4195Alexandre Poirot — Bug 1115779 - Fix devtools web audio intermittent timeouts by waiting for a tick before collecting nodes. r=jryans
c0a6a1b663f7e38860dff1e11810efdf2902416fTom Tromey — Bug 1265869 - Add task.js and use in devtools. r=jryans
52c96fb34b7242dc0676ccb12350f31bf478a7dcJared Wein — Bug 1260596 - Themes panel is empty when all default-shipped lightweight themes (lwts) are removed. r=gijs
50a5ded6bc420fa550faef3c96daf8a154b48137Nicolas Chevobbe — Bug 1270215 - Ensure we display properly cased node names all across the devtools. r=jdescottes