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Sat Mar 18 11:38:25 2017 +0000
27a6e0ed2b086c8287d8ac9846ee7bf127025216Tomislav Jovanovic — Bug 1347700 - Test async loading of content scripts
dbcabc9cae01cfb532ee3a172031d08a16e9a1ceTomislav Jovanovic — Bug 1347700 - Fix async loading of content scripts
d173b2b2852fde503b1e42875982ad023ab3ad8bffxbld — No bug, Automated HPKP preload list update from host bld-linux64-spot-368 - a=hpkp-update
a847578461ac3ef44977e1c0c47dbf41ae9c86f8ffxbld — No bug, Automated HSTS preload list update from host bld-linux64-spot-368 - a=hsts-update
83ac51cb9cfdfc5985d68a6ddc30eb86a9ceef67ffxbld — No bug, Automated HPKP preload list update from host bld-linux64-spot-301 - a=hpkp-update
a807220e654b9664b824f3d93d1538105d744e14ffxbld — No bug, Automated HSTS preload list update from host bld-linux64-spot-301 - a=hsts-update
858b0ab812dfd88fa701a3e4f307f56bb1246e80Jonathan Kew — Bug 1343552 - Part 2: Record attempted misuse of gfxSkipCharsIterator via a gfxCriticalError. r=mats, a=lizzard
ec851660c406a60d685176fd4a9f8a2d0c8d4cd0Mats Palmgren — Bug 1343552 - Part 1: Invalidate the cached flow length when the next-in-flow/continuation changes. r=jfkthame, a=lizzard
ec2b6e298febaf1ec25f5621c9b74c5e3a8dc2fbMichael Layzell — Bug 1342057 - Part 2: Add a test that the MIME type is set correctly for image data. r=baku, a=lizzard
8fd4bcf2db1293efcd68bbaee6f3480e8cecdf87Michael Layzell — Bug 1342057 - Part 1: Use correct MIME type for files as DataTransferItem.type. r=baku, a=lizzard
3322424b416aa47256017a2614f324cd5a1b371bJohann Hofmann — Bug 1343210 - Only move focus into identity popup when opened via keyboard. r=Gijs, a=lizzard
0dc9b3b87501334f921fefe17813a5ccca7e6675Michael Layzell — Bug 1343729 - Only collect IPC_SYNC_LATENCY_MS on the main thread. r=billm, a=lizzard
d05ad8f64da72a900357fce8598574a49295c841Blake Kaplan — Bug 1294379 - Remove this hack. r=krizsa, a=test-only
1b9e469ee38a1875ec855edb28a6f088980e6cc2Blake Kaplan — Bug 1294379 - Remove CPOWs from browser_mcb_redirect.js. r=krizsa, a=test-only
71280a497bfd15bf6d39c8501ec310527d5deca6Gabor Krizsanits — Bug 1337729 - Reenable browser_privatebrowsing_concurrent.js. r=mrbkap, a=test-only
0ad9719190987707b2b7712e9902fc7cc2973ed1Henrik Skupin — Bug 1330348 - Make forward- and backward commands synchronous. r=ato, a=test-only
7de8d181e59232ff26b43e3683f4c6ced9212ed0Henrik Skupin — Bug 1330348 - Make pollForReadyState a shared method for navigation commands. r=ato, a=test-only
5b0ad641d3214345e7bb7745fdd7bde0cfc6643dffxbld — No bug, Automated HPKP preload list update from host bld-linux64-spot-039 - a=hpkp-update
5795cf0d61306d7fb9b822f5b59db549ae8a7c26ffxbld — No bug, Automated HSTS preload list update from host bld-linux64-spot-039 - a=hsts-update
359c6746a4c6f40347a7c6a3813977c1744ab603Dragana Damjanovic — Bug 1344340 - add text for NS_NET_STATUS_TLS_HANDSHAKE_STARTING and NS_NET_STATUS_TLS_HANDSHAKE_ENDED tansport states l10n=gchang r=valentin a=gchang
1d8e1baa9f98fdd38142371aa091a3477ef5700cNeerja Pancholi — Bug 1344628 - Remove RecalculateRowIndex() and combine its functionality with ResetRowIndices(). r=dbaron a=gchang
8ee6ae077b46884e0a623c486dcb4751546522ccGabor Krizsanits — Bug 1333799: MinTabSelector for process selection. r=mrbkap a=gchang
eea804e64a419e5b59157c565d71418a2ff6df33Mihai Tabara — Bug 1344202 - uptake monitoring better handling absence of partials. r=rail a=release DONTBUILD
234d82a98acb5fe76be748697c9d6ef02fc38edbPatrick McManus — Bug 1345240 - Trigger Reads After FlushWrite with no new writable streams in h2 r=hurley a=gchang
31fc9f769a8cc5033f95bd50e89d00396204f001Patrick McManus — Bug 1344890 - need to set nsHttpTransaction.mSecurityInfo in Finish0RTT r=dragana a=gchang
a5f9b43013e6557c917612510f46000458b34c40Edouard Oger — Bug 1344732 - Don't hardcode width/height in sync-illustration.svg. r=kitcambridge a=gchang
97b3de3b6c3e94a2f2f2efde5eb225a1796a15cfJared Wein — Bug 1344574 - Compare the option foreground color to the used select background color instead of just the user-agent default select background color. r=mconley a=gchang
9df289352cbe8510274ca466523f981be44feb75Jared Wein — Bug 1343570 - menupopup appearance for customoptionstyling needs to be in popup.css instead of menu.css because menu.css doesn't have access to the parent popup. r=mconley a=gchang
3d46587f5dbedf38e8d45e88b021d12a35b25bf5Randell Jesup — Bug 1339246: force rebuild of Send/RecvStream if the SSRCs have been changed r=bwc a=gchang
a7744be94bea4581220cfce7c48e22fb96ac2bf3Daniel Stenberg — Bug 1342661 - Boundary check before assigning. r=valentin, a=ritu
7dfb1fe34ea5be93b23e8a6c077948ee84955c74Honza Bambas — Bug 1342442 - Add null-check over gService in nsCacheService. r=michal, a=ritu
a719817d7347c16974ca8cc1226afcc10ea6dee4Christoph Kerschbaumer — Bug 1334875 - Temporarily remove assertion that history loads pass a valid triggeringprincipal. r=jwatt, a=ritu
be7a2a07bda72f207306b3d7a9af3189876fb050Ryan VanderMeulen — Bug 1345552 - Skip the e10s a11y browser-chrome tests on Windows. a=bustage
c43a8446c3895718169a90bf2f7d7e85b3182715Bryce Van Dyk — Bug 1343999 - Disable twitch external media tests for debug builds in taskcluster. r=dustin, a=test-only
68168a79f3ffaffa7f03666c87bb198c9def57fcJW Wang — Bug 1345095 - Ensure SimpleTest.js is loaded before all other scripts. r=jib, a=test-only
c6633693bf8603a20d4c10c594d4a8e16998442fJW Wang — Bug 1343749 - Part 3: SimpleTest.js must be loaded before manifest.js which depends on SimpleTest. r=jib, a=test-only
3e0ce1278945aca2466bd6d8dc3683d5ef78b91dJW Wang — Bug 1343749 - Part 2: Remove the calls to SimpleTest.requestLongerTimeout() when MediaTestManager is used. r=jya, a=test-only
db731ff417a5e111ac09e048c2a8e3960ab68cf6JW Wang — Bug 1343749 - Part 1: Let MediaTestManager manage timeout of each test. r=jya, a=test-only
de1f4aa0d12edc3450fad7308d7164608c2eaea4Aaron Klotz — Bug 1345552 - Restore Windows check to "a11y disables e10s" prompt. r=mconley, a=jcristau
8c3d4d8fbb32a66fd521b5dda185f02e24ab3a02Aaron Klotz — Bug 1345552 - Modify ContentParent to only initialize a11y on Windows when e10s is force-enabled. r=jimm, a=jcristau
da07ecdff44f03b1aecfc303b7c9d969374fae7eAaron Klotz — Bug 1345552 - Restore Windows a11y checks for e10s. r=jimm, a=jcristau
dc2ab961df0d89039d1372c04cdbdf909321b6c3Tooru Fujisawa — Bug 1345162 - Fix identifier handling in Parser::standaloneFunction to follow new token kinds. r=till, a=gchang
13f6513650a20e0f5e0ea9a875629f2b00e611dfTooru Fujisawa — Bug 1344753 - Update for-of stack depth in ControlFlowGenerator::processWhileOrForInLoop. r=jandem, a=gchang
3d8f875e7af5260119652056404f47e16760ea42ffxbld — No bug, Automated blocklist update from host bld-linux64-spot-391 - a=blocklist-update
c801ad311260aa2224acc6bba06298e6347aa667ffxbld — No bug, Automated HPKP preload list update from host bld-linux64-spot-391 - a=hpkp-update
aaa819fd0e93a62609bde5106a9de259463a5526ffxbld — No bug, Automated HSTS preload list update from host bld-linux64-spot-391 - a=hsts-update
4cea4e44c9d89741fceb8bd07081aa392713c92fKim Moir — Bug 1345190 - disable stylo builds and tests on m-a r=aki DONTBUILD a=release
556ffc2114f73aff3bf6d80f0a6648791c17662bMakoto Kato — Bug 1344596 - Allow OSPreferences API without ENABLE_INTL_API. r=gandalf a=gchang
176b346ae76231511ef355cf897d4f0b0b0e0005Xidorn Quan — Bug 1344544 - Use nsTObserverArray for listeners of nsWindowMediator. r=erahm a=gchang
387bb50158f349459ceca54377cf4188c94a49eaRandall Barker — Bug 1344517 - Keep dynamic toolbar visible while page is loading r=kats a=gchang
679c2e70882461a170c59ba218c12b5292ac4e09Jan Henning — Bug 1344464 - Part 1 - Restart input after removing autocomplete text for keyboards that require it. r=jchen a=gchang
eff06436e4bbe2f35166dae145c15d0bf76a47d5Jan Henning — Bug 1344464 - Part 0 - Remove unneeded code. r=jchen a=gchang
2ad6acb9736b213bda02f9b56d600f00401e7455Jan de Mooij — Bug 1344334 - Make DoTypeUpdateFallback infallible. r=h4writer a=gchang
b9e3abb24bed2de6467fb343c5d0bea47fa0dce1Bobby Holley — Bug 1343937 - Crashtest. r=bz a=gchang
6f8a81f2325624a2606d53ef5d55bd5039d0ee34Bobby Holley — Bug 1343937 - Exempt scrollbar NAC from the new NAC semantics. r=bz a=gchang
b0b7222031460444b58e4aea30a2353270486ea2Bobby Holley — Bug 1343937 - Implement and use GetInFlowParent. r=bz a=gchang
715af4db0ac4dfb8d4a46ca9e8752ccbba32d54aBoris Zbarsky — Bug 1343886 - Handle input or textarea elements having a non-textcontrol frame better. r=ehsan a=gchang
147c73709841da67c170f0dfc835e7293683a387Jan Henning — Bug 1343603 - Part 2 - Test that clearing history clears the cached session store data, too. r=ahunt a=gchang
600604082021c59612d17b697c0d373bc03a08cfJan Henning — Bug 1343603 - Part 1 - Immediately clear cached session store history data when clearing history. r=ahunt a=gchang
dcd1390b419ed5ca803121e019d414f3af875f53Steve Fink — Bug 1343261 - dead object proxies must be swept with their former targets, r=jonco a=gchang
dae4ddf7b27a780545dfe759d1a2a335df26f36bChristoph Kerschbaumer — Bug 1341754: Test SetURI in Location passes triggeringPrincipal. r=smaug a=gchang
2723f822d10542d0ee7a884ed238961de1c5aaabChristoph Kerschbaumer — Bug 1341754: Provide a valid triggeringPrincipal when calling SetURI in Location. r=smaug a=gchang
10056139635b9355409737ccdff182427653b4baJohn Lin — Bug 1340160 - catch more local and remote Java exceptions. r=snorp a=gchang
cf3c1b2f1fad6a037b193ac99244f486aaeb6f3cSamael Wang — Bug 1339722 - Check for mDoc after DispatchChromeEvent. r=smaug a=gchang
1c33b14b9658584e1cf678f14d9ab7664e8407e1Kim Moir — Bug 1345157 - Linux builds not running on-push on mozilla-beta r=aki DONTBUILD a=release
fc5b01fb884a73b3bf8d7f03d30b7b8d498c52e9Kim Moir — Bug 1345157 - Linux builds not running on-push on mozilla-beta r=aki a=test-only
77188a492fd226731291aa2e6ed16f1c739218e8Mike Conley — Bug 1333276 - Remove length checks on non-deterministic nativeStack memoryMap and stack properties. r=jchen, a=test-only
949d1800c7f2cccecced257c478031544131681bRobert Helmer — Bug 1324192 - Split system addon update tests into expected pass / expected fail to avoid timeouts. r=aswan, a=test-only
6b71135a7500167eefe610bc19c85542139a3f44Robert Helmer — Bug 1324192 - Move common system add-on test functions to head_addons.js. r=aswan, a=test-only
b3b491a4bd8f4141c029a4691bfae4acb1ffd9dcHenrik Skupin — Bug 1315611 - Ignore GFX sanity check window during startup of Firefox. r=ato, a=test-only
450acaa80eaae5048992989f93ef8938abc3e488Mark Banner — Bug 1344690 - Fix an issue with 'Environment key "mozilla/simpletest" is unknown' when running eslint on some mochitests. r=jaws, a=test-only
ae315069c70eb5fe7da4dd2b158b3eee3ca9b94affxbld — No bug, Automated HPKP preload list update from host bld-linux64-spot-307 - a=hpkp-update
f266ed3ac9c6daf5e0782a707ee8618b7ace7abdffxbld — No bug, Automated HSTS preload list update from host bld-linux64-spot-307 - a=hsts-update
10641bd5df46a0b788172727c27bf7d61a194249Henrik Skupin — Bug 1345105 - Disable gnome-software-service on desktop1604-test. r=dustin a=test-only
31cd77685e1c7646b19456fbd3e18ce521208bcaZibi Braniecki — Bug 1344901 - Fix a regression introduced in bug 1337551. r=jfkthame a=gchang
18b3bedeb4be8078449cb008f7d83c85120feb1fMichael Kaply — Bug 1344773 - Backout bug 1298950. r=mixedpuppy a=gchang
35c1e647aaee7fe889fed4fef8fa8fb44616331dValentin Gosu — Bug 1344558 - Avoid OOM in nsSimpleURI::SetPath r=mcmanus a=gchang
200a60e3f77cbaac280433f780b0b2858df0efccZibi Braniecki — Bug 1344141 - Do not BCP47 canonicalize languages from ChromeRegistry in LocaleService. r=jfkthame a=gchang
742d73198be896a668f45007727c27fd04a329d5Ryan VanderMeulen — Bug 1343453 - Backport some upstream libevent fixes to our in-tree copy. r=billm a=gchang
a4588ec03ebe05c9f1abf02c8e518838facb79adJim Chen — Bug 1337910 - Notify observers from Gecko event queue; r=snorp a=gchang
488bdffa6d05ce7c9f7031052c89281cbc1119d7Aki Sasaki — bug 1345232 - fix android single locale release mh configs. r=mtabara a=release DONTBUILD
577083e852674484f8064f45a9b99cf13e1f9b6fJohan Lorenzo — Bug 1333234 - L10n Routing on Aurora is too large. r=dustin a=release CLOSED TREE
027664f159bbec461390ee13aef826cd412aa791Aki Sasaki — no bug - empty changeset to force builds. r=me a=release CLOSED TREE
0931190cd725a744b74f8f47863b7b38be8e8ebfffxbld — Update configs. IGNORE BROKEN CHANGESETS CLOSED TREE NO BUG a=release ba=release
869af2a88df520f8a5c0ecf28bf5aad20a077b3fffxbld — No bug - Tagging mozilla-aurora 4e1faf8f62eb5edfbbe05c8f0a35cbe57a5ec9b6 with FIREFOX_AURORA_53_END a=release DONTBUILD CLOSED TREE
ea8632341f37b9d0f0bd46b5976f3f129468c023ffxbld — Preserve old tags after debugsetparents. CLOSED TREE DONTBUILD a=release
d0605edb0c9104a784217e8ba00580b7e2d5cec8ffxbld — Merge old head via |hg debugsetparents d1628c948c508eb0b33065096ca1e9d92a16617e 4e1faf8f62eb5edfbbe05c8f0a35cbe57a5ec9b6|. CLOSED TREE DONTBUILD a=release