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Sat Aug 13 20:25:08 2016 +0000
a81e69525dfc44b8eb0dd3d78a52a12d3c4f59ddJared Wein — Bug 1294989 - Enable eslint for browser/components/preferences. r?gijs
d33489bb88626f512cf7aa58d631f6875aa2d696Sebastian Hengst — merge mozilla-central to fx-team. r=merge a=merge
4cf5aa807f27376197743b62eff2b2c3c2891b44Drew Willcoxon — Bug 1292321 - Pressing tab key in address bar selects one-off search buttons instead of the entries in the history dropdown list. r=florian
1ba6215e84c3b34b928898331c3d444b3dd96ee3Wes Kocher — Merge m-c to fx-team a=merge