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Tue Jun 09 12:48:27 2015 +0000
03ea4b1f995ca16e21380b1e85b25bb2ee7c4857Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 1172009 - don't show reader mode button for file:///, r?margaret
51056edec2f3ac5736c722237d42d2aacd184d01Robert Strong — Bug 1171792 - An update is attempted from an update notification when it is not possible to update. r=spohl
df5ab244894468ab455c856ad04a10b4aa6ece30Dan Mosedale — Bug 1141296-make Loop use its own markup, not the SDK's, r=Standard8
c9f8f919578ee144371ac12905a9f7c02fb74b80Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out 3 changesets (bug 1172137) for Win8 M(JP) failures.
986f641d87e4115fe9a0a909c7aa698d3b2ec9e0Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out 7 changesets (bug 1167508) because it depends on bug 1172137, which was backed out.
6034dc30409f9da00973f116b9c0f6ae14fa14b8Benjamin Smedberg — Bug 1121013 part C - report a new crash ping type on main-process crashes, and record submission rate/failure information in telemetry. Plugin/content crashes are already recorded via SUBPROCESS_ABNORMAL_ABORT and SUBPROCESS_CRASHES_WITH_DUMP and this patch leaves that unchanged. r=gfritzsche
01a6f68c4e53ed187a4bb059a48b324d2260ee50Chenxia Liu — Bug 1168530 - Add context menu option for "Show password". r=ally
5080433ff6105dcd9b2280319a99406c349af245Tim Taubert — Bug 1167508 - Cancel pending actions when after flushing the window is gone r=billm
97b5372b89506a986eb23f13e91e2ded2ac4e87dTim Taubert — Bug 1167508 - Fix tests that expect a sync remoteness change after calling .loadURI() r=billm
00eb943a27b21e92204c525a656c59ec17e3c50eTim Taubert — Bug 1167508 - Fix BrowserTestUtils.browserLoaded() and use it in sessionstore/head.js r=billm
c1a16fd640aed3c0fbfacde14bd3bcbfda7adf3dTim Taubert — Bug 1167508 - Remove TabState.flush() r=billm
092037dd209ade86cbe52e765a7d7ac05f8c57bfTim Taubert — Bug 1167508 - Use async flushing for LoadInOtherProcess() r=billm
b7ed44b4595ff0b35f788af143ab35b9835bc99fTim Taubert — Bug 1167508 - Support flushing crashed browsers r=billm
3a4faf863320f5feeaab2a97f5139a5700f63d9eTim Taubert — Bug 1167508 - Reset epoch when receiving XULFrameLoaderCreated r=billm
9b3205f611cfdcac7c3aa2dbfe49e7305de53c91Alexandre Poirot — Bug 1132670 - Warn when connecting to a server newer than client. r=jryans
8738bdb29cb42c879d328b63ecb78daeadbed270Michael LoPiccolo — Bug 1168808 - Remove superflous call to getNextView(). r=mcomella
080dc5cf291050ba86a0294802bdc86b064af915Jennifer Fong — Bug 1163183 - Show HTML5 Forms pseudo elements in the rule view. r=bgrins
68e277743ff810d09a0998b8f1915e87c6909eb2Oliver Henshaw — Bug 1164886 - Add optional logging for async shutdown barriers. r=Yoric
d7ed7208e7f432758f5d3cff1b158417744fcfaaSebastian Kaspari — Bug 1158275 - testAddSearchEngine: Verify search engines in search result list and search engine bar. r=mcomella
8e5abcb55c356a3a4e34205453ff3e9d66f79c2dSebastian Kaspari — Bug 1158275 - Remove old method of selecting non-primary search engines in BrowserSearch. r=mcomella
853fae656e759f4cf7055338be43a1f54d5c1bdbTim Taubert — Bug 1172137 - Update outerWindowID mappings when swapping docShells r=mconley
77621d399d1d88c78faadc3b806de012486cac4eTim Taubert — Bug 1172137 - Update outerWindowID after a browser's remoteness changed r=mconley
7a17afed88d3bd742fd884ad5b66e393585be557Tim Taubert — Bug 1172137 - Record outerWindowID for new tabs first when we have a docShell r=mconley
76b303e010987e5467bfb20e9cc465f091264becDave Townsend — Bug 1170162: Use a support page for signing warnings intended for users. r=dao
a733c1ca6e555ad090770f73d77ddb7ee0d706a0Michael Comella — Bug 1172201 - Set Android support library to 22.2.0 in config. r=me
85e876f34bcc00459f9ba47d5a3296de00aefd85Panos Astithas — Don't throw when reloading devtools if it succeeds (bug 1171870). r=jwalker