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Fri Sep 15 20:59:22 2017 +0000
746607682b9271172199d8a77e45b5be6d7fd12eEmilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1399546: Implement the tables inherit from body quirk in a more straight-forward way. r=heycam
15cadfb0d81411ec285e2d5232fb4dd90399682eEmilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1399546: Remove broken code for handling the body text color.
d6a3a83d9ce3c16773a5c818b5f754ff7728f665Wes Kocher — Backed out changeset 67769dac78c4 for busting builds CLOSED TREE
a6d9e37a9122e0848b67c072b7a101fe4b058716Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 1400378 - Add layers logging support for Point3D. r=mattwoodrow
9cc10d12de94bda1dee61a03e0681f5e73df5ee6Edouard Oger — Bug 1392874 - Force gSync initialization in browser_sync.js test. r=markh
f083cad6e8e6e96157ea3648062d62869caf04efJohn Lin — servo: Merge #18031 - Fix Android build errors on macOS (from jhlin:android-build-on-macos); r=mbrubeck
6159e19a7c0fffd202134027abff82b6e0bd22e6Josh Matthews — Bug 1397971 - Share strings in URLDataValue with Rust. r=heycam
aa02aa853d370a776efc59c699895a34a8671777Servo VCS Sync — No bug - Revendor rust dependencies
d0e83cfaff2ffa3512c4fb066ad4fbb3acb17eb7Matt Brubeck — servo: Merge #18527 - Revert "Measure ImageValue objects." (from mbrubeck:revert); r=mbrubeck
867559d318f3d860fcb1c29608b58e1a1273be16Simon Sapin — servo: Merge #18521 - Fix running `cargo test -p stylo_test` from repo root (from servo:cargotest); r=nox
d66f3c9329a8a7e9bc8dcccc51656e335033d4efTom Tromey — servo: Merge #18512 - Preserve sourceURL comment on style sheets (from tromey:preserve-style-sheet-source-url); r=SimonSapin
67769dac78c4e757a95b41b1d8d517af61ea19f2Emilio Cobos Álvarez — servo: Merge #18519 - style: Implement the body text color quirk in a more straight-forward way (from emilio:body-quirk); r=heycam
15ce21d9ddb13cd91088bcd1b01ed86823c595e5Martin Robinson — servo: Merge #18462 - Do some minor cleanups in display list building (from mrobinson:cleanup-building-state); r=emilio
13ec4ded3b4ed25913047b1bed312ef67011fc1fJosh Matthews — servo: Merge #18516 - Share specified URLs with Gecko (from jdm:stringshare); r=heycam
1885fa2ee0a84411d02512952134ab5bbb2467a6Emilio Cobos Álvarez — servo: Merge #18509 - style: Share user agent cascade data across documents (from emilio:ua-sheet-share-cascade-data); r=SimonSapin
437eae179c71eb3fcb1af49a48b4e315d6a47ab5Sebastian Hengst — merge mozilla-central to autoland. r=merge a=merge
89ee33156cdec7c01c9c4c124dc20f4704c113d4Bobby Holley — Bug 1398983 - Remove warning about assuming gecko style system. r=me
1dc22f1138e63343e361c2d52b2c46c4843be750Bobby Holley — Bug 1398980 - Remove warning about stylo not supporting document state changes. r=me
3b21f5d72f54df2e34ffded24011eaa48f63c6b0Bobby Holley — Bug 1398982 - Remove style scoped warnings for stylo. r=me
dd653d5758d5cdbdc22e942eb54468a12400aa5cAndrew McCreight — Bug 1381961 - Enabled shared global for JSMs pref. r=kmag,tcampbell
c3c6406d94b5bf317aa0bf35068c6f1aaeb4f45aMike Conley — Bug 1399796 - UnsubmittedCrashHandler should never check for unsubmitted crash reports if disabled or suppressed. r=Felipe
e65c63e20f93eda01cee102363f61cc5d50e55f6Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to autoland. a=merge
413dd42f40288747af6d811babd136dc4146d87aAlastor Wu — Bug 1400195 - remove xp constraint for tests. r=jya
69fec8b3a6a0dc196f2ff465259e9587182c389fAlastor Wu — Bug 1398139 - part4 : enable test. r=jya
39e86cbf34d57f5478838b9b0166ba44c4f68a71Alastor Wu — Bug 1398139 - part3 : check current time should be increased correctly in new chained part. r=jya
9fe90be81abbcc63f2c0aab66222eb867b968990Alastor Wu — Bug 1398139 - part2 : adjust sample's start time for chained ogg. r=jya
1421239eef77ff58aaf7883a366d8f97536cdfa2Alastor Wu — Bug 1398139 - part1 : revert the changing of bug 1386478. r=jwwang
3cb1ce131f7cab332f036cecd59e5d104c981fa8Sebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset c56a205100ac (bug 1399615) for failing browser-chrome's browser/components/uitour/test/browser_UITour_availableTargets.js, at least on OS X. r=backout
2ad95439eef6adad6aff5f0c72af709d304921cek88hudson — Bug 1399696 - aboutNewTabService should initialize with the correct _activityStreamPrerender value r=Mardak
20d129c15a9990da780859ca97fff236a1052e05Sebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset 1256cadba71b (bug 1399796) for eslint failure at browser/modules/ContentCrashHandlers.jsm:675: Async method 'checkForUnsubmittedCrashReports' expected no return value. r=backout
2939dc6bb578d28d8b75dc8ed91065ad7b8cce65Andrew Swan — Bug 1399791 Make Android extension permission dialog modal r=walkingice
2125fac068a6e36b387ff952715bf4133d5555a3Ray Lin — Bug 1374007 - Remove grey overlay of media controls before media start to play. r=jaws
07c412e7cdf019017a77fc543e05bd9b68c35230Sylvestre Ledru — Bug 1395580 - - Also manage the coding style {} for function declarations r=nbp
1a429aa9abdb7a4cc9165d52e8b4844559785001Fischer.json — Bug 1399693 - Update the watermark Firefox logo used on new tab from png to svg, r=gasolin
c56a205100ac8747670ad5ad5ba1d6c66ce77310Ian Bicking — Bug 1399615 - Export Screenshots 19.0.0 to Firefox r=kmag
1256cadba71bc9e0677e4f92174bc76ad8952eb5Mike Conley — Bug 1399796 - UnsubmittedCrashHandler should never check for unsubmitted crash reports if disabled or suppressed. r=Felipe
18dad63ef0c67b7bc0e8afb4c1268d5d6c30a55bAndrew Swan — Bug 1400129 Remove unused accessKey l10n property r=flod
8998495d56dcb03aac5376b72ccd73ab19dbfc8cFrancesco Lodolo (:flod) — Bug 1399511 - Update message displayed when a section has no data in about:telemetry r=chutten
f73a6867afeead095c1804adb63815fb885af2f3Dan Minor — Bug 1398820 - Do not add duplicate rtp extensions; r=bwc
880d772e282e47a015605622ca0046569c80bd71Henrik Skupin — Bug 1399592 - Increase Marionette startup timeout for mochitest/reftest. r=gbrown
26275c18b48c2aa4e64e8bb54062469fb63c0296Henrik Skupin — Bug 1391605 - Bump geckodriver to 0.19.0. r=ato
7f5db3c919582c4b8fdbf35007b48d0005fd3007Henrik Skupin — Bug 1391605 - Update for changes in geckodriver 0.19.0. r=ato
a35cf697567ab04735f1def1b399c03f40f35f39Erica Wright — Bug 1394461 - Update illustration and copy for about:rights. ui-r=shorlander r=dao