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Thu Jul 27 14:50:07 2017 +0000
f2315f0da7148a345c2b32e2221b23f1d86d8c78Emilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1384542: Fix dynamic change handling of justify-items legacy values. r?heycam
01a818256bd7f34179c6adf4da7c8ddc3d887723Emilio Cobos Álvarez — style: Standardize different methods to inherit and reset properties.
73e573c59e3ca7d1008391423d6a2abfd915a301Emilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1384542: Move GetParent and IsLinkContext to GeckoStyleContext. r?heycam
fae27b99bef4b637cefcc9e3267205af7fe226cfEmilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1384542: Update reftest expectations for bogus first-line support in stylo. r?bz
5367d8e57189ed6d86ee4725da7c06921e51342bEmilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1384542: Get rid of GetParentAllowServo in justify-items. r?dholbert,heycam
95ee775201314ba1062d578b610896830773d66bEmilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1384542: Remove usage of GetParentAllowServo in the frame constructor. r?bz
9cd35bd1636be9b4274ac8f695c13c6bca723121Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1384542: Remove the use of GetParentAllowServo in nsFirstLetterFrame. r?heycam
a5e025d29c794fde8d3556ecd92ba3e9a2104d4fDaosheng Mu — Bug 1352410 - Add a preference to enable or disable haptic feedback for gamepads; r=Lenzak
0400aea3c9ce9fde2681598ebc108d0554f33d67Luke Chang — Bug 1378668 - [Form Autofill] Update the saved field names when a profile is updated, merged or reconciled. r=steveck
444f087b3ffb3cfcddcebc8e9593e99f1e065e1fCarsten "Tomcat" Book — merge mozilla-central to autoland
fad5412d0735fa726c4c98c14d50cc1039f376f9Masayuki Nakano — Bug 1384584 - TextComposition::DispatchCompositionEvent() shouldn't send composition events to focused TabParent after its RequestIMEToCommitComposition() synthesizes eCompositionCommit(AsIs) event synchronously r=m_kato
19d5f43ce7d087016c23cedc653d2ab7de9f02c7Emilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1384868: Simplify a bit RuleNodeCacheConditions. r=heycam
5a192849567ed9c67fc099255525a1cfb54887e6Alex Chronopoulos — Bug 1384053 - Update cubeb from upstream to 09aeb59. r=kinetik
0fb1f74ee338a6ec3cf5f4516e3e2f12ac10f8d6Simon Sapin — servo: Merge #17884 - Upgrade to rustc 1.21.0-nightly (599be0d18 2017-07-26) (from servo:rustup); r=Manishearth
c95cc38d6065231a03f0a00234c660f4e5b5248fKaku Kuo — Bug 1383610 - turn off preference of ShutdownDecoder feature on desktop version release and beta channel but keep the Fennec on; r=bwu
ca779a5aa93fecf65a56647492208f3a17fd215cBob Silverberg — Bug 1383728 - Add missing tests back into manifests, r=mixedpuppy
ac1b19c47aac763afed9a137fe6ff0ee8d2a7186Alessio Placitelli — Bug 1120372 - Introduce the "update" ping. r=bsmedberg,gfritzsche,mhowell
e53245c9e2a8855baa5b7fb5f5d5bcb0565874e9John Lin — Bug 1384495 - p2: resolve drain promise with empty decoded data only when draining complete. r=jya
4c847269e1c8177462dcd0d0a1eb9ccfa56ac05eJohn Lin — Bug 1384495 - p1: remove end of input flag. r=esawin
eaa3a2c0d423e0e4d3643f703c638e4b7e10b7c6Emilio Cobos Álvarez — servo: Merge #17881 - style: fix alignment in call to get_all_matching_rules (from emilio:fncall); r=canaltinova
23ed43f92e98b5feb2f5adcdef031f08092af858Manish Goregaokar — Bug 1341102: Update reftest expectations from servo PR #17880; r=orange
7b98f21c8b79286628ed6ad0cb5a84a1ec50ba19Tarek Ziadé — Bug 1377510 - Add the ability to install webextensions with mozprofile r=automatedtester
d02f661a04bee7e71e6835035d479c6001aa1cf4Ricky Chien — Bug 1359306 - Implant telemetry probe for search r=liuche,mconley
7597e4363f50c118b5da0efc8d602814545649feManish Goregaokar — servo: Merge #17880 - stylo: call update_border_foo when inheriting borders too (from Manishearth:stylo-update-border); r=emilio
79c3b71475c7563d725da61dbd24d18ae73caf65Marco Bonardo — Bug 1383138 - 'Bookmark all tabs' dialog is broken with async Places transactions. r=adw
452f3e6d539b68941487365917c437e66352401eMarco Bonardo — Bug 1382291 - Intermittent browser/components/places/tests/browser/browser_markPageAsFollowedLink.js. r=adw