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Tue Jul 19 18:55:29 2016 +0000
5133d7de9507cac4fcfafc9c132be7bb0a4fdd97Luca Greco — Bug 1287889 - Adopt webconsole _lastConsoleInputEvaluation when the debugger changes. r?jryans
f6e1eab27231eec06b7025d09aaf51a4400d18e9Luca Greco — Bug 1286526 - [webext] Fix shutdown issues on empty addon with a valid manifest. r?aswan
3143e7237db1d97af59753b8b368760dae32ab9aLuca Greco — Bug 1285556 - Add isWebExtension getter to the Addon wrapper. r=aswan
e58f5dcbb092eaca1b7cdb326faf2a1d144a07b2Luca Greco — Bug 1268773 - Notify Addon Listeners when the preferred addon debug global is changed. r=aswan
a5435b0e6a4e7f2adcc7e1ad87957ae0d36dfe0aLuca Greco — Bug 1268773 - Test addon wrapper updated in cached addon actor on reload and upgrade. r=ochameau
d6a9047160ece232f673241da5360eaa0d379fcbLuca Greco — Bug 1268773 - Update the Addon Wrapper for cached addon actors on reload. r=ochameau