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Thu Aug 03 23:53:12 2017 +0000
c41eeb95ced2d41d9364b5a94fff0adb8a86093fDaisuke Akatsuka — Bug 1386963 - Part 3: remove test fail annotations from meta in wpt. r?hiro
a4e153426d4c5b2b862446c1e975530e9054dc72Wes Kocher — Backed out changeset 3f96fc2c078c (bug 1366363) for failures in browser_ext_browserAction_contextMenu.js and browser_page_action_menu.js a=backout
b5befe341466e934d8b0ee2933e9c23479f8b957Wes Kocher — Backed out changeset a35f3b534eb9 (bug 1355451) for frequent failures in browser_urlbar_search_speculative_connect_mousedown.js a=backout
d82b3d0ec21a2b4ce4be10c1ce8b2f88b9129ca9Manish Goregaokar — Bug 1386887 - Clean up FFI lifetimes to work on nightly; r=emilio
31db4b302143f2287fdb84cd3725df6438c69eeeJonathan Kingston — Bug 1344519 - Add web extension events for containers onUpdated, onCreated and onRemoved r=aswan,baku
6fd0499748b093bc98da775733ec5c0794329955Manish Goregaokar — servo: Merge #17969 - Update stylo code to work on nightly (from Manishearth:rustup); r=emilio
a73050e842c27fafac794afff45761c908600e25Alex Gaynor — Bug 1386308 - stop trying to change the display sleep settings from the content process; r=haik
0bfb12529f0110a41c077b5a8b3b7e5703fe89ffJonathan Kingston — Bug 1387003 - Adding container icons from test pilot experiment. r=jaws
7b42e0eb696bf5c7ac9034810cffeb2a69d321b2Alex Gaynor — Bug 1386291 - remove access to the mach service in content processes; r=haik
b9198b3db38954c871092f3530af8bd9c7efd759Michael Comella — Bug 1386052: Join PageMetadata table with Top Sites query. r=Grisha
13f138fbb0bbed96fa87e25c2d8f90e38373bd34Michael Comella — Bug 1386052: Update testBrowserDatabaseHelperUpgrades from new info. r=Grisha
35b56190a1a92454e1ef7e235f1b8cfa7fe3dc84Michael Comella — Bug 1386052: add Combined.HISTORY_GUID; upgrade db to 38. r=Grisha
91ac0a2b022ceff57b7a1666ab595d387bc9d2ceMichael Comella — Bug 1386052: Correct PageMetadata.HISTORY_GUID foreign key. r=Grisha
b98350e98fec310b82fe6e86db38275d0eca3de3Jared Wein — Bug 1384341 - Set a minimum size for the animation area so animations that are larger than toolbar buttons don't get clipped. r=mconley
39dde16cec1d45bb49bfd97344558aaac06d38ddMike Conley — Bug 1355426 - Fix browser_bug495058.js to not wait for MozAfterPaint in non-remote browser case. r=jaws
f418889f0d1900a1f806c0af23528bc03540e6abMike Conley — Bug 1355426 - Update browser_hide_removing.js to wait for TabClose instead of TabSelect. r=jaws
30d54e94a67e4ec8a29015ad44a5021e8b108c78Mike Conley — Bug 1355426 - Make tabbrowser binding call blurTab earlier when removing tab. r=dao
46a4358a226649b85af3959da393408b4bd7af4dMike Hommey — Bug 1385783 - Insert the elfhack code before the first executable section. r=froydnj
bd0ea10b4001fe17080ba2b70668f4b40fc9f20aMike Hommey — Bug 1385783 - Don't assume both elfhack sections are next to each other. r=froydnj
fa668d22d5f9f0be54458c17cf3d20f16e206e9bJustin Wood — Bug 1386332 - Clarify nightly l10n signing tasks. r=dustin
ae12a3c8ed3b48451c348ed89b2231c488660884Justin Wood — Bug 1386332 - Clarify signing tasks. r=dustin
a076d62d11f43f1ae89a943d3a80cc2cc270d959Justin Wood — Bug 1386332 - Clarify repackage tasks. r=dustin
8ffe0d09a8145dc668bc5798fd5afc6bf16a4d82Justin Wood — Bug 1386332 - Clarify repackage-signing tasks. r=dustin
844a3788ac169e8d4100407e67ea941976e65102Justin Wood — Bug 1386332 - Clarify checksums signing naming. r=dustin
6e01a4b5201658054c547e8ccd48b6deb2108f05Justin Wood — Bug 1386332 - fix beetmover naming. r=dustin
90a2a894fe44b5c126e2dbc9ceab1a57f3a60c4aJustin Wood — Bug 1386332 - Fix up label and description in nightly task graph entries. r=dustin
24eaf9aca85c2bf6664ea92d295003f9c0be835bNicolas Ouellet-Payeur — Bug 1368202 - convert uses of "defer" to "new Promise" in client/inspector r=tromey
8ecab1d291bf2edba0fb2175f5dccf72a9942e42Tom Tromey — Bug 1384943 - add initial implementation of SourceMapServiceWrapper; r=bgrins
dbe9ba9aafde485e007d29bcb344b55c60b02e69Tom Tromey — Bug 1384943 - import bundles from devtools-source-map 0.10.0; r=bgrins
4c8cc60445990a4eb3c7b5af06d634032876c9afErica Wright — Bug 1382570 - Ignore non-left clicks on the bookmark icon. r=Gijs
3f96fc2c078cc6b6b150bbc191dbbaf2b9f39eeaMichael Kohler — Bug 1366363 - Rename Compact Dark and Compact Light themes to just 'Dark' and 'Light' r=dao
9c4e1d455e0dae135e857f2fd7b0572e5e65620bWes Kocher — Backed out changeset f56d71bbd7eb (bug 1386277) for build bustage in BaseRect.h a=backout
c045e10faa19fc1e42248ad2562f8b3a4d4eb505Michael Smith — Bug 1373739 - Set up automated test running for WPT in headless mode. r=jgraham
9448d431b2ca6b331d9014b565c0161ae3b5f3f3Michael Smith — Bug 1373739 - Make macOS compatible with the headless WPT changes. r=bdahl
80a431fb9fe40b06c44b8a68e49c6fa6d9a88119Michael Smith — Bug 1373739 - Headless: use native look-and-feel on Win, hardcoded on Linux. r=bdahl
dd5fea40c368a48555530c920fcd5300ccd384f1Michael Smith — Bug 1373739 - Hook HeadlessSound and HeadlessScreenHelper into Windows widgets. r=bdahl
db5a86cfd703c9bd245fd3bb26f2163c4b91b6abMichael Smith — Bug 1373739 - Make headless compositing Windows-compatible, in addition to Linux. r=dvander
3a9f911d58cda8c5641a367142bf2193c3dd81a8Michael Smith — Bug 1373739 - Make headless widgets hidden by default, matching other platforms. r=bdahl
36f942289a13862db68b73620e786683831ba31bMichael Smith — Bug 1373739 - Enable Marionette "screenshot" tests in headless. r=bdahl
e8ee1babd3e85c83dc2731079c5a8d74be46f47fMichael Smith — Bug 1373739 - Use ClientLayerManager in headless mode. r=dvander,jrmuizel
5cd67cab4b1124b389a05ca67d108df934eaf8caMichael Smith — Bug 1373739 - Re-enable chrome-switching tests on headless mode. r=bdahl
6ba8cca5631fafd4cbe0d13813b832ec1d4ebd80Michael Smith — Bug 1373739 - Simulate window activation events in headless mode. r=jrmuizel
349c74ed0bd1e3d57a6182d7dbce48cc2fa294a3Michael Smith — Bug 1373739 - Apply thumb styles directly to their orientation variants. r=mossop
a179412ca028e816f367e2841f2afd91b472afe8Michael Smith — Bug 1373739 - Constrain widget size to screen size in headless mode. r=jrmuizel
52be5f7846f44a54451a499e47e4679a3577248cMichael Smith — Bug 1373739 - Disable WebGL in headless mode. r=bdahl
f56d71bbd7eb9a9e9642c59eb7dadc5ccb6314f5Milan Sreckovic — Bug 1386277: Add set methods for width and height that change nothing else, as well as the Swap method r=bas
a3f35ca41ccea790e1e48186a40d4c4fa026dd50J. Ryan Stinnett — Bug 1386053 - Enable DevTools tests for Stylo Linux64. r=kmoir
7d9e2aa0650230435d5b29b5579d5f33515f8df0J. Ryan Stinnett — Bug 1386053 - Skip remaining DevTools Stylo failures. r=manishearth