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Fri Feb 17 01:50:29 2017 +0000
5ed3f81d312b930d9452c1f6bbe92089a6f27771Mark Hammond — Bug 1340357 - remove all special eslint rules in services/. r?eoger
6cefe01ca7744d6ac3960c69eac833e2e65f7f8fRob Wood — Bug 1340065 - Don't let SETA optimize out linux64-stylo tests; r=jmaher
3eb85b3113ed707fb4291df9bf965ed26e1c4025Wes Kocher — Merge m-c to autoland, a=merge
2b4830caedd476ba378da7bc7f565735121b6860Sam Giles — Bug 1329528 - Reap zombie processes on Mac OS if killing the process group initially fails with EPERM; r=ahal
c5bc41310fa2ceb6243b7362f6aaf99d2798a13fBlake Kaplan — Bug 1335989 - Avoid a second copy when sending substrings through IPC. r=billm
5bb8a1f861b5393e54c2bc2d7c57a39dd741d398Blake Kaplan — Bug 1335989 - Split aData into smaller chunks to avoid going over the IPC message size limit. r=billm
00fd29fee54edb5ef2038c344af9ce0dd792d25fDão Gottwald — Bug 1340173 - Stop removing the zoom reset button's vertical margin. r=Gijs
29f4d23a9e97c324b40c63c71eff04add5fd2a09Chris AtLee — Bug 1340157: Re-enable compression for omni.ja files r=ted
e76a72dceeea8f79d64f4c43600cbc180ddeb478J. Ryan Stinnett — Bug 1339992 - Use common spelling for all source map prefs. r=jdescottes
c95e2918d304fdacc528df37216ec6b8ed7af07fBob Silverberg — Bug 1320736 - Part 3: Create ExtensionPreferencesManager module, r=aswan
1c6b622f2eb701e044614c4fd9932dcf8917b1faBob Silverberg — Bug 1320736 - Part 2: Create ExtensionSettingsStore module, r=aswan
a3afa2da7c503136c2dbae8d771a9d38d867a7f4Bob Silverberg — Bug 1320736 - Part 1: Set installDate in installAddonFromLocation, r=aswan
51541cde2e0643f6441eecd7d9deec828624257dTomislav Jovanovic — Bug 1311815 - Check host permissions for webRequest listeners r=kmag
9b09b5b2f7292b89dfd204f15dae6f8ebef94196Dave Hunt — Bug 1340092 - [mozlog] Add metadata from pytest-metadata plugin if installed to suite_start. r=ahal
b854735013bbbd22e800e4a6c4031475be7ff110Dave Hunt — Bug 1338534 - [mozlog] Indicate unexpected pass with the correct status. r=ahal
501c0a140c82d87d863eb02f5a4335e04cef7670Dave Hunt — Bug 1338534 - [mozlog] Improve handling of expected failures in pytest-mozlog. r=ahal
c3aade304f7bf539ef83609c03937f87eed6b17fDave Hunt — Bug 1338534 - [mozlog] Log message and stack for failures when using pytest-mozlog with pytest-xdist. r=ahal
4e15e6a49b1a6ba0b5bd886baca64caff23779f4Matteo Ferretti — Bug 1333707 - Grid stuck on page when using back button; r=gl
c96198deb0ef189af1c617da52227e5ef5c5aa30JW Wang — Bug 1340073 - Remove DecoderAllocPolicy::mTrack. r=gerald
6d4af96450ed20812649f023bd373110505fabf5Luca Greco — Bug 1300587 - Workaround issues with dock/undock devtools toolbox with a devtools_panel. r=kmag
de8052439ef29cf0d06f836dac9dc4ad3e2ecdbcLuca Greco — Bug 1300587 - Implements devtools_panel context and devtools.panel.create API method. r=kmag
10293eb8e33248ef3758991391835a35cafbc787Luca Greco — Bug 1300587 - Fix DevToolsExtensionPageContextParent shutdown method. r=kmag
d10905c44181e23c0cd131cce317253880028888steveck-chung — Bug 1325724 - Fallback to form history if there is no form autofill profile saved, r=MattN
22d650dc282e70b96de2fbaac84bf69a22cd3b54Andrew Halberstadt — Bug 1003417 - Add task for running mozbase python tests on linux, r=dustin
183a8002ba333c29ca2d09ce014bb99f1a2e80c9Andrew Halberstadt — Bug 1003417 - Use 'ip addr show' instead of 'ifconfig' for moznetwork tests, r=ted
859b523399f007b71a72c97667e689c231badb55Andrew Halberstadt — Bug 1003417 - Add a 'mozbase' subsuite to python unittests on linux, r=ted
12a434138e95586aa6019ff416d2be89afad459fAndrew Halberstadt — Bug 1003417 - Add ability to run subsuites to |mach python-test|, r=ted
091f6e30f5dc5f9e29f8b937270ee09dc484bd43Andrew Halberstadt — Bug 1003417 - Include testing/mozbase/ from root file, r=ted
35ddc6aaed8b049f3c8dc4b05a701bf92409fb92Jared Wein — Bug 1339966 - Add a pref to disable content styling for <select> and <option>. r=mconley
233d2f9b0cce98d3df6041d187b30a96d1381c26Jared Wein — Bug 1338850 - Only set the background color and foreground color on the select element if it is not transparent or equal to each other. r=mconley
05efc3638dd900fb7074c7d7f0deacbb9c76a77dKartikaya Gupta — Bug 1331357 - Expand number of allowed assertions during a reftest, because in QR builds we sometimes get two. r=masayuki
9ac4dccad20f643037235f2f03e5e322be07f593Edouard Oger — Bug 1337244 - Delete previous device registration when setting-up a new FxA user. r=markh