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Tue Sep 19 17:59:49 2017 +0000
e0fa91a73b61c45a52af1577f386d5ad0ee2adf1Mark Striemer — Bug 1373853 - Show extension that is controlling the new tab in preferences r?jaws
254e42b6acf0b011bd62e815ec57aecca0a7a487Steve Fink — Bug 1386344 - JS shell: implement help(/pattern/), r=tcampbell
331bcdb4167c725609e9fadf41f7815a42dd7e3fKai Engert — Bug 1393854, land NSPR_4_18_RTM, no code change, only version numbers, r=me
8ec345b71a6e775d9ba65b2e770f98253492b8a9Michal Novotny — Backed out changeset from bug 1392841 due to speedometer regression. r=backout
e4ac2e4268c75afeb6c3428bf0e7957287f2bd9fStephen A Pohl — Bug 1398582: Prevent drawing titles in title bars on macOS 10.13 when we don't want them. r=mstange
cfe8e6261a46182f214e7e8e3e790b9f9ab5ed57Joel Maher — Bug 1398766 - Disable toolkit/mozapps/extensions/test/browser/browser_gmpProvider.js on linux debug for frequent failures. r=me, a=test-only
14e8c355a0393ddfd01d34a68e32e25f4b161e67Joel Maher — Bug 1370783 - Disable netwerk/test/browser/browser_child_resource.js on debug for frequent failures. r=me, a=test-only
6c0e0f992f335b37ad70f6818b3e528c106455eeRail Aliiev — Bug 1395697 - Use BZ2 MAR compression for versions less than 56.0 r=sfraser
efa6750d4e133a6631af705dffb0ba98a7c75cd0Tim Taubert — Bug 1400940 - Fix WebAuthn deadlock when cancelling a request on tab switch r=jcj
5b0de4548020931ddfa01b531b1b3e4cf2015d0bAndrea Marchesini — Bug 1401204 - Get rid of NS_BackgroundInputStream and NS_BackgroundOutputStream, r=valentin
ba27e91673d0fc9fab21c24f021203dcb9c5903fJoel Maher — Bug 1398910 - make reftest-no-accel run on windows 10 (hardware) instead of windows 8. r=ahal,jet
0bf0ba5d68492c7e3f37279532d59337c99facd5Joel Maher — Bug 1397258 - migrate mochitest-webgl to windows 10. r=ahal
c6b6fd015439f68a36cae903c5e6a771a33ba3c1Joel Maher — Bug 1401184 - migrate mochitest-chrome from buildbot hardware to taskcluster VM. r=ahal
1a53a959fd021f7cc31c6e0b0e5d869d5a23949aSteve Fink — Bug 1400442 - Trim down whitelists to only what is required, and mark all known issues with bug numbers, r=jonco
d7209c7f31af92b0c006a6b320e4afcad2bc7887Steve Fink — Bug 1400442 - Special-case annotation for a->b->emplace(); a->b->Init(), r=bhackett
696b8f10fcf33b103f8c4ef84c8976531643b603Steve Fink — Bug 1400442 - Assert that Gecko_ShouldCreateStyleThreadPool is only called on the main thread, r=emilio
239eedb24ef258870ac5d2316e03451a01cbfef8Steve Fink — Bug 1400442 - stylo heap write analysis: Miscellaneous minor annotations, r=jonco
08c0fdb95713ca020011565022b253ee7cc8243dSteve Fink — Bug 1400442 - Annotate Servo_ComputedValues_EqualCustomProperties as safe, r=manishearth
8ec91b85f043b8c16a80fed32da48d8eaa6e70e7Steve Fink — Bug 1400442 - Annotate nsTArray::InsertElementAt as returning a value that propagates safety of the array, r=jonco
eb2b0c8fa756eec150b4c3c9c6254083ac4a37dcSteve Fink — Bug 1400442 - Annotate border colors array as being thread-owned by container, r=bhackett
8fe39aef352a049563f1444d5e1798b383d7d716Steve Fink — Bug 1400442 - Backward-compatible js::Class[Ops].trace annotation, r=me
4ff3e372de3d54aadf62d9ad97eae7cd9a6dafd9Steve Fink — Bug 1400442 - analyzeHeapWrites: getter_Copies preserves safety (similar to getter_AddRefs), r=bhackett
3835877e5870ac4f4034fc8d97f8284d59519091Steve Fink — Bug 1400442 - analyzeHeapWrites: implement a cache for checking whether local variables are safe pointers, r=jonco
c37bd96f868a281c0eb288a85d7f6a33dc32f0cdSteve Fink — Bug 1400442 - Refactor the --function debugging command line option (and alias it to -f) to analyzeHeapWrites.js, r=me
410efc5458e07cc3a04e96b0a6c533791379a4a7Steve Fink — Bug 1400442 - Fix handling of parameterNames, r=jonco
46c262a38922c88052e4fc75f93927fa43e7276dSteve Fink — Bug 1400442 - Broaden the annotation for string appending functions to handle more types, r=jonco
84018f3951f95a70b86760382a00aad570d8bec0Steve Fink — Bug 1400442 - Annotate MOZ_CrashPrintf, r=jonco
c5239fd503f2c277f2dc185ce8c55789fbefcad2Steve Fink — Bug 1400442 - Targeted annotation for static local array of member pointers in LangGroupFontPrefs::Initialize, r=bhackett
4901b60d01263465f5bc4b8f14703362f4659b8aSteve Fink — Bug 1400442 - Annotate atof as not doing any racy writes, r=me
6696c7a9ed71d2292030c3610081d6ca29fd6aabSteve Fink — Bug 1400442 - Propagate safety through RefPtr, r=bhackett
9a3d18f5faeee9f0bd78397898fb606addeb95aaSteve Fink — Bug 1400442 - CFG dumping utility, handy for debugging, r=me
a4e41e4876ef49a5ff03322f5254753438f0d758Steve Fink — Bug 1400468 - Control verbosity, r=jonco
e793ea43500790c39a4cf69bd9b5014c32e3f524Steve Fink — Bug 1400468 - Port hazard analysis test scripts to python3, r=jonco
6d5acbf01f1deb321693aac8330ce6e75f7f6cacSteve Fink — Bug 1400468 - Trim output, r=jonco
18af2ea42a1e01e98273101fd7ed8dc0291e7a2dSteve Fink — Bug 1400466 - Cache the information loaded from src_comp.xdb into a structured clone buffer, r=jonco
383a2f567cebe59b0212e414b9a27d46123040bfSteve Fink — Bug 1400466 - Implement minimum necessary to allow saving and loading structured clone data, r=jonco
8d3d707fe0485a8900c4794a0c55018ad722c6deTim Taubert — Bug 1401019 - Cancel the current U2F API request before starting a new one r=jcj
c8277ab2befdd4c5027741f12bc94a0870925542Tim Taubert — Bug 1400559 - [u2f-hid-rs] rustfmt followup r=me
425b1969478e417db21ac1e35cdf481c1cd0be32Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1401171 - Make nsIMultiplexInputStream not inherit from nsIInputStream. r=bkelly
bb274a08887161806afe21ec1916d48cda1199d7Sebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset 3c9e25405f59 (bug 1401204) an request from baku for landing with wrong bug number. r=backout
3c9e25405f596871f714a8c3b10e6e9de9188554Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1401204 - Make nsIMultiplexInputStream not inherit from nsIInputStream. r=bkelly
5af3e3b70198dac5501d159d8d808ed738de9c06Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1400898 part 4. Get rid of nsIDOMChromeWindow methods that are unused from C++, and mark the rest [noscript]. r=farre
081034bdc4d4f0ac15877565a805b737c8d91b5dBoris Zbarsky — Bug 1400898 part 3. Make nsIDOMChromeWindow.browserDOMWindow readonly. r=farre
aa4d0a9412c0bc4fe131115aa002ad2b7f2c7927Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1400898 part 2. Get rid of the interface constants on nsIDOMChromeWindow. r=farre
a4ef5b6299e59859a0dec1996db87a717518db43Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1400898 part 1. Remove the one script use of nsIDOMChromeWindow. r=farre
b2e90060a137b10b38ad7a394dab802841094861Sebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset 5cd2ba3bc6c4 (bug 1336389) for failing new talos test cpstartup. r=backout
9e0e34d815597d581777f822f591301e174c06ffTim Taubert — Bug 1400559 - Move runloop code into its own crate r=jcj
9cabdd061402b2dda590d2a102a4b2d32b67f346Ekanan Ketunuti — Bug 1401050 - Add vanishingly to the en-US dictionary. r=ehsan
9016e255c36ced248b09b1745a293dee6981db81Vedant Chakravadhanula — Bug 1359289 - Add a "Learn More" link to Safe Browsing checkbox in about:preferences. r=jhofmann
762071fc48dda899efa95501e531cc5a39e09affNick Thomas — Bug 1400141 - Use redo params from nightly with a jitter r=bhearsum
9f8c6be7d2f4216d3f87e091f8cfe238bab8ca1aNicolas Silva — Bug 1397407 - Apply deferred image key deletions to the next transaction. r=Gankro
3ff9cd026e70eacb71f9a182f633834eb837b24dAndrew Osmond — Bug 1380649 - Part 2. Ensure SourceSurfaceVolatileData does not forget its purged state. r=jrmuizel
a23a810d95855a42f009ccd72604935db0680bd3Andrew Osmond — Bug 1380649 - Part 1. Ensure SurfaceCache::CollectSizeOfSurfaces removes purged volatile buffer-backed surfaces. r=tnikkel
74faaba5ecd2fae75df27f3186f9f6eb8d1fa4bcJon Coppeard — Bug 1399944 - Check for valid GC cell pointers in various places r=sfink
69536041f010d547faafcc0e9a96468ed68d42c5Jon Coppeard — Bug 1396613 - Update rust glue with new objectMoved hook signature r=fitzgen
55fc35f2a57d0394d88df593ad694f81e97487beJon Coppeard — Bug 1396613 - Make proxy objects override handler's objectMoved method rather than using class hook r=sfink r=mccr8 r=peterv
70a52e791eb7160b0c4130cc8f0bb6f58d34d101Jon Coppeard — Bug 1396613 - Replace special cases with use of objectMoved hook when tenuring r=sfink
353300cbbf52fc65a5e4f463ca42eade3790b549Jon Coppeard — Bug 1396613 - Update the object moved hook to allow it to be called when tenuring nursery objects r=sfink r=mccr8