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Mon Aug 15 20:48:20 2016 +0000
ec178c4371a9e70a958ee98de1115fd8be7a30d3Matthew Wein — Bug 1246034: Part 2 - [webext] Add support for _execute_browser_action. r?kmag
1d8463698f620725419b2a7f71680866e3b112deKris Maglione — Bug 1246034: Part 1 - [webext] Add a helper function to trigger a browserAction. r?jaws
dbb9da97e0e1c021314baf7de44f82fd4a74058dDalimil Hajek — Bug 1293141 - Headers is blank until Raw Data is clicked. r=Honza
c73cad6f6773ad295e2029da453406947be089f8Ricky Chien — Bug 1278923 - Export Content-Type and Content-Length to HAR headers. r=Honza
39cd9b527d38af339390f5a7d9c522facf5f3b99Dalimil Hajek — Bug 1285720 - Inspector initialization causes protocol description to be requested from the server three times. r=jdescottes
9e8fb23fc565df8b8f002941e7dc12bced5df054Sami Jaktholm — Bug 1288213 - Fix and re-enable intermittent layout view tests. r=gl
a11a0035c85e643cf68ed03cd9c6a540367c0756Bob Silverberg — Bug 1281884 - strict_min_version and strict_max_version aren't respected in "Load Temporary Add-on". r=aswan
05e5ceb799a1cd892e42ea9e09005a076fe2f002dimi — Bug 1254766 - Stop caching Safe Browsing completions to disk. r=gcp
a8e4a3aafbd968696780666a12d77f4787b7198fTowkir Ahmed — Bug 1293663 - Remove the always-false (useless) 'if' condition from GCLI util.js. r=miker
9b1f6f45c1d765c4df85f369e19bb5b2503b7cf3Stephen A Pohl — Bug 1286490 - Improve logging when unable to clean up elevated updater on OSX. r=mstange
59055929012280084afd040bfdf4216083a7636aRay Lin — Bug 1293601 - Show slider and mute button at first show on video touch control. r=jaws
e336054c4c852458dc7a4b28e333212343f2bb61Tuhina — Bug 1293002 - Replace in-tree consumer of non-standard Iterator() with Object.{values,entries} in mobile/. r=liuche
eb1e3117f53c7c2a03d342a22db0e3f2f63c2fe7Oriol — Bug 997219 - When inspecting an object, do not trim property names except when displaying them. r=fitzgen
28ded847d319a75a1ea5e651447dffa2103914b2Steve Melia — Bug 1275399 - Change inspector breadcrumbs to add RTL functionality. r=jdescottes
62dd82f4b4c09709fbe7a6ce3345fe35c1755ba2Hemanth Kumar Veeranki — Bug 1284843 - Reps: Don't add quotes around strings. r=linclark