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Tue Aug 22 16:47:24 2017 +0000
3cbc96201ffc79a9940d3df6fbb1616f15866c1aFelipe Gomes — Bug 1390703 - Bump Flash Click-to-Play rollout to 25% on release. r=bsmedberg
e61f84dd343251723af78ad7db1fb71c713ad1aeRobert Helmer — Bug 1389160 - Use NSPR IO instead of raw fopen. r=kmag, a=jcristau
ce791c147a9f20f694491d23c7b63c04c5b9affaffxbld — No bug, Automated blocklist update from host bld-linux64-spot-307 - a=blocklist-update
6f5c7053282e05a80f73eb3bff1dc6847fdb5b8bTom Prince — Bug 1385950 - Disable test_peerConnection_captureStream_canvas_webgl.html. r=kwierso, a=test-only
84db0efee9dcd62b6794886ac1d2f4090ec9691bGregory Szorc — Bug 1389715 - Vendor latest robustcheckout. r=ted, a=release
f1303aeb525e8c382453a768b14de991cb9986e1ffxbld — No bug - Tagging 45ab6e362747102d00fd75378727fcddcfd35f44 with FIREFOX_55_0_2_BUILD1, FIREFOX_55_0_2_RELEASE a=release CLOSED TREE
40a6e9762bce7d7c1e7e232d7d17ea841bdaeb76ffxbld — No bug - Tagging 45ab6e362747102d00fd75378727fcddcfd35f44 with FENNEC_55_0_2_BUILD1, FENNEC_55_0_2_RELEASE a=release CLOSED TREE
d801af9d45e53ba5a5655e32ec889cd18aa8a247ffxbld — Automatic version bump. CLOSED TREE NO BUG a=release
45ab6e362747102d00fd75378727fcddcfd35f44Kris Maglione — Bug 1389381 - Part 3: Loop over the entire set iterator when truncating a LimitedSet. r=aswan, a=sledru FENNEC_55_0_2_BUILD1 FENNEC_55_0_2_RELEASE FIREFOX_55_0_2_BUILD1 FIREFOX_55_0_2_RELEASE
1b2c15264aee18d2ff1f65015cc26ef2f64fc762Kris Maglione — Bug 1389381 - Part 2: Add slop to the maximum size of a LimitedSet. r=aswan, a=sledru
cdf2b7a4a822dae97bbf3bf2ffd04e365656c324Kris Maglione — Bug 1389381 - Part 1: Synchronously remove rending responses after aborting them. r=aswan, a=sledru
0a353e52e32c93eefaa3cc563c235281c2a1af61Kris Maglione — Bug 1386937 - Fix typo in initialization check. r=trivial, a=sledru
886e7eb6779a75bcf6cc12388c975c96fdd2d5faJared Wein — Bug 1375224 - Remove use of <style scoped> from SelectParentHelper.jsm. r=mconley, a=sledru
6b15cf66208e5c0f2669ed961a6fb9c8ff8afc6fJames Cheng — Bug 1390022 - Add Galaxy S4 SPH-L720 model into blacklist for disabling adaptive playback feature. r=jolin, a=sledru
29c0bc9fb1ad92be89860ec34e565d0e6df2fdeaffxbld — No bug, Automated blocklist update from host bld-linux64-spot-301 - a=blocklist-update
ef72d049bdacbd08f0be254c4a1e283d5c780844Andrew Swan — Bug 1372448 - Remove broken "new profile" check when determining if an addon is sideloaded. r=kmag, a=sledru
db35b8b566a33c2927bbc098ef37ab818c3a1a01Andrew Sutherland — Bug 1388584 - Bind ATTACH DATABASE path argument. r=adw, r=markh, a=sledru
361d734f989121b92495c61e6fc6e29cb4bcbabaGrigory Kruglov — Bug 1386027 - Simplify handleError interfaces for SessionCallback and TelemetryCollector. r=rnewman, a=sledru
db83b30e6c00016939d4b5752b4e16684e018706Jan Henning — Bug 1379374 - Write tabs to disk that don't have a tab type yet. r=snorp, a=sledru
7241df9e83ed802c70a7cdce3cee5df344279cadffxbld — No bug - Tagging cace0357d40e875ea45b9ccad99f8785fc2cdb50 with FIREFOX_55_0_1_BUILD2, FIREFOX_55_0_1_RELEASE a=release CLOSED TREE
0f984b7dda3629c68a0a8d9af514f4a84c285d9cffxbld — Automatic version bump. CLOSED TREE NO BUG a=release
cace0357d40e875ea45b9ccad99f8785fc2cdb50Sylvestre Ledru — bug 1388628 - Backed out changeset 7ac40f983b13 (bug 1365541)to fix a tab restoration issue r=dao a=me FIREFOX_55_0_1_BUILD2 FIREFOX_55_0_1_RELEASE
e56fed89e8ac27815207bfbbaccb0ea90a57de7eNicholas Hurley — Bug 1388160 - Disable prefetch (again). r=jduell a=sylvestre
3adc9de7f0de0f235eeb3c9f047a2076bd49a2f8Sylvestre Ledru — Bug 1388370 - land NSS NSS_3_31_1_RTM UPGRADE_NSS_RELEASE. Need to fix a deadlock (see 1381784) r=me a=me
d8a11d7e960e24252a58c3d705fc525322ff58ccSylvestre Ledru — Backed out changeset 7ac40f983b13 (bug 1386224) to fix the WNP regression r=rstrong a=me
4502ca8f2f51835179d2462e290a798ae2f39656ffxbld — No bug - Tagging 9e30e915f1325f041d01c722bd640300f32dc9c3 with FENNEC_55_0_BUILD2, FENNEC_55_0_RELEASE a=release CLOSED TREE
74dacb99a1698ad87fba7f471be87dc4001d216cffxbld — No bug, Automated blocklist update from host bld-linux64-spot-302 - a=blocklist-update
31f514099165614b89a1092ac1005d1d3efb507fffxbld — No bug - Tagging 9e30e915f1325f041d01c722bd640300f32dc9c3 with FIREFOX_55_0_BUILD3, FIREFOX_55_0_RELEASE a=release CLOSED TREE
8b5e17c4299211ab022f25a9d7030dcb67a17365ffxbld — Automatic version bump. CLOSED TREE NO BUG a=release
9e30e915f1325f041d01c722bd640300f32dc9c3Honza Bambas — Bug 1386759 - Disable HTTP response throttling feature for regressions. r=jduell, a=sledru FENNEC_55_0_BUILD2 FENNEC_55_0_RELEASE FIREFOX_55_0_BUILD3 FIREFOX_55_0_RELEASE
87438d030cb53a86da548c4c5836bfe00551af97Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 1387078 - Disable one-touch-pinch for 55 release. a=sledru
cfaefaaafa4d086a5ca023b735620f6476cdbe44Jim Chen — Bug 1382724 - Capture select and input click events. r=me, a=sledru