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Tue Feb 10 14:14:40 2015 +0000
7e952380edfde4a4f1a4e05a0631fe3d69437953David Burns — Bug 1107336: Update b2g desktop imports of marionette; r=jgriffin
017ebbbec94595b6c6587b8b778203659403f4cbDavid Burns — Bug 1107336: Update Marionette unit tests to use Marionette Driver modules; r=jgriffin
d51b622a4cdd3f6d46431b08ce350f8f43ba77bdDavid Burns — Bug 1107336: update Marionette-Client dependencies to include marionette driver; r=jgriffin
9447a0d86df3eb46b09f676fc96cb695bb23f8c0David Burns — Bug 1107336: selection tests imports for marionette; r=jgriffin
e49460d1418ed4774cc48f2f6374835b1ac3d501David Burns — Bug 1107336: correct loop imports for marionette; r=jgriffin
3a7681af74d9cdaa40526d4b860a7dd2f8a8775dDavid Burns — Bug 1107336: Update imports to new Marionette Driver from runner; r=jgriffin
422ef5ccd63bbd8573737edf3c427a6e2a02c142David Burns — Bug 1107336: update tests not covered by manifest for when they are ready; r=jgriffin
7559c5a1a2585a3b7b2db45c695147cc1857d75cDavid Burns — Bug 1107336: Update testsuite targets to make sure MarionetteDriver is available; r=jgriffin
5dbe5073eb9cfe4dc86903daafa92d5dd1e0241bDavid Burns — Bug 1107336: Move marionette code for driving the browser out of the runner; r=jgriffin
13a7557e547d046d11be7b754daf1fd2d2e6e440David Burns — Bug 1107336: Update layout tests that use marionette to use new Marionette Driver module; r=jgriffin
889066c306e0dffc35669e4c4910d34aa9c11ab9David Burns — Bug 1107336: Update mach for newly created MarionetteDriver; r=jgriffin
5230eedd78c44e67b0df0da79fd2838ee1336170David Burns — Bug 1107336: Update b2g desktop imports to use marionette driver; r=ahal
bf8aff9d15d3b0ca90d6cecd3ed0d6bf3685396dJoel Maher — Bug 1110982 - [backout] tracking bug to get --run-by-dir enabled for 'oth' job on trunk. r=RyanVM
c731517a47e8c56b5ead1e3741c886b8dec78976Masatoshi Kimura — Bug 1124039 - Enable RC4 only if ClientHelloVersion <= TLS 1.0. r=keeler
5a35ca7c0adce48b6e04e4002f6e4c8542855f24Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 930939 - Switch the B2G controller thread from the main thread to the compositor thread. r=botond,mwu
e2b0f9037728379e4b3d9953f2a3bdecd0a3f79bKartikaya Gupta — Bug 930939 - Add a function to encapsulate running things on the APZ controller thread. r=botond
d805db38cd5f27ee110702db9a1bb9a0e1a08bdaKartikaya Gupta — Bug 930939 - Move thread assertion code into APZThreadUtils and add more assertions. r=botond
2e9984133216a96cd19fe2db1e2cd5ad91783d9fSeth Fowler — Bug 1130802 - Always prefer decoded surfaces when substituting surfaces for downscale-during-decode. r=dholbert
162e8e32b182a9a0f2e240836fcedff175915b87Brian Hackett — Bug 1126629 - Refine handling of minimal intervals in the backtracking allocator, r=sunfish.
32d06ff1119a1a804e3406210d1383bea114857cCarsten "Tomcat" Book — Backed out changeset 96de29a78170 (bug 1096800) for xperf perma failures
87b7034309e232385c6cb3b2cfed8127d5d9602fCameron McCormack — Bug 1067755 - Store relevant style data rather than style context pointers on transformed text runs. r=jdaggett
57c7031c2951c28e0b8965dfc2a9254e223662adCarsten "Tomcat" Book — Backed out changeset cab2c930fa02 (bug 1067755) for static analysis build bustage
4dcfb660c4f278479c4df950368a4a56328851d1Kaustabh Datta Choudhury — Bug 1056851 - [layout] Change existing callers of SpecialPowers.setBoolPref/setIntPref/setCharPref to SpecialPowers.pushPrefEnv. r=jmaher
c753cf3a00d3175dbe284e43c5dc160396986bcdMilan Sreckovic — Bug 1130971 - Null pointer checks before dispatching. r=mattwoodrow
00137d5cdc70d329c21160fe8fcd043bfe2aa7dfAndrew Comminos — Bug 1126094 - Adds high resolution display support to GdkScreen. r=karlt
7ac0b61a1b0231a2a3f721de5ceffa734e4ddbfeJerryShih — Bug 1129686 - Update cms profile in SRGBOverrideObserver callback. r=jmuizelaar
7d0e23391d531a9df4ddd219c381c0c4c28874deDragana Damjanovic — Bug 1108957 - Add per network interface dns query. This is possible only with gonk. r=mayhemer
cab2c930fa0223e617393cca01c14eeea8d3aab7Cameron McCormack — Bug 1067755 - Store relevant style data rather than style context pointers on transformed text runs. r=jdaggett
cd37bba635eb52097b47905ae02888d82a7b53a2Frédéric Wang — Bug 1110056 - Merge nsMathMLmphantomFrame into nsMathMLmrowFrame. r=jkitch
c6ef2ee2020f35fb6015e5f45e22e729b27cfdf9Ted Clancy — Bug 1000305 - Part 2 - imported patch bug-1000305-fix-part2. r=mcmanus
bfa7ca09a3c7fb1211385933542db1cba2f3d90aTed Clancy — Bug 1000305 - Part 1 - Add a getIcon() method. r=fabrice r=ehsan
45f1e9acde3e05e871a2544627994b3a9738fc40Cykesiopka — Bug 897690 - Remove misleading error message from AppendErrorTextUntrusted. r=dkeeler
9af435afa2b649305f6576f42eb22a25a83a7257Jonathan Kew — Bug 1127935 - Check for null when trying to load 'head' table, to avoid crashing on non-sfnt fonts. r=jdaggett
ab8180c889da1571e17f107577ab6697228dcfaeRobert Longson — Bug 1108887 - Backout part 3 and part 4 of bug 949435 (SVG iframe). r=birtles sr=bzbarsky
f83176aaffe9e076c21d6617ae6ff47e165bf3b0Bob Owen — Bug 1129369 Part 3: Turn on MITIGATION_STRICT_HANDLE_CHECKS process-level mitigation for the GMP sandbox. r=tabraldes
6cb61619e34f9a3e6ff0c2c253d18e19d910c1b6Bob Owen — Bug 1129369 Part 2: Turn on BOTTOM_UP_ASLR process-level mitigation for the GMP sandbox. r=tabraldes
bd213a5766714a5b6c93bf7a31fbf2bf000d4411Bob Owen — Bug 1129369 Part 1: Turn on DEP_NO_ATL_THUNK process-level mitigation for the GMP sandbox. r=tabraldes
1938c82eaf522f4e9b03df197fbc88d022df9e2bJan de Mooij — Bug 1128196 - Don't relazify scripts with a TypeScript. r=till
96de29a78170a00037513000d4fc71e453cc701fIan Moody — Bug 1096800 - Default sans-serif font for zh-CN on windows is mapped to SimSun, which is actually a serif font. r=jdaggett
795e5c73a3a67cb05984e8a0639b2bc51ac03f8fMasayuki Nakano — Bug 1131026 Rename nsITextInputProcessor.init() and .initForTests() to .beginInputTransaction() and .beginInputTransactionForTests() r=smaug, sr=smaug
f13b5763c5ce01c385aac6b51f83f1ce8626f887Tooru Fujisawa — Bug 1130785 - Fix JS_HAS_EXPR_CLOSURES macro conditions. r=shu
df1e73a2888c2cfceab06f88cbe371b8a35e7c61JW Wang — Bug 1114826 - run test_eme_persistent_sessions.html tests after MediaKeySession.update() to avoid collision with MediaKeySession.load(). r=edwin.
88682971f399b5bc1d7bdc7d51fe622d8119bccdSeth Fowler — Bug 1129804 - Flip on decode-on-draw on B2G. r=me
a48321b8bd00f78e5d377c6a5cde201f391c66bcSeth Fowler — Bug 1130707 - Make decode-on-draw-only image notifications more robust. r=tn
f97eece7bdb6712fe9033c65c2b6d48ae10719a4Seth Fowler — Bug 1128769 (Part 6) - Remove imgIContainer::IsDecoded and all remaining callers. r=tn
e2239d5fcb1e9c2b9d17dc65e734b5ce81069426Seth Fowler — Bug 1128769 (Part 5) - Record the last draw result for various less common frame types and use it to decide whether to sync decode. r=tn
a72dc404ea1ff83b8c53129b6b9af773a7b53375Seth Fowler — Bug 1128769 (Part 4) - Record the last draw result when drawing CSS tables and use it to decide whether to sync decode. r=tn
d6c37a5ec39cc1d7891728369de0b55e465f4306Seth Fowler — Bug 1128769 (Part 3) - Record the last draw result when drawing CSS backgrounds and use it to decide whether to sync decode. r=tn
893dcee72667e237ea74539437cbba1eab0a7b2bSeth Fowler — Bug 1128769 (Part 2) - Check if we invalidated for a sync decode and never painted before invalidating for sync decoding again. r=tn
a4be606796ba06bf348c974ad37aa0ccf970a629Seth Fowler — Bug 1128769 (Part 1) - Propagate the imgIContainer::Draw result through the nsLayoutUtils::PaintBackground* functions. r=tn
c3d9696f856f74c9a294d2794241c2aa7717c938Shu-yu Guo — Bug 1130698 - Fix spewing constructors for optimization tracking. (r=djvj)
9ca32c3e11cbcb5facf59bf24fc708a261c3fe51Shu-yu Guo — Bug 1129781 - Re-lookup JIT code return addr when stringifying optimization info instead of caching the index. (r=djvj)
ba9da2364774fc1fe2ea47941c325d1e6b7cbe75Shu-yu Guo — Bug 1130756 - Set BaselineFrame's isDebuggee flag before any operation that can re-enter the VM. (r=jandem)
b266a69f1947eba525712b4e8c472e3003f816eeL. David Baron — Bug 680547 bustage fix: Make #pragmas be #ifndef __clang__. No review.
3023f9390942ce022a214b224f18cb01bb24daa0L. David Baron — Bug 680547 - Compile Linux 64-bit NS_InvokeByIndex with -mno-avx to allow compiling with -march=native on new hardware, or similar -march flags. r=froydnj
cb655f416527aa70f67fcf8992cf814f843af311Tooru Fujisawa — Bug 1025184 - Make ConstTwoByteChars a Range. r=jandem
8b46de889f4c191321ad2728f466be51f4054eddChris Peterson — Bug 1093721 - Avoid ReferenceError when trying to instantiate Components.classes[';1']. r=qdot
b9f575d77835d8d4beb3953af552187de0640bf3Chris Peterson — Bug 1130828 - Fix clang -Widiomatic-parentheses and -Wsemicolon-before-method-body warnings. r=smichaud
01fb7f94f61d9f4a473501171cb0f35d4afa8098Benoit Girard — Bug 1085223 - Comment out occlusion culling for now. r=mattwoodrow
4298e517d29b530a240c49094ba8bad6d748d524JW Wang — Bug 1130906 - remove HTMLMediaElement.waitingFor for spec. changes. r=cpearce. r=bz.
9b3ea7966b91bdcdb8c547d45fedb6a0a1724a0bJW Wang — Bug 1130275 - correct promise chaining for EME mochitests. r=edwin.
0f4fc6a418ed71564195cde9979d7588688515a5JW Wang — Bug 1128420 - remove finished output streams from MediaDecoder::mOutputStreams. r=roc.
eec32dc1a5394a2f3e07e1f66ea7480b9098be90Markus Stange — Bug 1130892 - Allow vibrancy in popups from non-chrome prescontexts. r=roc
7b0674e3a899966d7b1a98caf1dbda17f7624c51Bobby Holley — Bug 1120030 - Test for timestampOffset. r=jya
9a9b1ee1a69e2e181bcae69fa475ae08aa34afaaMatthew Gregan — Bug 1131340 - Avoid template aliasing since GCC 4.6 lacks support. r=cpearce
9d40ef2ea8b84ce418c789e8052a9a3c7968378bMatthew Gregan — Bug 1131340 - Avoid delegating constructors since GCC 4.6 lacks support. r=cpearce
8e41d641fabb6def712229ecf99138aa8e8ff599Gary Kwong — Bug 1030842 - Typo fix for configure when --enable-export-js is set. r=glandium
b7e806aa4fe8180f66e70db6d0257af6f39b9351Christoph Kerschbaumer — Bug 1130816 - Bad argument passed to newChannelFromURI2 in WindowsPreviewPerTab.jsm (r=gijs)
40c95e7f4f4bd7a7d58acb4392e7e3cf73b6c8d8Luke Wagner — Bug 1121433 - Remove clone-at-call-site functionality (r=shu,jandem)
84877a7e03338c92ddc8d6542db6e38df936f8cfLuke Wagner — Bug 1125561 - silence unsigned-compare-against-zero warning on platforms with zero ShadowStackSpace (r=red)
ce28246c736f15f5d08a52462405ec829aff18fdLuke Wagner — Bug 1125561 - OdinMonkey: align FFIs for Ion calls (r=bbouvier)
041bb339a4ead7365ce46311264c27a42f5dd4fcJim Mathies — Bug 1103177 - follow up to delete a .rej file. DONTBUILD
20729b28eb1e1d7f0d9e9e6e2c61e7050f09884fNicholas Nethercote — Bug 1127201 (attempt 2, part 1) - Replace most NS_ABORT_IF_FALSE calls with MOZ_ASSERT. r=Waldo.
efa2c7310cd165c39b52cb64d4fe6b09e4c8e6f8Dhi Aurrahman — Bug 1113003: Remove domain level lookup from ServiceWorkerManager. r=nsm
5b9ea986e22581387fd2fe2e9d4929be44281b09Matthew Gregan — Bug 1130923 - Remove some DASHDecoder remnants: RestrictedAccessMonitor and GetByteRangeForSeek. r=cpearce
80d3d1eef2f6050ac9334853883ac6d09108bef8L. David Baron — Bug 983817 - Pad heap allocations passed to flag_qsort() on x86 Linux to work around gcc bug affecting Ubuntu packages. r=froydnj
78a06f2602a3374d28bf18da9aaee4b723a258c5David Burns — Bug 1084125: Allow requiredCapabilities in Marionette, if they are not fulfilled then a new session is not created; r=chmanchester
9b48b7847f4579a6a12a63878ea41953d5e3b25cDavid Burns — Bug 1084125: Add in SessionNotCreatedException to marionette; r=chmanchester
612eff467e8e16efac0bf6f67a7b31517d1e8322David Burns — Bug 1084125: Merge in desired capabilities when passed in on new session; r=chmanchester