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Wed Feb 11 16:57:44 2015 +0000
c35bd0716e86cc8011defaacf73ec3012ae0128eWander Lairson Costa — Bug 1130467: Add flame-kk build to try server.
c8e22ce4600fdf045ce92fd0cd1bbe0284a62dc5B2G Bumper Bot — Bumping manifests a=b2g-bump
8fa892f40bb7923265e29cab6e031dcf6f9d206aB2G Bumper Bot — Bumping gaia.json for 2 gaia revision(s) a=gaia-bump
2411b6e3a97d5723a62118451e7b5a166c28a7e6Carsten "Tomcat" Book — Merge mozilla-central to b2g-inbound
38058cb42a0ee28016d2cc619568b45249202799Carsten "Tomcat" Book — merge mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central a=merge
0ebc9ae84e41d2eb6d21f0670a433605ac017dceAndrea Marchesini — Bug 1131700 - ServiceWorkerManager::CreateServiceWorker should use RuntimeService::GetOrCreateService. r=nsm
3f2ea7b6061f7dc30fddf37ec982b12d37b11c05JW Wang — Bug 1130932 - allow GMPDecryptorParent::RecvKeyStatusChanged calls after Close(). r=edwin.
6395adc26b8e7527f9c94a5688ebe8fcd77fd4cfJW Wang — Bug 1130917 - Part 3 - fix EME gtests. r=edwin.
533acf8bbd7f5b5f7aa609e5cc5a8290e6d3c372JW Wang — Bug 1130917 - Part 2 - improve error handling of StoreData() and ReadData(). r=edwin.
3cae567c6470135160476397601ee3b6afa0b907JW Wang — Bug 1130917 - Part 1 - disallow multiple records with the same name in GMPStorageChild::CreateRecord(). r=edwin
d892c2a1b1db3afc9431f749a146e4136717b791Morris Tseng — Bug 1130256 - Prevent unwanted scrolling event. r=roc
1b3b467f1df502c15a336452ef8a6a4748a2e888Alexandre Lissy — Bug 1129173 - Properly detect B2G for workers interface tests. r=bent
42a06f4f0de9e8b2bfac94bafee684287b495de8Victor Carlquist — Bug 1129148 - Wrote a MACRO to generate conditions to inline SIMD instructions (sub, mul, and, or, xor). r=nbp
f0e72019665369fa87ec61ad984c3f0fa42fcab4Andrea Marchesini — Bug 1121722 - Chrome-only DOM File constructors should use lastModified attribute. r=bz
c2edf7d18983e1169cbf0ca5ef0996309a14980dDave Huseby — Bug 1114667 - crash in js::VectorToIdArray(JSContext*, JS::AutoIdVector&, JSIdArray**). r=bholley
179a122ae672c40638791c1bd751c9ffa4659ca7Ian Moody — Bug 1096800 - Default sans-serif font for zh-CN on windows is mapped to SimSun, which is actually a serif font. r=jmaher
7e57011701b9127563ad71d427a70555cd0e6d74Ting-Yu Chou — Bug 1127189 part 2 - Initialize browser API directly to get rid of nsBrowserElement observers. r=kanru
20f6c0ee944d287300eae04e2d32ab167d1a4668Ting-Yu Chou — Bug 1127189 part 1 - Avoid redundant observers from ParticularProcessPriorityManager. r=khuey
5e39cbc525ad091f8ee8cd2a9fbfcf49f3e89c36Brian Smith — Bug 1130754: Avoid recalculating tbsCertificate digest, r=keeler
8ed8507adfcf2c72c30c5715243efdaa28497cb4Phil Ringnalda — Back out 35e75bce4db4 (bug 1087744) for xpcshell bustage
d9437013657a452e61138f28a92534fed4392c03Jean-Yves Avenard — Bug 1128939: Part1. Ensure we have any space in the media buffer before writing. r=k17e
8d1478ae4bc8a17bd7fcbdee1d9d97aa8f1041bbJean-Yves Avenard — Bug 1130913: Only create a new decoder if we have a new media segment. r=mattwoodrow
12295330cc7c37b61c7a93261e3432cebf5e01daJean-Yves Avenard — Bug 1131487: Adjust negative start time near 0 to 0. r=mattwoodrow
d47b6f729996bab33d27cfcecb743870e2dc6531Jean-Yves Avenard — Bug 1131487: Fix time calculations when segment doesn't start at 0. r=mattwoodrow
922c04acbb95741993785673da559b41ebf1657eChris Peterson — Bug 1118076 - Remove obsolete comment about #including Attributes.h for MOZ_THIS_IN_INITIALIZER_LIST. DONTBUILD r=seth
a4786600afa56d4c62a367746cca690502cf27e3David Anderson — Disable layers flattening if APZ is enabled. (bug 1131389, r=mattwoodrow)
91100de4f2ad561068c9639705633c7e800c8656Christoph Kerschbaumer — Bug 1087744: Make JS callers of ios.newChannel call ios.newChannel2 in toolkit/ (r=gijs)
35e75bce4db42b46aa307e41737dd983cf9fceeaChristoph Kerschbaumer — Bug 1087744: Make JS callers of ios.newChannel call ios.newChannel2 in toolkit/ - tests (r=gijs)
3dd00f92694aeb6a948be6371eea736691f224ccChristoph Kerschbaumer — Bug 1087744: Make JS callers of ios.newChannel call ios.newChannel2 in toolkit/content/ (r=bsmedberg)
a542293c8f5908f9667a38c234e473182bb3853aChristoph Kerschbaumer — Bug 1087744: Make JS callers of ios.newChannel call ios.newChannel2 in toolkit/components/osfile (r=yoric)
d4a6a7ae9109aeb3e10bfc4605c6491651b83f7dChristoph Kerschbaumer — Bug 1115193 - Make JS callers of ios.newChannel call ios.newChannel2 in browser/devtools - tests (r=vporof)
2f8e6c5d718879888bab5aff5a7829d35239334fChristoph Kerschbaumer — Bug 1115193 - Make JS callers of ios.newChannel call ios.newChannel2 in browser/devtools (r=vporof)
72823d7a525031819b81a3ce012bbdad8eb75e2dPaul Adenot — Bug 1131768 - Unlock before tearing down the stream in case of error, to avoid recursive locking. r=kinetik
7a7e30dbc96cf5e3384f72a69e93e5a705ae4440William Chen — Bug 1087460 - Part 2: Call attached and detached callback when attached and detached to/from the composed document. r=smaug
09b002eaa381c992fa255074d482286a7a935681William Chen — Bug 1087460 - Part 1: Make GetComposedDoc() work in UnbindFromTree. r=smaug
a4cf56d0e98ff7059ba78e8fdb34f8494cd01186Nicholas Nethercote — Back out changesets 2fcef6b54be7, 2be07829fefc, 66dfe37b8532, df3fcd2be8fd, 0a436bce77a6 (bug 1050035) for causing intermittent crashes and assertion failures.
516285b8e2d9a1d1abdf8580cb3b9d8c5d6c5094Robert Strong — Bug 1131725 - Don't clear app.update.enabled and app.update.staging.enabled test user prefs in test_9999_cleanup.xul. r=spohl
797821677a2740f9055c02b8e83bcd3add87b140Milan Sreckovic — Bug 1090910: Use gfxCriticalError to show painted regions if they end up in a bad state. Debug only crash, but will show up in about:support. r=benwa
bd14f3a87117fff507d965a8648d76b3254bf0e6Tooru Fujisawa — Bug 1125934 - Discard redundant NS_COMPOSITION_CHANGE event which is send just before NS_COMPOSITION_END on TSF. r=masayuki
0351fbdeb37c6426184c81bd3ab138a1489032b8Mike Hommey — Fixup bug 1121269 for b2g bustage on a CLOSED TREE. r=me
7d5ff7ffa118a5065ca0431a75c9980c64ca6876Edwin Flores — Bug 1113474 - Release MediaKeys when cleaning up pending promises - r=jwwang
5321b4fff1ae033885acc95bfde94bec94bacc2bMike Connor — Bug 1131825 - Fennec distribution code doesn't handle localized preferences correctly, r=rnewman
b2d5c23581df1c09f8bd5f4d33adeae95e11bcf2Neil Deakin — Bug 1059219, show text-related items (clipboard, undo, etc) in context menu for input type=number, r=mconley
d0843288388d1c47a0795ebd8eb3f9fc0f6823ddShu-yu Guo — No bug - Fix typo in nsISlowScriptDebug.idl (r=billm)
5a3852f540bba20977c05c0cb9b5b24582fd4b39Chris Manchester — Bug 906712 - Add a switch_to_alert API to marionette for handling alerts;r=automatedtester
f81edee561a2dafcdab6527259e7ef3cb00dede5Chris Manchester — Bug 906712 - Tab modal dialog support for marionette.;r=automatedtester
cb060bdcd109649f7e6914752ce586a8215baf85Terrence Cole — Bug 1130475 - Part 3: Fixup the GC triggers comment; r=sfink
dbdd3dd875ed219356da2e2207f35df108ef6300Terrence Cole — Bug 1130475 - Part 2: Simplify refillFreeList now that the GC trigger is elsewhere; r=sfink
c0d444fcf74cceafbef42d5fde8577feaa99d9baTerrence Cole — Bug 1130475 - Part 1: Move last-ditch IGC heap overflow trigger to CheckAllocatorState; r=sfink
6049b08ce1d20b53a2182d6f0b197bd31bdc2eb5Robert Strong — Bug 1062253 - Exception calling callback: TypeError: this._backgroundUpdateCheckCodePing is not a function @ nsUpdateService.js:2380:8. r=spohl
07e692be90a50c0f89dcf6f31bc1b8193986ac18Xidorn Quan — Bug 1089431 part 4 - Add reftest for line-breaking between ruby bases. r=jfkthame
e72b4bc2eddb4cd46024590d4f604e59a3f57334Xidorn Quan — Bug 1089431 part 3 - Make line breaking inside ruby be triggered at correct time. r=jfkthame
eada1a2a1b28db0cedc06da6b079df5ba7cf22c8Xidorn Quan — Bug 1089431 part 2 - Break between ruby bases according to line-breaking rules. r=jfkthame
27ea871e6e5c457cb340efa5ae0c4a59a0768736Xidorn Quan — Bug 1089431 part 1 - Skip ruby text containers when building text runs. r=roc
9d052bbf89aa850327c457e17c929a7b4e7614f4Neil Deakin — Bug 1100653, re-enable these tests now that waitForFocus handles child process windows
f478222a61669bc2a3f6aa3d433bfe85329f038dMike Hommey — Bug 1129244 - [Nuwa] wrap pthread_mutex_trylock. r=thinker
30cc8c82eb2106e7513e554797e2025f9bced37fMike Hommey — Bug 1121269 - Remove TLS keys from bookkeeping in non-Nuwa processes too. r=thinker
af3cf3f3a89955990376012ad3adb69c962f2b1aMike Hommey — Bug 1121269 - Use a LinkedList to store TLS keys for Nuwa, and allocate the first element in a static buffer. r=thinker
2fcbd0b82ec60989f6e8035ea88da7c99ba52f9dMike Hommey — Bug 1121269 - Add an AutoCleanLinkedList template that removes and deletes elements upon destruction. r=Waldo
aac7de995646f3d187d01d7f1e50c19bd00fd738Mike Hommey — Bug 1059797 - Really share the same zlib inflate buffers for SeekableZStream chunks. r=nfroyd
2e72d754d8d04ddf3e3cf2ed16fa0c5a4b8f0765Mike Conley — No bug - disable test_open_in_new_window_shortcut Marionette test for e10s to fix bustage on a CLOSED TREE. a=KWierso
079a6f0578b9d43973817764324784a8a8172639Terrence Cole — Bug 1130226 - Fix splay performance by continuing to pass the context to GC on a CLOSED TREE; r=sfink, a=KWierso
18ae6f259c06e373218bafb532b68c019777c055Wes Kocher — Backed out changeset 91c1bd885ad9 (bug 1121577) for Gip failures on a CLOSED TREE
e3b66bc377064b06a8484b04270778b210638e0eEdwin Flores — Bug 1113474 - Keep MediaKeys alive until it has resolved all of its stored promises - r=cpearce
6f42cfe37f5c43fd7ccc58c516f721508bd25ecdWes Kocher — Backed out changeset 7152dc5221cb (bug 1128490) for spidermonkey errors
12a1a7c603257ae3af3b167aa6f3cb3a76949564Seth Fowler — Bug 1129804 - Flip on decode-on-draw on B2G. r=me
268487086acab3ab9d6ff55ca473c263f79f0031Seth Fowler — Bug 1130707 (Followup) - Add missing return statement. r=me
7fed536bd68978c0f6386f127349613ae0fd0ab5Jeff Walden — Add missing null-checks to a couple places in object literal parsing. No bug, r=efaust over IRL
97e200fe37d479cf8b713c93cc86b313e11ee7a4Jeff Walden — Bug 1130811 - Remove the unused foldConstants bool from both ParseHandler classes. r=luke
3b00f60dbd69e3a82c699765967341f6ebb68349Jeff Walden — Bug 1130811 - Always use list nodes (albeit in some circumstances with only two elements), and never binary nodes, to represent various binary operations. r=luke
b560b5afe0c48dfc380e4b5d55067bc9ed106df4Jeff Walden — Bug 1130811 - Add a few extra arity assertions to ContainsHoistedDeclaration for documentation of various kinds' arities. r=adding-assertions-only
5a850bc4ea8fe8cee9fb030373239c80f112095fJeff Walden — Bug 1130811 - Examine nodes kind-wise when deciding whether a node contains a hoisted declaration. r=shu
f28e0ce04e93863d08d6b51e7cc75553cd3b19f9Jeff Walden — Bug 1130811 - Split out of PNK_LET (used for let declarations, deprecated let blocks, and deprecated let expressions) additional PNK_LETBLOCK and PNK_LETEXPR kinds. r=shu
079473f453ed0927d032020fd3054a64591a931aJeff Walden — Bug 1130811 - Remove PNK_FINALLY as unused. r=shu
2fa5eafb19ee14002c7eb05e1881cefae494ac2eJeff Walden — Bug 1130811 - Actually use PNK_CATCHLIST so that PNK_CATCH isn't used for multiple arities and situations in practice. r=shu
f37bded46028812a125ee184d1ca9a46bc9c05cbJeff Walden — Bug 1130811 - Remove the unused PNK_ELSE. r=shu
0db39f732328a2bb42c0bb2367a1d32d5edbd47aJeff Walden — Bug 1125096 - Implement JS_DECLARE_NEW_METHODS and JS_DECLARE_MAKE_METHODS using variadic templates, not a gazillion unreadable lines of copypasta. r=jorendorff
3fe8d7d7f9f7373d0d3a3341d1a46347c06c85c7Brian Smith — Bug 1122841, Part 2: Centralize checking of public key, r=keeler
75c440d6b2fff1191f4a48807243e5be1783c12aBrian Smith — Bug 1122841, Part 1: Add PositiveInteger parser, r=keeler
80a2f25792fc84d2137ed485d07e8afefefe06c8Brian Smith — Bug 1128413, Part 4: Fix warnings in mozilla-config.h and gcc-stl-wrapper.template.h, r=glandium
d17a125c8ee74f60dfae9e5637885b9cc33bc667Brian Smith — Bug 1128413, Part 3: Enable more compiler warnings, r=mmc
09c407963c95928f8c5e8742256a3f740edcb06bBrian Smith — Bug 1128413, Part 2: Don't use double underscores any more
e9f7e2678bfb4437ec88669970d20a6f7c8aba07Brian Smith — Bug 1128413, Part 1: Fix switch-related warnings, r=mmc
ed3e996b3805c641dbda53c83907f87d3302995aMike Conley — Bug 1047603 - Make SessionStore test browser_423132.js wait for new e10s window tab to be restored. r=ttaubert.
179ab8bb80aeb209b9c7ce2565defa1395ed9e02Mike Conley — Bug 1047603 - Make Marionette server force the initial browser to be remote when in an e10s window. r=chmanchester.
be43b4de674dac19ea48a5ed23d7bb64fca734fdMike Conley — Bug 1047603 - Fix browser_394759_behaviour.js test. r=ttaubert.
573126edf2c8e851dc44bc2348af056994537f43Mike Conley — Bug 1047603 - Disable test browser_bug880101.js for e10s. r=Mossop.
1c3db6fcbc6ccb1451f4b957ab45e872f21663b7Mike Conley — Bug 1047603 - Fix passing xul:tab in the initialization of a new e10s window. r=Mossop.
8f27590f84179816352c9e2fad4b8f9b472e2535Mike Conley — Bug 1047603 - Re-enable browser_bug562649.js test for e10s. r=Mossop.
fc4dbee3da2bad065f28c74b931e4258b56a9d53Mike Conley — Bug 1047603 - Regression test. r=Mossop.
73e42f528ee6fe304357312b5e922567f4799dd3Mike Conley — Bug 1047603 - Make TabParent::AnswerCreateWindow force the initial browser to be remote in a new window. r=smaug.
2d57d1d460071e691fa054a60d4cd75a7945fdabMike Conley — Bug 1047603 - Non-remote tabs and chrome in e10s windows do not handle target=_blank or links properly. r=Mossop.
a793dd926e901c293fe5a228120653234587c2f5Till Schneidereit — Bug 1130059 - Enable Shumway by default in Nightly on OS X and Windows Vista+ for whitelisted SWFs. r=gavin
94441f9274e817f702a23427a66bd83bbc888b12Brian Hackett — Bug 1127303 - Avoid recursive sweeping of object groups, r=jandem.
f543e83304e91c4ac273ab9f07aa4d8df0ef6a9eMike Shal — Bug 1123990 - installer needs voucher.bin; r=glandium, r=cpearce
117e52087be31a7cba51699f9b8e73b9b9e0cf25Carsten "Tomcat" Book — merge b2g-inbound to mozilla-central a=merge
a803874de08577b9fad063866f9c61262fb3bf75Richard Newman — Bug 1126240 - Correctly encode APK paths in SearchEngineManager. r=margaret
bcc03debfb8f306b73e0ff2bd98a043294b2c08dWes Kocher — Backed out changeset ea1ed091f31e (bug 1126240) for android build failures
b323b586b5e62fe83e77d3dbefc86b0dd950e96cRichard Newman — Bug 1131257 - Part 1: split LocalReadingListDB out of LocalBrowserDB. r=margaret
ea1ed091f31eb3dc92bcbb5d70d14a710c782346Richard Newman — Bug 1126240 - Correctly encode APK paths in SearchEngineManager. r=margaret
6692f4d0a461c515da6eee86d8d86f9799be5b87Victor Porof — Bug 1131577 - Waterfall view can scroll outside the visible bounds if the flamegraph view was initialized before a recording was started, r=jsantell
7c4d19d34725ac259cadd9b5bcc02c6918c34491Victor Porof — Bug 1131572 - DetailsView.setAvailableViews should be a task, r=jsantell
f02908372053c2b33e7225a43bc053790df4b59cWes Kocher — Backed out changeset b04123c901ac (bug 1121210) for Mn failures