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Wed May 25 22:36:54 2016 +0000
74e5368577865fe7bc1dfcee4692b3ba33c2689bGregory Szorc — Bug 1267781 - Bump minimum Mercurial version on a number of extensions; r=smacleod
f3c508b6292133376aacba82969a43cf29f0cc87Gregory Szorc — Bug 1267781 - Bump modern Mercurial version to 3.7.3; r=smacleod
fbcbc3e1aa5bbae2d25f6037b543ff9028e0121aYura Zenevich — Bug 1275586 - adding description caching tests. r=eeejay
f59273abb81006a6bd85c8287849eacd32d63ca7Sebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset 22c42d243a5c (bug 1271830) for unexpected pass of test_EXT_color_buffer_float.html on Android. r=backout
3b6fb13e56de5ad9a53cda7209e22eb1c51451bbRalph Giles — Bug 1266309 - Use fallible rust thread::Builder. r=kinetik
eff54d521d78abcacfbd8426ccb9cc71b0182ce5Randell Jesup — Bug 1275703: remove saved state about configuration of the VoiceEngine r=jib
42a7a846a11b395b5228d0c5ca1b331d1f62fdb2Gregory Szorc — Bug 1275623 - Don't use --revision to pass symbolic revisions; r=jlund
836c207f205f3e0f9e40a447a568c8a8b71a59e6Chris AtLee — Bug 1267712 - Add autoland configuration to mozharness r=jlund
6251c1e010a14c930402ae2dcefb2dce38679640Geoff Brown — Bug 1274395 - Delete pending crash reports before running tests; r=jmaher
0ffc66933c30c941fc7ab26d7458377047dec9c1Geoff Brown — Bug 1270544 - Update taskcluster Android build settings; r=dustin
1663fc3667704a407270f3395c20719b197763e7Yura Zenevich — Bug 1273904 - reverting webconsole blue focus highlight to dotted outline. r=bgrins
e40a0a79995f436d45560da4865df67d20df12afMorgan Phillips — Bug 1270729 - When stopping slow scripts totally halt script execution; r=bholley
22c42d243a5cb24bd97efa201ecaa4d3c5965502Jeff Gilbert — Bug 1271830 - Update ensure-exts to check webgl2 contexts. - r=jrmuizel
b3b9c70d53be4fbfb38f59cd0619984a3cc6d91cJoel Maher — Bug 1269872 - adjust manifests of all jobs that require a gpu. r=RyanVM,jgilbert
69aaee1090d832a21fcd322f1a1be0e95b99bfbfJeff Gilbert — Bug 1273252 - WARP counts as a performance-caveat. - r=jrmuizel
bd4592d84a9ed24a80a3df7707d3c07284765f2dMats Palmgren — Bug 1272012 - Tweak or disable a few tests for <select size=1> Up/Down key behavior on OSX.
e9c2a7a3f9ca4b47844b20f0d2b39cd8d6056248Mats Palmgren — Bug 1272012 - Support more keys to open and/or toggle a combobox dropdown menu. r=enndeakin
99f8a5fcc34dd5e65d63b2a3928aa90a052cc8ccDaniel Holbert — Bug 1272721: Fix rtl-checking logic in legacy -webkit-box codepath, to actually reverse the correct axis under correct conditions. r=mats
045768176a0b6d39b94d63c6c5d15b78f84050bfAlexander Surkov — Bug 1268069 - embeded object collection may be not updated on removals, r=yzen
97d4fa9f099b14a98d4242f1c73507beb1f70081Tooru Fujisawa — Bug 1275240 - Fix the type of parameter redeclaration from TypeError to SyntaxError. r=shu
dca0aaaa1f59bfd84c1daabc21663cb7604cd76aHannes Verschore — Bug 1260435 - Make RegExp hoistable when it's used only in RegExpBuiltinExec. r=h4writer
369e41626760109257f1ac5f797c713213e7fba2Kyle Machulis — Bug 1269444 - Move Plugin Zoom Value update into SetWindow call; r=bsmedberg
a3a5b2614b5d3479e48dd749270798b9a8c12b07Gregory Szorc — Bug 1275105 - Remove references to MQ from `mach mercurial-setup`; r=smacleod
b284943099b5c9982078193ce21d263e051515ceMaja Frydrychowicz — Bug 1275608 - [mozrunner] Remove wait_for_system_message from Emulator; r=ahal
a50249d48b1e86a3749bccc51ece4d1a827a621cJoel Maher — Bug 1270962 - move tests which access the clipboard to subsuite 'clipboard'. r=bgrins,ryanvm,armenzg
e096709134afdeae68afb26f999dc1c0a2f4de39Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 1273654 - Update a new test to use the new helpers. r=botond
1ac523b371f2408d9dc3c403390387564d811962Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 1273654 - Extract a helper function to run continuation-style tests. r=botond
f163ba08afc61c44fc1b2cacab7df37d8097b1a8Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 1273654 - Reuse the apz test utils in a few more places. r=botond
90341d286f4dcff8ab6d8bc21d5d888bc3bab328Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 1273654 - Extract a helper to check if APZ is enabled or not. r=botond
dcb15e7ac2e212df7e200e6256eced56e149422fKartikaya Gupta — Bug 1273654 - Extract a pushPrefs helper function to simplify test setup. r=botond
f40e481b93488d8868ae01ae4c5f35a832d2b414Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 1273654 - Extract a waitUntilApzStable helper function for tests. r=botond
40bfcafa28c2007ba666ac77d6f63d0cd8ab8eeeKartikaya Gupta — Bug 1273654 - Remove redundant function wrapper. r=botond
5c11ccdcbb7bde52567ad74f617da75292744d5dKartikaya Gupta — Bug 1273654 - Merge the subtests from test_basic_pan into test_group_touchevents. r=botond
9bf50e4ab8ee528b1ddd0c7d5c8699e1a7d06084Andrew Halberstadt — Bug 1275613 - Always schedule a 'file_patterns' job when its task definition has changed, r=dustin
e81b62dcc3326c77339a93e46223cc3cf81cba36Nick Fitzgerald — Bug 1275190 - Assert that the SavedFrame* pointers we get out of js::SavedStacks::frames are not null; r=jimb
a4d93c6954d1e05478eb434072ab35de8577905eAmit Chandra — Bug 1229589 - Implements an efficient version of TCPSocket by removing stale input streams. r=jdm
7909d0735869e171d3daef18be07afef8abb2addSamael Wang — Bug 1069772 - Part 2: Add test case. r=smaug
d9b584a14402209fb9c714b193702aaba53800c8Samael Wang — Bug 1069772 - Part 1: Update document to support prerender visibility state. r=smaug
3a3dcaf968523e481d7501f7e9e420c43362d3ebSebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset 8b5b058bf71f (bug 1270686) for crashes. r=backout on a CLOSED TREE