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Fri May 05 16:12:00 2017 +0000
97434aad5de7beed31a6aafbaafa10b02f97b382Benjamin Bouvier — Bug 1362357: wasm: Move exitReason to the wasm::Frame; r?luke
08a538847683ea096ad34cb1ace47e18e63c9257Benjamin Bouvier — Bug 1360263: Move WasmActivation::resumePC to the Runtime; r=luke
9bc797baedf3d5b7a94b706b0838ff814b189dbbDavid Anderson — Don't synchronously composite when resizing widgets on Windows. (bug 1361257, r=bas)
6a64c4f2455422e0e759ac749b028aec38779ebeDavid Anderson — Wait for CreateCompositorDevices to finish before creating DeviceAttachmentsD3D11. (bug 1362145, r=bas)