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Wed May 31 14:57:03 2017 +0000
9ba0094ff873633588d9a097051db7356fb94283James Graham — Bug 1363428 - Add per-test-queue metadata to wptrunner, r=maja_zf
52ecaffee00cae47b9c1cd012d3f385f800bdabbJames Graham — Bug 1363428 - Switch wptrunner to use a deque for test groups, r=maja_zf, jdm
00af3c3d164ac5c5cb8891ffe7929f1200c83117James Graham — Bug 1363428 - Support marionette reftest implementation in wptrunner, r=maja_zf
48b933cd4ee8d74e531f105d07967afa4bdef73dJames Graham — Bug 1363428 - Add reftest-specific endpoints to Marionette, r=ato
77f6fc8a72a118ea924d95ffc60e6146d8d711bbJames Graham — Bug 1363428 - Handle top level reftest window specially in Marionette, r=ato
e06af9fe33d49b26358fbcd6fcb9a644f6064cddJames Graham — Bug 1363428 - Refactor Marionette switchToWindow implementation, r=ato
6eef8415ed8d9a531331011294ff84e54316e431James Graham — Bug 1363428 - Use an iterator for iterating windows, r=ato
b77c9c240a36c82f8fbbcaed535ab7c778d28141James Graham — Bug 1363428 - Skip element highlighting if there are no highlights, r=ato
7c2c3e8147eb90df9585d7590b57d98a4d3177f7James Graham — Bug 1363428 - Allow passing flags when drawing to a canavs, r=ato
bc3b6707c5aafb80de9d02ca73d2175d7801a2c2James Graham — Bug 1363428 - Allow passing in an existing canvas to capture.canvas, r=ato
63ce3d0a5e2e60636f7d333806274b15f2dede0eJames Graham — Disable unstable canvas tests
472ebabe0eb441b16c97cba1965c048cc7f62d6aJames Graham — Prevent support file being interpreted as test.
1c12b9690ae41053c5572af0d3567f6765c87e05James Graham — Updated expected data
4dbb768ef115b5625161673d82bdf317f201130cJames Graham — Add the CSS tests
ee50fe2ab555e180410d508fc405c0ae735c4573James Graham — Stop excluding CSS from wpt syncs
79dce57b6085664a47edd01630113cdf897c33c5James Graham — Switch to Python zipfile for creating test package zips
0c1e90018bfacaa34ff5a2a89949e0f0d6e57ec8James Graham — Support multiple reftest screenshots in structured logs
309f8e55a7649bc2e042453a34edd15b5426f13eJames Graham — Use internal reftest implementation
fcd3516402f37f4f508daff46fdcf96d138e7c45James Graham — Fix spelling error in the word initailizing in wptrunner
b364c10e6dd83b866d17952cdd05cce5fe4aae9eJames Graham — Add profiling support to wptrunner.
0ba9b03303056cf148b137367ab24d1b9e27ddf9James Graham — Basic timing comparison for reftests and wptrunner reftests
fc725fe217b099ad2974a49c85fbfe0926f35236James Graham — Update taskcluster tasks