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Fri Oct 07 01:48:48 2016 +0000
4b82765e37680bac102827107a2c933e12ef6158Kevin Wern — Bug 687787: support focusin/focusout based on webkit/blink r=smaug
58286ce1d3d105ba3e441ddf1e65d8682cd1c52fKilik Kuo — Bug 1303922 - Part 3: Remove unexpected meta file for web platform test 'encrypted-media/Google/encrypted-media-keystatuses.html'. r=cpearce
67708538358d93d00bc2f53e827accbcc279550aKilik Kuo — Bug 1303922 - Part 2: Remove KeyStatusChanged/ForgetKeyStatus IPDL messages. r=cpearce
e8c434e31c2df27f9ea02dbb29ef7c8121335b05Kilik Kuo — Bug 1303922 - Part 1: Make EME keystatuschanged information notified in batch. r=cpearce
d416481d48134b46ad50b9391db86425a6a7c059Tim Huang — Bug 1277803 - Part 8: Add a test case of favicon loading of private browsing. r=ehsan
c9a23f0f9093a453ad0386beb18e2d3856481eebTim Huang — Bug 1277803 - Part 7: Add a test case of favicon loading for first party isolation. r=baku, r=arthuredelstein
f173e3210edf84139e7e0df9959ab5e9f4421817Tim Huang — Bug 1277803 - Part 6: Add a test case for favicon loading in different userContextIds. r=baku
76788d4f83cef726fa5300ac6cda13481faf495eSteven Englehardt — Bug 1277803 - Part 5: Add a test to verify the loadingPrincipal of favicon loads. r=ckerschb
d17370e68325526884325c71d9fb6086d0f22918Tim Huang — Bug 1277803 - Part 4: Make the NS_CompareLoadInfoAndLoadContext() skiping test if the request is the favicon loading from the XUL image. r=honzab
d3a02bf398becc626a3069650fb74686c0205183Tim Huang — Bug 1277803 - Part 3: Make the image library uses the correct originAttributes and triggering principal when opening a image channel for favicon loading. r=tnikkel
1d88072cf36af970f3341b99f4eeada61875586aTim Huang — Bug 1277803 - Part 2: Make favicons loaded through XUL:image use the correct principal. r=Gijs, r=tnikkel
d283c59402ce1c63bae3b89457abe9238fb75e1aTim Huang — Bug 1277803 - Part 1: Add a new ContentPolicy TYPE_INTERNAL_IMAGE_FAVICON for indicating a favicon loading. r=ckerschb
d0be8b2713f47e02a06f5549915bafbd35d12acfJosh Matthews — Bug 1307185 - Ensure image loads don't short-circuit if the element changed trees since the last load. r=echen
ccff388a7ef4eafbd2ea4ae969ed67415f9160f4Jessica Jong — Bug 1288591 - Implement the layout for <input type=time>. r=mconley, r=dholbert, r=smaug
9a154874f694c3e5b54401d70034591b5861e71aAlex Henrie — Bug 1301290 - Position resizer above own content but beneath overlapping content. r=mats
b5c1c15e0a74879178f610a6e663271a52ed2adcJim Mathies — Bug 1295596 - Remove release asserts from nsBaseWidget::AddChild associated with existing sibling checks. r=bsmedberg
b548329e01cba84a0b7a1df5c53e97d1f826d5c2Ethan Lin — Bug 1305963 - Add reftests for mozCurrentTransform and mozCurrentTransformInverse. r=nical
e7939844b393d4a7bef48654e972c85232e2b659Jonathan Hao — Bug 1301523 - Add a test that checks HTTP auth is isolated by first party domain. r=mayhemer, r=arthuredelstein
98e543601987d58349a66b6ddaf0863a480898a0Gabriele Svelto — Bug 1280470 - Build the breakpad stack-walking machinery r=ted
3856bf7772abc14225168cc027e6b95e0df10e00Andrea Marchesini — Bug 1307747 - Remote Blob must have the correct size, r=smaug
1e3af7fd9bfe507cdcff5e05a95c3a763617f25cMats Palmgren — Bug 984869 - Reftests with display:flex/grid and columnset layout on <button>.
40fb8eae281b54d28253cf94fe31df8aae92881cMats Palmgren — Bug 984869 - Add support for display:flex/grid and columnset layout to <button>. r=tn
32aa05912bbb3f1efc7d63f54417e62c46953947Mats Palmgren — Bug 1307806 - [css-grid][css-flexbox][css-align] Implement nsLayoutUtils::GetFirstLineBaseline for flex/grid containers. r=dholbert
b153f7df610ec7568cd007c310001463420663baMats Palmgren — Bug 1306906 - [css-grid] Add/tweak grid container baseline reftests.
52948479ec32fa1ccfc3d9f4ee4de96267864fb1Mats Palmgren — Bug 1306906 - [css-grid] Get the relevant baseline from the grid item for the basline group. r=dholbert
ffb38910dcae79a05680bdb917ef93e69d6d3a8aDavid Keeler — bug 1225682 - (still) don't use nsAutoString as class member variable in security/manager/ r=mgoodwin
04fcddb8b0e2bb3ee05f353e01667103e8ebbbe2Jonathan Kew — Bug 1306715 - Ignore the font whitelist if we're not using a gfxPlatformFontList backend (i.e. using the old Linux/fontconfig backend). r=jrmuizel
6ad9a7fc0a20d8b1669eb68f7edc84ea67ebbd77Aaron Klotz — Bug 1306117: Add ISimpleDOMNode type library to AccessibleMarshal.dll's resources; r=tbsaunde
4fff2bf7911a47fb9dc444b8395fb78e1b5a8181Aaron Klotz — Bug 1306400: Remove ChildIDThunk from Windows a11y as it is no longer necessary; r=tbsaunde
a7a43428c1932c98785c9fd696a15d57eb86d5bcAndrea Marchesini — Bug 1307791 - nsHostObjectURI must release BlobImpl when the underlying blob URL is revoked, r=smaug