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Fri Aug 21 22:37:38 2015 +0000
af6669ebf7f62f95776633ba5d00f846707d6d09Martin Thomson — Bug 1155923 - Temporarily restoring moz-prefixed interface, r?jesup,smaug
8f0811dddf9942427db6a73f8b49a7358a0dab91Martin Thomson — Bug 1155923 - Removing moz prefix from RTC interfaces, r?jesup,smaug
25b53d012913f94a2e27f037c0b967be54420b6cBrian Hackett — Bug 1184388 - Try to use uniform groups for multidimensional constant arrays and structures, r=jandem.
65b1a0d773046ed9c47a2f602c876d6b171fe568Steve Fink — Bug 789594 - Implement DataView cloning, r=Waldo
d2a69ece50cfdfb6a1586018c4fc05e14e58ac2cSteve Fink — Bug 789589 - Fix the ABO class hierarchy comment to be accurate, r=Waldo
1039c885317ee2daa3c3abe9ac80329a1fbf00f3Steve Fink — Bug 789589 - Implement JS_NewDataView, r=Waldo
a7c6258172056d4bd6600568a33f71eb195a7ef9Jon Coppeard — Bug 1191236 - Remove extract() methods used by operation forwarding on rooting types, r=terrence
da51ae717dcb808da4b401bf5d600918b53d665bSteve Fink — Bug 1191236 - Fix UCS canonicalization, r=jonco
ee7879fae95371b6dfbf83baa537ac53d9cddfd3Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 1197185 - Give NonE10s a virtual destructor; r=jesup
f6176857e5ae24780afe7bf5a1f13b013ef427a4Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 1185351 - Don't force inline style CSP checks on native anonymous content; r=ckerschb
18d6b697556f2a023b67d1b26ad3ea31ca48bb04Jan Gerber — Bug 1192226 - Apply libvpx size limit. r=rillian
df49a79ef2ad3f85b581558282cc7570a77f013eJan Gerber — Bug 1192226 - Enable libvpx size limit in r=rillian
42ac4229e5f15ab5ceea77f64e1342a46016f439Steve Fink — Bug 1196378 - Fix mismatched js_new/js_free in ShellPrincipals, r=fitzgen
bdb54665c61c46ab4770f921dd3385d771989496Steve Fink — Bug 1196378 - js_delete should accept a const pointer like builtin delete, r=fitzgen
bc43f663e5e16b7a5e5a6d77b4a96b7c27accafaWilliam Chen — Bug 1196290 - Do not update orientation lock when app docshell is activated. r=smaug
25d46daf76f71e0d81242e6fbf020d45dfefc055Francois Marier — Bug 1197000 - Better debugging output for Safe Browsing list updates. r=gcp
ea072f95e28e9a201542339591a334fecfe3a0ffAndrew Comminos — Bug 1187203 - Use -moz-gtk-info-bar for RSS feed CSS on Linux. r=karlt
6194cebe2a849714d8a7e88d18255045bc1a8d02Andrew Comminos — Bug 1187203 - Use -moz-gtk-info-bar for notifications on Linux. r=karlt
e7591ecf5987269c8411dcba5f8c0264384685aeAndrew Comminos — Bug 1187203 - Implement GtkInfoBar appearance style on GTK3. r=karlt
2ca399b0bba8a4997e9aea79d7f56c156cf30bd4Wes Kocher — Backed out 2 changesets (bug 1136766) for osx reftest assertions
28f4e829b1e6b69259c1162b930a4768df9d937bArmen Zambrano Gasparnian — Bug 1192309. Create releng generic tester and builder configs. DONTBUILD. r=bhearsum
4c14cdd926f9969fa875dd2d9d9d69274615fc64Sylvestre Ledru — Bug 1197215 - Remove now unnecessary uses of ok in the predictor. r=hurley
581329d6602b9dc55cb16f0c089557e981214ed5Eitan Isaacson — Bug 1182208 - Add support for android scrolling and range accessibility actions. r=mfinkle r=yzen
95c5738f4cec950cd584b79432257a75ecad307dNathan Froyd — Bug 1192291 - use llvm-symbolizer when running xpcshell tests under TSan; r=ted
291adc935f335c6f6c2a1ea9c453fe87bf8ad9d6Randell Jesup — Bug 1194817: disable PMTUD in DataChannels/SCTP, set initial MTU per spec r=tuexen
992b47960b9ea6fdcb4e824587bef6a3f8a9dc9dAndrew Halberstadt — Bug 1185761 - [mochitest] Allow boolean values to --keep-open for overriding the default, r=ted
e671afb6659132bdc041ceada37d39505240a387Brian Hackett — Bug 1176451 - Optimize Array.concat when used on different types of boxed vs. unboxed arrays, r=jandem.
a68f7c9e1fd383a2d739706d1b6b2559338db95dBrian Hackett — Bug 1190733 - Test initializedLength() instead of length() during the fast path for reversing unboxed arrays, r=jandem.
4520f11055a7abba8d2960c108bc6438f6a53d94Olli Pettay — Backout Bug 1166347 (pointer events on nightlies) because of crashes (see Bug 1181564), r=khuey
cd22eb50ff2be11956a2298effa157850232fe2fNeil Deakin — Bug 1195931, use option.text instead of option.textContent so that spaces get handled properly in select lists, r=felipe
0d8e6332311763366d28a74fd3f750d08f303083Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 1197233 - When fullscreening a video make sure we don't show garbage in the toolbar area. r=rbarker
8e84bc5329658e336c103b83880b6fa448fae8ceKartikaya Gupta — Bug 1195401 - Use gfxPrefs (threadsafe) rather than crashing on debug builds for off-main-thread pref access. r=snorp
1c77317dd842d0cbb427bbbf984ce33cb62b1c8bWes Kocher — Merge m-c to inbound, a=merge
4327993d4b8eb8f9cbdcd2cd40d901618b89495cdimi — Bug 1189235 - Use originAttribute for ServiceWorkerRegistrar. r=baku
792d790f6bee08d4808563c09c2b3dc585a5a302Masayuki Nakano — Bug 1189396 part.6 IMEContentObserver shouldn't notify IME of selection change when the range isn't actually changed r=smaug
174cb5e95ffd0544fb67d735fe4c003b53344e07Masayuki Nakano — Bug 1189396 part.5 IMEContentObserver should cache selection at gets focus and every selection change r=smaug
f124971f48a6d519bf79a0f360e6b5acdff673fbMasayuki Nakano — Bug 1189396 part.4 IMEContentObserver should cache the selection data at notifying IME of selection change r=smaug
c5f78184538a0ce83186948a8983344318755556Masayuki Nakano — Bug 1189396 part.3 Make IMENotification::SelectionChangeData useful even outside of IMENotification r=smaug
f99e7dec5a4f5ca54d0562431bc67bdbff8a7695Masayuki Nakano — Bug 1189396 part.2 Implement IMENotification::SelectionChangeData::Assign() to copy its members r=smaug
1f6713554675c6a655b0229b1e44decaf33ae0d2Masayuki Nakano — Bug 1189396 part.1 Implement IMENotification::SelectionChangeData::Clear() to initialize its members r=smaug
7b24a94110d066be3b8f9c28e6439605a5e02a29Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 1188754 - Do not notify the audio channel agent on Firefox OS when the document activity change callback detects that the element is muted by the audio channel; r=baku
c574db1b372e997a8d6389ccae2e207c264d0197Markus Stange — Bug 1136766 - Before compositing, clip the visible region of a layer to the layer's clip rect, and don't increase the complexity of the visible region. r=mattwoodrow
674f8f76a58bbd51297beb214e9a90f94a5cfd84Markus Stange — Bug 1136766 - Don't allow more draw calls after culling. r=mattwoodrow
5e2d43bdbaee20e4116ba4ce51dd27785b7f7a7cJamie Nicol — Bug 1192058 - For DXGI_PRESENT_PARAMETERS, set pDirtyRects to nullptr if DirtyRectsCount == 0. r=BenWa
b0d464df0f0b9e22442bf157180d028b2b5a1c51Hiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 1150818 - Part 2: Load mozinfo.json into xpcshell tests. r=ted
a5c3c5566eecce1aaf5e8900f9bdd194e37d1754Hiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 1150818 - Part 1: Output mozinfo into a file. r=ted
329e51e19460c3a85d748041bf484878d7d2fbe5Christoph Kerschbaumer — Bug 1096724 - Update csp/test_base-uri to rely on postmessage instead of observers. r=dveditz
2d9ed9032a45d4c3644f40420428e1a8441785dbYury Delendik — Bug 1192831 - Remove PlayPreview API. r=jet, r=peterv
305b8bcf1a89b9e1d0fa486c4c3c3d6ba9ea60bcWes Kocher — Backed out changeset 1bf4bafdb70e (bug 1195588) for breaking hazard builds CLOSED TREE
639a28373b059b7073db15a49b840c1a5221471dWes Kocher — Backed out changeset 28fa968ea46c (bug 1181261) for breaking mulet tests CLOSED TREE