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Wed Feb 15 09:52:37 2017 +0000
ac0ab531dd75d77f7480fce022a46bba83dd5f80Kate McKinley — Bug 1322044 - Only mark a subdomain cached when includeSubDomains is true r?keeler,ckerschb
1de058eb82318ee656c7162dc9516a9db9defc0cJulian Seward — Bug 1338179 - Disable W^X JIT code page switching when running on Valgrind on Linux/Mac. r=nicolas.b.pierron.
b17eeee93d22d89e99355b72c5b46b6125ff99f1Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1339540 part 3. Use nsresult values in the ErrorResult error module in place of NS_ERROR_TYPE_ERR/NS_ERROR_RANGE_ERR in ErrorResult code. r=smaug
8682efc34f6c8ca80c2d4394870f581c441debc6Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1339540 part 2. Move the three ErrorResult-internal NS_ERROR_DOM_* values over to the ErrorResult error module. r=smaug
ebb182ab1da2d3eb7c00662f23818b46dd940611Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1339540 part 1. Introduce an ErrorResult-specific nsresult module. r=smaug
5061e0dedf2f7afd0ff203d93b9122d7eaaf0007Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1333045. Update Location object properties to current spec. r=qdot
01dd2928a1b7b37f3ca69ea3fe70b4499f065659Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1330699 part 14. Add some tests for the spec behavior. r=qdot
85387004d58710aa131909a3e8806f9db1b8e654Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1330699 part 13. Implement the spec provision for handling repeated keys in records by updating the existing value. r=qdot
289f25464d09aa9dc6d8e24d126938725e46f06fBoris Zbarsky — Bug 1330699 part 12. Actually change the key type of a record, and its corresponding conversion behavior, depending on what the IDL says. r=qdot
990c9e8d710e20176b02dbcbedbac380265ff4c3Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1330699 part 11. Add ConvertJSValueTo*String functions that just take a value and hand out a string, without extra complications. r=qdot
794f653f1de6458ad59fa59fbeb2992fcdaed7e0Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1330699 part 10. Rename the MozMap C++ type to "record" and give it a template parameter for the key type. r=qdot
60560ecf6ee31630e7d557b219c961f0340ad6c9Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1330699 part 9. Rename "MozMap" to "record" in our IDL parser and IDL files. r=qdot
52a24f98f12a23e67463ab60bd7a737b355df255Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1330699 part 8. Split up PrimitiveOrStringType into PrimitiveType and StringType in the Web IDL parser. r=qdot
1c8ff160682ed634ece98ea863856abacd5b0c9aBoris Zbarsky — Bug 1330699 part 7. Change JS to MozMap conversion to more closely follow the record<> spec. r=qdot
97d307213bf663a9144ced667e3820fdf2399320Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1330699 part 6. Add some tests for distinguishability of unions. r=qdot
4b148b299f1a21244a9cc47982383d84c3dd45f9Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1330699 part 5. Disallow mozmap-typed constants. r=qdot
ce9bc7c6bdea5eaaaaf8c409f054e1c9ebdbced2Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1330699 part 4. Add more codegen tests for MozMap in dictionary r=qdot
cd59aa1d7844870c78f9ae60a951d48d95adf6ddBoris Zbarsky — Bug 1330699 part 3. Fix up some minor issues with default value handling in codegen. r=qdot
0a7450e715b5d045fe5f80a8995d1f52824dbbe8Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1330699 part 2. Change the MozMap API and data storage to more what we want record<> to look like. r=qdot,smaug
eca50d428320783af941bbfde44886c317a30822Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1330699 part 1. Add a ClearElementAt API to nsTArray. r=froydnj