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Fri Jul 22 20:54:03 2016 +0000
af5820e5f3258615a4cdd4cfcad17b05bee367b2Mike Conley — Bug 1261842 - Make sure Marionette can handle the redirect and error page cases. r?automatedtester
756d1a613d7051b5a77c112e11e1a07a6917f2a2Mike Conley — Bug 1261842 - Refactor nsWindowWatcher to not have so much duplication. r?smaug
c13edf06c5842d7c02ef22892e4e89c0b921eb98Mike Conley — Bug 1261842 - Make browser_testOpenNewRemoteTabsFromNonRemoteBrowsers.js wait for windows to be ready before sending them places. r?Gijs
5d41682cd6b3e031f2bae19ec8c3c24d6dbcc861Mike Conley — Bug 1261842 - Tests in browser_windowStateContainer.js should wait for new browser windows to completely load. r?baku
8a639ae15b6f86f11c123ca39b5a08e9007bc1f0Mike Conley — Bug 1261842 - When putting the initial tab into the restored background state, flip it to non-remote. r?mikedeboer
ae311dcd63872259d6d20d265be84b47ffd8da22Mike Conley — Bug 1261842 - Add a test that ensures that proper chromeFlags and nsILoadContext properties are set for private windows. r?jdm
2b90f9fef9fad4c19b188ab8eaa09a72cebb672bMike Conley — Bug 1261842 - Add a test for chromeflags for new windows from content. r?gabor
1198e282cd285fa88620c45c8bd1f335f6cfd742Mike Conley — Bug 1261842 - Make pageloader assume that initial browsers are remote in e10s mode. r?jmaher
d12b17a53e8bb2c6664ba1cab79d92b905bbbf6eMike Conley — Bug 1261842 - Make Marionette listener ensure that the loaded document is the one that was actually requested. r?ato
2be7c7e47dbc556c247974e82fc17d44a0bc9b1bMike Conley — Bug 1261842 - Fix up some private browsing tests to account for initial browsers being remote now. r?jdm
5f1dc2d985a19c01ec9d0fd4e9290ab27453bd1fMike Conley — Bug 1261842 - Disable browser_contentAreaClick.js for e10s. r?Gijs
ace89b94d10963d28a114ce1d79572de4040ca7fMike Conley — Bug 1261842 - Update browser_394759_behavior.js to account for initial browser being remote. r?mikedeboer
977c7609fadf1eb43fcbe4dbf6a217e196253866Mike Conley — Bug 1261842 - Update browser_bug495058.js to account for the initial browser being remote. r?Gijs
cb6234559ae0a1ea2e32bd901235ad4aa5373f6cMike Conley — Bug 1261842 - Update browser_privatebrowsing_downloadLastDir_toggle.js to use add_task and BrowserTestUtils. r?jdm
086fe0d339c1f1aaec828f95a7d242010c067375Mike Conley — Bug 1261842 - browser_async_window_flushing.js no longer needs to wait for remoteness flip on initial browser of new window. r?felipe
a20e3d6d846a20f47533b6f5dfcd10da068c03faMike Conley — Bug 1261842 - Make sure ExtensionContent.jsm has been loaded in the parent process if Extension.jsm is initialized. r?John-Galt
8dd8a1ca384cf08601f180fce5dd38c6125e43a9Mike Conley — Bug 1261842 - browser_423132.js no longer needs to wait for remoteness flip on initial browser of new window. r?felipe
c34c3a52998155a8efdeb30cdff6f3eb971567a2Mike Conley — Bug 1261842 - browser_394759_behavior.js no longer needs to wait for remoteness flip on initial browser of new window. r?felipe
7327d70787053421a556cbd016e40c5bb57ed371Mike Conley — Bug 1261842 - browser_bug495058.js no longer needs to wait for remoteness flip on initial browser of new window. r?felipe
dc2a7edf9b7930259aeeda17db5abfc0099e0a50Mike Conley — Bug 1261842 - Add methods to nsIDocShellTreeOwner for sizing the primary content. r?smaug
0aad930dbcf4f91b213bbe91f52ddd95ab6f5710Mike Conley — Bug 1261842 - ContentParent::RecvCreateWindow should always set an nsresult outparam. r?smaug
e566635aae1c8a6d60f61da918029473245c8d08Mike Conley — Bug 1261842 - Stop sending the window name to ContentParent when opening a new window. r?smaug
4f48fe09b815fb34fbe8c087c82c0afccea31d5bMike Conley — Bug 1261842 - Factor out logic for creating windows for content processes from nsWindowWatcher::OpenWindowInternal. r?smaug
97c3bdae879e14959f35c969b35a0e3687e55763Mike Conley — Bug 1261842 - Use nsACString in more places instead of raw strings inside nsWindowWatcher. r?smaug
f3cd8cf9d0bcdfd876fa170346979af28b7827beMike Conley — Bug 1261842 - Make initial browser remote sooner if we're defaulting to using remote tabs. r?felipe