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Tue Apr 11 16:27:38 2017 +0000
db6c2593576ceaaa8532b526a118e74a436673edAndrew McCreight — Bug 1355248 - Be lazier about a few imports in LoginManagerContent.jsm. r=MattN
378741b73e4f155c866d98ca2899c5b482c61269Andrew McCreight — log info about object compartments
972c58459397f03826e557082f5fee10868f90c1Andrew McCreight — label compartments with their pointer value
0785bc34b9cf9aec59b3e70442ba858f9c5877f3Andrew McCreight — Bug 1350472 - Log JS stacks for imports. Not for landing.
5b98f72e375c52d97069d3b71f18031aa35e64d2Andrew McCreight — Bug 1354341 - Don't load ConsoleAPI.jsm for passwordmgr logging unless we need it. r=dolske
68fa27ee0f44f71ffea3c3c5d852b6b758841fd4Andrew McCreight — remove spammy warning