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Tue Sep 12 23:39:18 2017 +0000
57c27ef5840d4932e28cda2eb2f6e921ccd11a71Botond Ballo — Bug 1367765 - Put apz scrollbar touch-dragging behind a pref. r=rhunt
96f83e6b312dabd3c5573d73c1ce3f01e53055e5Botond Ballo — Bug 1367765 - Do not scroll-to-click on touchstart if touch point is over thumb. r=rhunt
e89fe4eefe615d3f65d2471ff59aa9d51d9ae5e2Botond Ballo — Bug 1367765 - Do not set the 'active' content state flag on scrollbar thumbs in ActiveElementManager. r=rhunt
94ac60bc8b38dad3d8abaa39b5a94de88ec0f6b0Botond Ballo — Bug 1367765 - Propagate the mHandledByAPZ flag when dispatching a touch event to the DOM. r=rhunt
2e1420a9ae2b9b16c54b89a9cafa0aa9926434b2Botond Ballo — Bug 1367765 - Implement scrollbar touch-dragging in APZ. r=rhunt