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Tue Mar 15 10:57:24 2016 +0000
da722c88094afb123d64d7ad8e576fbe8daea7bdbsilverberg — Bug 1190324 - Test coverage for notifications extension API, r?kmag
f1c8095df774bf8718eb447d964d76275ca23bd6bsilverberg — Bug 1254291 - Add schema for the notifications API, r?kmag
c492b319e0c05798bc43e601ac0c406cfecb06b4bsilverberg — Bug 1256251 - Update browser.cookies.onChanged to match Chrome's behaviour when overwriting a cookie. r=kmag
bc86dd459e67adef52200dc700c725640ee91c57malayaleecoder — Bug 1252481 - Remove sum_squares_lo and sum_squares_hi from Histogram serialization. r=gfritzsche
d0c962286d136bb4a78599661582a1a4bd135b79Nick Fitzgerald — Bug 1254454 - Fix disappearing arrow twisties in memory tool when narrow; r=vporof
eb2c4646b5a6a3d8b2c5f86d47d0d32fc2be771cMark Hammond — Bug 744626 - ensure default prefs are synced such that they remain as default on other devices. r=rnewman
947c1a6bee31e13736c8a6a6739ccdca3c641397Nihanth Subramanya — Bug 1211485 - Disable set-as-default context menu item when the target engine is already the default. r=florian
4adc4cef81179df18fe4e7e8463e4240aca3ae95Jordan Santell — Bug 1177279 - Create a SourceLocationController to manage the state of updating sources for source mapping. r=jlong,jryans