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Mon Aug 14 01:51:50 2017 +0000
d0252046088a0800e6736319b37244093fe6d778gasolin — Bug 1383505 - add test to make sure onboarding show the first uncomplete tour by default;r=mossop
3bfcbdf5c6c381d5a8febb5c209e27a69fb89f9bSebastian Hengst — merge mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central. r=merge a=merge
e594b178728bc6a51fc81bffcb1d6f0a7071cd33Sebastian Hengst — merge autoland to mozilla-central. r=merge a=merge
946e48295eb0d4553c983d086420c8da20bd63beAndrew Swan — Bug 1372448 Remove broken "new profile" check when determining if an addon is sideloaded r=kmag
639bef7a35a6f9237a7c9faecd27c6940191d869Zibi Braniecki — Bug 1389963 - Backout "Bug 1377911 - Move the override chrome entries from language manifests to product manifests." r=gandalf
a6c82043e00a586ef86b8a0a1ea0662e462b0f45Emilio Cobos Álvarez — servo: Merge #18061 - style: Remove a few unneeded transmutes (from emilio:trans); r=nox
b941b5a3550d34b2bc686cd3311b12c854f201adPrithviraj Pawar — Bug 1387036 : ./mach clang-format , removed filterdiff and added "git diff -- *" for restricting diff to a given set of file extensions. r=sylvestre