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Sun Apr 16 16:28:54 2017 +0000
45ef9d8bcfadc8f696df5ca7abfdcac19a2fc042Kris Maglione — Bug 1356891: Get rid of getAPILevelForWindow. r?mixedpuppy
212c23df9dd7d77a61054850ecfe623461d068fbKris Maglione — Bug 1356816: Follow-up: Fix xpcshell bustage. r=me
f659555fc47434d53fbffe3b1e5b57f1ecdded26Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 1304566 - Unregister from the obsever service in order to prevent re-entrancy; r=janv
c645275052feb88d6eedc1c0b11c258612679051Kris Maglione — Bug 1356816: Don't load Extension.jsm on startup just to set the browserUpdated flag. r=rhelmer
52a7a9eda328e03e7b844c9f5b0ca2eeb4d87d0fcku — Bug 1346618 - Part 1. Remove SVGImageContext::mGlobalOpacity. r=mstange
364c11f78435c92541485253850a6087363f39a7Srivatsav Gunisetty — Bug 1354199 - Remove border and background fallback styling from tabbox.css. r=dao
938824ac57496e64e634e4a658b5b531de9e69acEhsan Akhgari — Bug 1356835 - Reduce the hashtable lookup cost in nsContentPolicy::CheckPolicy(); r=qdot
616974bb80233137522000496f7e240bf2a0eb2bEhsan Akhgari — Backout change fb3c323635d6 (bug 1347400) because the telemetry probe didn't prove to be useful
e9539186b181407d2481f7b5792cb0267ae1b7b7Sebastian Hengst — merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound. r=merge a=merge
7c9e059fe6da793ec1f20f1cf7ba1d45cb8ab4a8Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 1356755 - Don't pass a null pointer to NotifyDocumentTree(); r=qdot
3f319382720cc8fa8257b25b7513546e6113791eOlli Pettay — Bug 1355540, use SegmentedVector for pending links to avoid slow hashtable lookups in hot codepaths, r=bz