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Wed Oct 25 00:44:42 2017 +0000
96270ae685dc735028590ef808a52b7bb6cf66e9Ethan Lin — Bug 1411468 - Make display marker able to cross documents. r=mattwoodrow
50e8ae90137a2d2164a2e9d383c660bf43c6ad2bMatt Woodrow — Try to make WrapList creation unconditional, since we need this to get correct merging
1307b5c1322045962a28f750101d73586f75ccf3Matt Woodrow — Rewrite how we deal with nested FrameProperties
912061a6ab946b861a6d85219a25e831f8782535Matt Woodrow — Merge with mozilla-central
902fb74ca4002ac2300c41203cb5d540df00ff33Miko Mynttinen — Convert WeakFrame to nsIFrame* earlier
a4758024dc354d2608accaae5543d636824c1f29Miko Mynttinen — Add layout.display-list.rebuild-frame-limit
700f55342c02e0c267c705b42bafab45727090a0Matt Woodrow — Backout WrapInWrapList changes for now
1d917ba31e53ff28cbdc063c418615c749895ba1Matt Woodrow — Make sure we build a wrap list whenever there might be multiple items
7d57770e60c0cb399a551de51a2d71df65c90f05Matt Woodrow — Only create wrap lists for non-stacking contexts
a5138c1d1809569a6623a2f3efa4c57f63717cdcMiko Mynttinen — Add rebuild threshold based on modified frames
66e4d259fae89c28c4725d5f785de9d2a2ede20aMiko Mynttinen — Temporarily commented out code to get rid of compiler warning
0bd172a1b80b025f1e3bdd13476a126d9e2ce4eeMiko Mynttinen — Fix invalid printf format compiler warning
ee8107eb074690f369740e5b5f15d279787c8fb0Miko Mynttinen — Remove duplicate nsLayoutUtils::MaybeCreateDisplayPortInFirstScrollFrameEncountered
24add0311f223def7a000d97d8eca3dc054da3d0Matt Woodrow — Merge with mozilla-central
29222cb74d53eba436e294595c74d709b733a916Miko Mynttinen — Add logging for new and old display items
3f89f9966243ea667cdd79d8bef6dd044ffbef4dMatt Woodrow — Fix the dependent item crash
70780c0ab771922496fba55b4d27b50146a8e419Miko Mynttinen — Add more retained dl performance measuring code and skip some cases where partial rebuild is almost certainly slower
cd3cb07f54390a08ec4ee82db956c161a53d8841Miko Mynttinen — Add to all.js
c788cbd7e0d7c01dc3a3336606122997bf3f2a54Miko Mynttinen — Add extra logging for comparing full/partial display list build times
648083cbbe77806f615802643bdf60481428799eMatt Woodrow — Remove frame state bits for agrs/asrs
6daa4fbafc4604803fb761761309af7e88911344Matt Woodrow — Remove heap allocated clip chains option
ed84fc37990d5fa09dec28aad7aca51f4a16d5c1Matt Woodrow — Merge with mozilla-central
881d313dcd7cf71c0d9c4ba955237a96fe374d56Miko Mynttinen — Simplify window drag region handling when display list is not retained.
63317e97d3d1855e9125bf1fe0fd009f960262d0Miko Mynttinen — Make some nsDisplayListBuilder methods const.
6da944a3d704f7a8a7c6b4c56dbb0b338c1b219eMatt Woodrow — Optimize removal of EventRegions from deleted frames
8960cfc33561a9c4f78dd2426676747c9826adefMatt Woodrow — Skip recording dragging rect frames when not retaining, and optimize removal of modified rectangles
fb5c244ddf0dbfc1da103676d1018839ade51f77Matt Woodrow — Don't run MarkNeedsDisplayItemRebuild when we're not retaining
812dd323181fd1086b91edfb9a6cc5360aa98f29Matt Woodrow — Merge with mozilla-central
0cdaa40a397f40a23ace8ef54043daab0b26b962Matt Woodrow — Move some of the item tracking code around to fix nsDisplayPerspective's inner wrap list being missed
b9d1a98baaf42e454998a2e92c25c9efa48803a0Miko Mynttinen — Make nsDisplayBackgroundColor destructor virtual
86b720bd4e4a9c55277e0ab3de0cffbc141411bdMiko Mynttinen — Add missing parentheses
b8c2a13bdfb57340cec46d81a026f4136befd0acMiko Mynttinen — Cleanup nsDisplayLayerEventRegions::Destroy()
d078b9921601d0b9261b74377b631c9a5af53eaeMatt Woodrow — Add more comments and documentation for retained-dl
c2aa79b719af965e7554304d9ab66ab50e8e86a9Matt Woodrow — Get rid of RealDisplayItemData
f1eeeab5ef6d81550470caefbd9969d51b301036Matt Woodrow — Invalidate items when we change if we need a layer for nsSubDocumentFrame
988f3acb9d9809cb2600a4670998da4e2f55c5deMatt Woodrow — Remove NS_SCROLLFRAME_INVALIDATE_CONTENTS_ON_SCROLL as it doesn't appear to be needed any more
8a40c88d1757b218f163367f1c80176a3747d8eaMatt Woodrow — Move EnterPresShell calls to be closer to where we actually build the display list
4c7a091d24890f5aedbb337959f4a90e8b608889Matt Woodrow — Switch to just marking display items as invalid for animation changes to avoid a stylo bug
cac5687ebed2550a24361e459090d4827e041bd3Matt Woodrow — Move retained display list code into its own file
2b1b0c71469c97de69f60c87759e0ea15156a05aMatt Woodrow — Merge with mozilla-central
fa6be791556eff0f906715467f33bff689d78910Matt Woodrow — Add an option to use power-of-two buckets for display list builder arena allocations
43120be47129dcb53219b7476e2ed9a4c4f31267Matt Woodrow — Don't invalidate display items when we schedule a paint for APZ focus updates
224aa41383ca2b5483a5eec16823877ef4ea5fa7Matt Woodrow — Add area to the debug overlay when we rebuild the entire scrollframe
3e66c3bb56881547abf5c8e0fcc4190d13fa392aMatt Woodrow — Add logging for ComputeRebuildRegion
4dbe9ae4248c0f5205342494ba4031539bc1e991Matt Woodrow — Remove duplicated temporary items loop
084f83687e37a34e8186ab2b7bbb6a20a7a0eb2fEthan Lin — Bug 1399795 - Recompute nsDisplayTransform bounds for 3D when updating the item bounds. r=mattwoodrow
c87a3cd41bedef3e3186e0c4a12c49827386af74Miko Mynttinen — Avoid calling EndFrame() on deleted nsDisplayListBuilder
145dbc4727d3bb2d964765a1738ecdfac782a24aMatt Woodrow — Fix case where we could end up missing a call to EndFrame
1f3de1eeb35499aa75d48ae786945b87452b8eb3Matt Woodrow — Remove some unnecessary differences between us and m-c
10d6b57d34593860a58812fdab8ec0d4c815b114Matt Woodrow — Merge with mozilla-central