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Fri Oct 21 07:58:06 2016 +0000
511e8858e9c7bbac8975af6b9db87328e01e4a55Daniel Holbert — Bug 1269046 part 8: Add reftests for CSS Alignment of absolutely positioned flex children.
f586c47a9f9763faf13f62e23364e1c761a56fe2Daniel Holbert — Bug 1269046 part 7: Give nsFlexContainerFrame a CSSAlignmentForAbsPosChild() implementation (to determine appropriate align enum for abspos children). r?mats
45893c2c6474d152e8869162aa6ddced1e9dbd6eDaniel Holbert — Bug 1269046 part 6: Add a flags enum-class to customize FlexboxAxisTracker behavior. r?mats
f3eb2d82d238542efa998cc7ba5195c523aa25fbDaniel Holbert — Bug 1269046 part 5: If an abspos child's offset depends on CSS Box Alignment, ask nsContainerFrame for the alignment enum to use, and align with CSSAlignUtils. r?mats
2660a4385ed7135e684cc24c67cae41e766030c7Daniel Holbert — Bug 1269046 part 4: Set flags on nsPlaceholderFrame & ReflowInput to track abspos frames that need CSS Box Alignment to resolve static position. r?mats
f6c87e22b76c8d958dc89e6b2562f265eb447b0bDaniel Holbert — Bug 1269046 part 3: Make a grid-specific comment more general, in CSSAlignUtils::AlignJustifySelf. r=mats
037dffe7e06983282ed384ea608eae435092caa7Daniel Holbert — Bug 1269046 part 2: Spin out a helper function to hold nsAbsoluteContainingBlock's code for resolving abspos offsets. r=mats
323073e7aa6d12e772655182a2c438244ae43491Daniel Holbert — Bug 1269046 part 1: Spin out some grid alignment code into a helper method, in a new CSSAlignUtils class. r=mats
23cb1f069b29a96bdd01c02acf59ae765aa0b094Daniel Holbert — Bug 1269045 part 4: Drop now-obsolete parameter from anonymous flex/grid-item wrapping functions. r=mats
da3f820bd905f467c12988e386056189511b116eDaniel Holbert — Bug 1269045 part 3: Stop wrapping placeholder frames in anonymous flex items. r=mats
9026c8bd9a74ad361709a18b32628280097af91cDaniel Holbert — Bug 1269045 part 2: Separate out abspos placeholders when creating FlexItems, and give them a trivial reflow at container's content-box origin. r=mats
8edc07b977f4610ddfef43a94813e7691cdc4896Daniel Holbert — Bug 1269045 part 1: Adjust flex item "order"-sorting code to treat placeholder frames as <= anything they're compared against, including each other. r=mats
2328092d5ce94e3a622c8d1fe0e6fc4811ad03bcDaniel Holbert — Bug 1311865: Refactor the grid "same sides" code into a simpler WritingMode::ParallelAxisHasSamePolarity() utility function. r?mats