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Mon Jun 04 18:13:16 2018 +0000
8fec0079b07d09ffa6cca9d9e7697b8d83ceebc2Emilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1466609: Make clearing atoms slightly more ergonomic. r?xidorn
50e5960bd977031a405a0cc00445ea27882586ffEmilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1466609: Make the threadsafe refcounting macros more reusable. r?xidorn
42e693b53a8d66036da8288913b261aedc908a4fEmilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1466609: #[parse(..)]. r?xidorn
21c710ac95f99ba69834a96c9d61af8843d79648Emilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1465291: Make pseudo-elements work with :host. r?xidorn
3a283979194ee1321d8efffc684729e01de41687Emilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1466136: Don't look at the rule type from value parsing. r?xidorn
86369008e22acf7f31167b199b6641a2ce50c927Justin Wood — Bug 1466222 - fix lint error. r=me.
8c0f4cb39d9e3b41a2d85a99ead11f9b04b9b948Justin Wood — Bug 1466222 - Get rid of unused script. r=catlee
c09c662c896b06b946db5158cd804f901998814cJustin Wood — Bug 1466222 - Get rid of unused replace_dict entries and buildid parsing support. r=catlee
718fc2af56178c0a4ac564f27669073f4544e729Justin Wood — Bug 1466222 - Get rid of unused stage_platform config entry. r=catlee
432dfe24f2586eaf780275544b500084286abb7dJustin Wood — Bug 1466222 - Get rid of unused tools_repo config entry. r=catlee
92ed011504c203163ff2e4b383a0147b1745aedcJustin Wood — Bug 1466222 - Get rid of unused key_alias which was used for signature validation of android. r=catlee
2a373427f70806eaaa0db7c07870757116f65b45Justin Wood — Bug 1466222 - Get rid of unused 'appName' config value and config entries for signature_verification_script. r=catlee
61a6f45946d06609efe3f3cc1e63c929230182fdJustin Wood — Bug 1466222 - Get rid of unused query_is_release_or_beta now that nothing references it. r=catlee
d7ea3bf4e138574174aacb6d22804b621459b02dJustin Wood — Bug 1466222 - Stop explicitly setting MOZ_PKG_VERSION. r=catlee
b58c16c87f123563ebe706a3f6ce188ff4d68f43Justin Wood — Bug 1466222 - query_apkfile_path is no longer used, now that we've dropped balrog logic. r=catlee
070e3b0143099239610663bb142850e46bda536fJustin Wood — Bug 1466222 - checkout_tools is now unused from l10n mozharness scripts. r=catlee
9aa786375caf53704231e528b0930347b6809e87Justin Wood — Bug 1466222 - Drop unused TransferMixin from l10n mozharness scripts. r=catlee
40292a1aabf81ef1cf84a55bcbeddc3f40c80a33Justin Wood — Bug 1466222 - Drop l10n mozharness virtualenv support. r=catlee
7fc1c68ceeabdc083819d5c7e84ce8e3f58efa3eJustin Wood — Bug 1466222 - Drop support for chunking of locale lists inside mozharness. r=catlee
ed1a9704f0b20eeb390837974e3375681fd8f8f9Justin Wood — Bug 1466222 - Get rid of unused query_l10n_repo. r=catlee
616af8e0b5e3ace04de7f80078d864b654dc1ed1Justin Wood — Bug 1466222 - We don't sign android in the repack task, so don't allow us to validate the signature either. r=catlee
6c75102894df3985d9719c92467d7e96807b1985Justin Wood — Bug 1466222 - We don't have a taskcluster-upload action anymore. r=catlee
79d7e88f2364f794b572593830ff7490d8f7f56fJustin Wood — Bug 1466222 - Don't define submit-to-balrog action nor inherit from BalrogMixin, balrog-props.json is now dead. r=catlee
9611aead3e0e3375e3a3df0ed0bb9ffdca244e6cJustin Wood — Bug 1466222 - Get rid of undefined release-config-file option. r=catlee
62b5f549fc15c3692608097227b62f870226139cJustin Wood — Bug 1466222 - Don't define {environment,branch,balrog,platform}-config arguments, let us use the --config only. r=catlee
a184e835718f1e160896e367e87c97bfae13475dJustin Wood — Bug 1466222 - Get rid of unreferenced purge_min_size r=catlee
fac69e74940e9723de69650a990442f6a3d6f40fJustin Wood — Bug 1466222 - Don't define clobber action for desktop_l10n or mobile_l10n nothing uses it. r=catlee
109a9044283ae27019fab3f4ee5c4c3073e64519Justin Wood — Bug 1466222 - Make mar_tools_url always pull from environment. r=catlee
3a113595b66622eac7906202f0e300cb507a7ecdJustin Wood — Bug 1466222 - Get rid of user_repo_override which nothing sets. r=catlee
784d3bfa1281ad2208bb19b79103dd47b6486670Justin Wood — Bug 1466222 - Get rid of unused pull action, and associated repo definitions. r=catlee
2fc5f7be292eb229d4e696a13c4d0edcec3bf453Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1466298 part 3. Remove nsIDOMGeoGeolocation. r=mccr8
1b156f1b15aecdaa199da0e16eccf3679536705aBoris Zbarsky — Bug 1466298 part 2. Stop using do_GetService to get the non-window geolocation in C++ code. r=mccr8
837c9a6efe99b70646aeb6666316f7e764da051dBoris Zbarsky — Bug 1466298 part 1. Switch the geolocation service to using a singleton constructor. r=mccr8
55a9e16be96084570c64e50229c88aca43c12c52Ben Kelly — Bug 1441932 P4 Treat same-value assignments to the LoadInfo reserved and initial ClientInfo values as no-op changes. r=mayhemer
de52f4e67dacff658acb548d3072ce3c80edbdc8Ben Kelly — Bug 1441932 P3 Forward reserved client, initial client, and controller on Redirect2Verify message back to parent. r=mayhemer
503612a3376769c17b107cbecc9641cf11772c66Ben Kelly — Bug 1441932 P2 Remove explicit ServiceWorker controller from http OnStartRequest message. r=mayhemer
fcc1e1ae65ddb1282c9e1f78d5154886ec53f008Ben Kelly — Bug 1441932 P1 Add the ServiceWorker controller to ParentLoadInfoForwarderArgs. r=mayhemer
d9dd4a2f071b4d5db2e4119ba9228a9e1000a6dcPaolo Amadini — Bug 1466467 - Tab strip overflow arrowscrollboxes have a light border around them. r=dao
99417bdab3ca5e804aab67e2ac8875f3a6b67eb9Ben Kelly — Bug 1462069 P2 Make ClientManagerService forward claim() requests to the main thread SWM when the pref is set. r=baku
20a0f03ce6e810f779c1af1f25040fbaa1a0c2a1Ben Kelly — Bug 1462069 P1 Make ServiceWorkerManager::MaybeClaimClient() take a ClientInfo instead of nsIDocument. r=baku
bdf75905b1dc46ad79102230678b95945f826116Ben Kelly — Bug 1462069 P0 Allow ServiceWorkerParentInterceptEnabled() to be used off-main-thread. r=asuth
0e84d69431ec636a081fe96997ff2e24ed905095Emilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1419695: followup: Update the properties database for devtools. r=me on a CLOSED TREE