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Mon Feb 27 20:23:07 2017 +0000
15808dcc24be7fdeadd611f67de20ab647ed9c1fHaik Aftandilian — Starting to add data transfer callbacks
33b710d0cf7fd1cf1823b186953b9e63ab4984e8Haik Aftandilian — Files's opened in parent, data not sent to child yet
690a9af9c635789f2d99eadf1903cd65b9029e21Haik Aftandilian — ExtensionChannelParent::Init is called for moz-extension loads
a9d6d5c9b9b3da0a12f0a78032e9ab2518117a93Haik Aftandilian — Add ExtensionChild forwarding methods
769987a1a7ebd8e3600ef11584cf61c34a0d4b28Haik Aftandilian — Added ExtensionChannelCreationArgs
cb90a87b35efa72606608223240f336feeeb8d47Haik Aftandilian — Bug 1334550 - Proxy moz-extension protocol requests to the parent process
8fe108ba8707514a584434e2085580fa6dd201a3Haik Aftandilian — mychanges