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Sat Aug 27 08:48:10 2016 +0000
8868ad7eff839e5ec22c3d7903c9b70e68c8969fJan Beich — Bug 1298451 - Unbreak build on DragonFly, FreeBSD, OpenBSD. r?sfink
9d3e8a9ce1101b0c4852433947de8d00e2330f71Kohei Okuda — Bug 1293567 - Remove unnecessary call to MaybeUpdateAnimationRule in nsAnimationManager. r=birtles
1e2503f29f530a119b211b6a32eedc4507454924Yusuke Endho — Bug 1297000 - Modify comparison of zero TimeDuration to use TimeDuration object rather than converting to milliseconds; r=birtles
aef078d44124e895091e7341ae348fe3bb0c2255Yuri Kazuna — Bug 1291481 - Represent direction enum as uint8_t in LayersMessages.ipdlh; r=birtles
7fe09013da0ab4830190a91d8d7aee25fdc16d7cSaheda Reza Antora — Bug 1298016 - Identity popup's security view footer color changed to inherit instead of using ButtonText; r=dao
f9dfb9c04270fa69231a0d249a69f9a8af741906George Wright — Bug 1293908 - Specify the LayersBackend to be used when creating Textures r=nical
90c8439299ea297d780b0a5ec2d81468520437d0Seth Fowler — Bug 1298551 - Respect CachedSurface::SetLocked() even if the underlying ISurfaceProvider is always locked. r=dholbert
d28b09df98ff4a1fa02b37542b99f7a6b5191071Seth Fowler — Bug 1296828 (Part 3) - Update SurfaceCache API to rely on ImageKeys and SurfaceKeys stored on ISurfaceProviders. r=dholbert
8f8d3c106410aed2252be6180c542aef3b8ad738Seth Fowler — Bug 1296828 (Part 2) - Store ImageKeys and SurfaceKeys directly on ISurfaceProviders. r=dholbert,edwin
39e0894d2dfec61a563e42f93a5d050b9bc86ffbSeth Fowler — Bug 1296828 (Part 1) - Use ImageKey consistently in SurfaceCache. r=dholbert
b05bc0a2ed3ab3894550b1437acdfd2a1740b9ceWes Kocher — Merge m-c to inbound, a=merge
b1c1291f1f67cb04b09bd97a41a0ef103021f783J. Ryan Stinnett — Bug 1297569 - Disable XUL popup contextmenu handler for all remote targets. r=felipe
c16358033ceafacfab1504d9b62f3a90de884f03Timothy Nikkel — Bug 1298100. Remove nsDisplayListBuilder::mHadToIgnoreSuppression because it is unused. r=cjku
ff8a0cac29b2dc7634531b03133f97e1c1460818Timothy Nikkel — Bug 1297934. Enforce the invariant that every display item class has a different display item type for nsDisplayFocusRing. r=mattwoodrow
9f208975568a11e902c68583fc8e141fac0e2f80James Willcox — Bug 1297751 - Allow E10S to be enabled on Fennec via browser.tabs.remote.force-enable r=sebastian
2c4613b97a3c96cfb27c2f66c1febeefcdb39de7Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1295322 followup: disable the test on Android, where we have no feed: handler and hence get a CLOSED TREE.
6cfb79bf21d689019bf1d204676e65de56f4ee46Wes Kocher — Backed out changeset e82fc4bb4cc4 (bug 1298324) for windows build bustage a=backout
0b26c3764c4ca66b714c96471a740564d4edce03Geoff Brown — Bug 1271264 - Populate clipboard earlier to avoid intermittent failure in testAccessibleCarets; r=sebastian
e82fc4bb4cc42cf46cd8f9af2d883dbdb3ddbf89Ryan Hunt — Bug 1298324 - Change D3D11DeviceStatus to a union. r=dvander
6f9fa77780cc691052b33b1973ee0dc37455136aBoris Zbarsky — Bug 1258911. Correctly reframe an absolutely positioned frame that goes from having a transform to not having one and has an abs pos kid with a fixed-pos descendant. r=dbaron
94dfc6dd2648bc6c670def0037461c443984a64cBoris Zbarsky — Bug 1295322 test. r=bholley
98eba3f5cc5157b7e366615b886713dcf65969a4Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1295322 part 2. Stop propagating through xpconnect exceptions to consumers that won't be able to work with them. r=bholley
926053fe7f066c95192f410947b13bce2920d615Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1295322 part 1. Make ThrowExceptionObject return void, instead of bool. r=bholley
3c2b69f54e9b946f35aedbc8be5b2e5bf8066f78Lee Salzman — Bug 1297178 - disable explicit subpixel AA when not permitted in DrawTargetCairo::FillGlyphs. r=jrmuizel
8d266498a9819b5bdd58520936ac73206b237c10Luke Wagner — Bug 1292724 - Baldr: don't fail to validate i64 imports and exports; throw runtime errors (r=sunfish)