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Thu Aug 17 22:39:21 2017 +0000
1ab88e2d82cba1d6cefd6546e980695460304068Chris Manchester — Move includes associated with CPP_UNIT_TESTS to the CppUnitTests template.
d5747aba778d41e6f327bdee9d4e635f2f055e8bChris Manchester — Move includes to computed flags.
81b929c65f4781595bb025d08968631c0c42d6f9Chris Manchester — Maintain a reference to the main mozbuild path within templates.
6e34771bd709975ba69500cd09e13699dfe75f55Chris Manchester — Move defines to computed compile flags.
aefcc36bedd221cd5f9df061c8dd90524e1fb9caChris Manchester — Bug 1386876 - Replace all uses of NO_VISIBILITY_FLAGS with a template and remove NO_VISIBILITY_FLAGS.
7e96dbd5277364a6284b5df0bdbc5c6c679d40c6Chris Manchester — Bug 1386876 - Move visibility flag handling to computed compile flags with templates.
3934648f37a3cdc5d95a7501eae44fd8f4063279Chris Manchester — Bug 1386876 - Replace all uses of DISABLE_STL_WRAPPING with a template, remove DISABLE_STL_WRAPPING.
95dc956abafa2856f8834e0859e4b8c2343be8aeChris Manchester — Bug 1386876 - Add classes to handle compile flags computed by with templates, convert 'DISABLE_STL_WRAPPING' to use them.
8f216bef14a6b82ca4888717431d5caded642a6fChris Manchester — Bug 1386876 - Propagate updates to mozbuild variables that are dictionaries across template invocations.